Beyond Walls: Exploring the Unique Interior Features of Una Residences

Behind the sleek glass facade of Una Residences lies an architectural opus rooted in the masterful detailing and sumptuous materials of classic Italian watercraft. Serene, light-filled living spaces have been artfully layered with tones of lacquered teak, cool stone, and burnished metallic accents. It’s a study in contrasts that elevates the tactile pleasures of natural finishes into the realm of nautically inspired modern design.

The shimmering turquoise of Biscayne Bay is the first sight to greet residents arriving home at Una Residences. The grand glass expanses of floor-to-ceiling windows frame unobstructed water views from nearly every vantage, with bedrooms and living areas strategically positioned along the waterfront. Generous terraces extend the living spaces outward, separated from the interior only by sliding glass doors that dissolve into the sea and sky beyond. The open-concept layouts are drenched in natural light as interiors give way to the panoramic vistas that are Una’s marquee attraction.

If the architectural language of Una Residences evokes the curves of a Riva yacht, then the interiors are its luxuriously outfitted cabin spaces. Every surface material — from the custom teak and walnut casework to the cool chrome accents — echoes the masterful craftsmanship found aboard Italy’s legendary leisure craft. The resulting aesthetic walks a refined line between old-world savoir-faire and modern insouciance. Richly tactile walnut dressings are offset by sleekly minimalist Gaggenau appliances, and the organic textures of stone and porcelain tile conjure the pleasures of life by the sea.

For Una Residences, legendary architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill rejected the conventional separating of architecture and interior design in favor of a holistic spatial narrative. All materials, textures, and flourishes coalesce into a unified experience — one that pays tribute to Miami’s unique convergence of urban energy and Biscayne Bay’s laid-back maritime spirit. The result? An immersive architectural dialogue that flows unbroken from bay to residence interior.

For those seeking a luxurious Miami waterfront condo in one of the city’s most coveted enclaves, Una Residences answers the call. This residential tower along Brickell’s bayfront is a maritime-inspired respite mere moments from the dynamic energy of Downtown Miami. With the signature aesthetic of Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill bridging indoor and outdoor living, these exclusive Brickell Miami condos epitomize the sophistication of South Florida living.

Discover how you can make your home at the intersection of serenity and urban excitement. Contact the Una Residences sales team today to learn more and begin your journey to living in a masterpiece.

Cultural Highlights at the Heart of Miami: Exploring Flamenco and Film

In the vibrant heart of Miami, a city celebrated for its lively culture and artistic flair, the Flamenco Festival Miami and the Miami Film Festival stand out as highlights in the city’s cultural calendar. These events, many of which were held just a short drive from the luxurious Brickell Miami condos at Una Residences, are a small sample of the opportunities the Una community has for exploring Miami’s aesthetic richness.

The Miami Film Festival, a world-class movie framework for cinephiles, features an eclectic array of international films and fosters dialogue and discovery through post-screening Q&A sessions. Transitioning from the silver screen to the vibrant rhythms of dance, the Flamenco Festival Miami captivates audiences with its fiery performances, bringing the passion and intensity of Spanish dance to the stage. Showcasing Miami’s cultural diversity and dynamic lifestyle, these festivals open doors to countless artistic experiences and modes of expression. Here is a look back at these notable cultural events.

Flamenco Festival Miami XV | Knight Concert Hall | 1300 Biscayne Boulevard

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts hosted the Flamenco Festival Miami XV at the Knight Concert Hall in early March. The festival, the largest of its kind in the Southern United States, kicked off with a program by the Ballet Nacional de España that included both classic works and new choreographies combining flamenco, ballet, and stylized dance. Four performances presented by the Carnival Studio Theater focused on flamenco’s musical essence with guitar virtuosos and guest dancers, including a special appearance by the Miami-based, Malaga-born sensation Irene Lozano.

The festival culminated with a captivating performance by the Stars of Flamenco. Highlighting this year’s lineup were flamenco luminaries Manuel Liñán and Alfonso Losa, alongside the youthful dynamism of Miguel Fernández Ribas (El Yiyo) and Paula Comitre, who enchanted audiences with their innovative dance interpretations.

Miami Film Festival | Miami Dade College | Various Venues

The 41st Miami Film Festival, held this April, was a premier event showcasing an impressive lineup of over 165 films from 31 countries. This year’s event featured screenings across multiple Miami venues — including the Silverspot Cinema, just minutes from Una in downtown Miami — enhanced by enlightening Q&A sessions. A keynote dialogue included Hollywood’s Tarsem Singh presenting his most recent film, “Dear Jassi,” giving audiences a deeper insight into filmmaking through engaging discussions. The event also featured local talent, offering an intriguing selection of films highlighting Miami’s storytelling diversity. Standouts include Monica Sorelle’s debut feature “Mountains,” which delves into the complexities of identity and heritage as a Haitian demolition worker struggles with the gentrification of his own neighborhood. Providing a look into the city’s sports history is Jaime Gutierrez’s “The Asylum,” a gripping exploration of the excitement and controversy surrounding the Stingarees, Miami Senior High School’s legendary basketball team that won eight state championships during the ‘80s and ‘90s.

These festivals are more than entertainment; they provide profound experiences that embody the creative spirit and sense of community intrinsic to the Magic City. For those living in the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences, they celebrate the colorful and dynamic lifestyle that characterizes cultured living.

Neighborhood Highlight: Frost Museum of Science

Anchored along the waterfront in Miami’s scenic Maurice A. Ferré Park, the Frost Science Museum surfaces as a center for exploration and education located just a short distance from Una Residences. More than just a museum — it’s an immersive experience for all ages. It offers enlightening and entertaining adventures for those eager to dive into the marvels of the universe.

This impressive six-level structure houses some of the most advanced exhibitions nationwide. From a state-of-the-art planetarium where you can explore the galactic expanse above to a captivating three-level aquarium that promises to transport you through the wonders of aquatic life, the museum highlights the beauty of the natural world. It fosters scientific education, making it a must-visit destination.

Our first stop is the aquarium, where we embark on an oceanic odyssey that displays an array of marine life across three interactive levels. Each level is designed to provide a unique perspective on aquatic environments, from surface ecosystems to the mysterious depths of the ocean.

At the aquarium’s top deck, the open-air Vista recreates habitats like the Gulf Stream, mangrove forests, and the Everglades — a dynamic introduction to Florida’s diverse ecosystems. This level comes alive with interactive encounters where you can observe native birds, get up close with baby alligators, and even touch stingrays. It’s a thrilling, hands-on adventure that brings nature to you, stirring curiosity about the incredible variety of life found in your own backyard.

The middle level, Dive, invites you into the world of subtropical sea life and marine ecosystems through its nearly 30 curated aquariums. As you venture into this realm, you’ll encounter a collection of unique species, from the ethereal beauty of jellyfish to the silent prowess of hammerhead sharks. Each tank is a window into the underwater world, offering a close-up view of ecosystems that thrive beneath the waves.

The bottom level, Deep, explores the intricate web of global ocean currents, highlighted by a dramatic 31-foot oculus that offers a panoramic underwater view. Here, science and spectacle converge, providing an opportunity to witness the mysterious world of the deep sea and the dynamic processes that drive biodiversity.

For those intrigued by the marvels of human physiology, the meLab offers a host of fascinating exhibits; engage in activities that test your reflexes, challenge your puzzle-solving skills, and explore human emotions in interactive and enlightening ways. The Planetarium is a launchpad to the beyond, with its 250-seat theater offering a stellar journey through the universe as well as an exploration of oceanic depths. The state-of-the-art domed screen surrounds you, creating an all-encompassing environment where the beauty and mysteries of the natural world unfold. Whether viewing the vivid kingdom of coral reefs or venturing into the enigmatic realm of black holes, the planetarium makes you feel like you’re truly a part of out-of-this-world adventures.

The Frost Science Museum stands as a dynamic focal point for discovery; its exhibits don’t just educate — they engage and entertain. For those residing in Una’s Brickell waterfront condos, it’s a gateway to discovery and wonder, a chance to explore where science comes alive in the most extraordinary ways.

Delve deeper into Una Residences and explore the vibrant surroundings by reaching out to the sales team today.

Staying Fit at Una Residences

Though Una Residences emphasizes comfort, convenience, and style for all residents, these Brickell Miami condos also represent a lifestyle choice for achieving health goals. Thanks to a host of luxurious amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa services, an outdoor lap pool, and access to wellness programming and personal training, achieving health objectives has rarely been easier.

The Pinnacle of Physical Conditioning: The Fitness Center

At the core is Una Residences’ cutting-edge fitness center, a fusion of design and functionality. The layout, mindful of space and light, features expansive glass windows that blend indoor and outdoor environments, creating a luminous area with breathtaking views. More than just scenic, the center enhances workouts with top-tier gym equipment available for all skill levels, personal training spaces, and yoga zones. This thoughtful integration of luxury and wellness encapsulates what makes Una shine among downtown Miami condos, offering not just a place to reside but a sanctuary for personal growth and physical well-being.

Aquatic Elegance: The Outdoor Lap Pool

Una’s outdoor bayfront lap pool provides a comprehensive fitness solution, blending intensive water workouts with serene relaxation. The pool leverages water resistance to bring about improvements in strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health — ideal for those seeking a vigorous exercise regimen. Additionally, the setting invites the practice of rhythmic swimming, merging exercise and relaxation into a holistic wellness practice. Each swim is transformed into a session of moving meditation, elevating physical fitness while nurturing mental clarity and focus.

A Holistic Approach to Well-Being: Community, Personalization, and Rejuvenation

Beyond the physical infrastructure, Una residents can enjoy a comprehensive wellness program that encapsulates the essence of year-round fitness. From group classes that foster community to individual sessions that cater to personal goals, the programming is as varied as it is inclusive. The spa services, drawing inspiration from the holistic ethos of the world’s finest resorts, offer a range of therapies and treatments designed for deep rejuvenation. This comprehensive approach ensures that wellness at Una goes beyond physical health.

The trend toward integrating architectural excellence with wellness amenities represents a transformative shift in luxury living. Una Residences, as a prime example of this evolution within the Brickell waterfront area, illustrates that a living space can transcend traditional boundaries, prioritizing well-being. Una’s approach positions it as more than just a home; it’s a lifestyle hub designed for sustained health and fitness.

Contact the sales team to learn more, and begin your journey toward a life of waterfront luxury and fitness.

Fall in Love with Una this Valentine’s Day

As February unfurls its romantic embrace, immerse yourself in an experience of unparalleled allure and luxury at Una Residences. Nestled majestically along Miami’s glistening waterfront, Una transcends the mere notion of living spaces, inviting you into a realm defined by boundless opulence, panoramic vistas, and an ambiance of serene sophistication that resonates to the core of your being.

Waterfront Romance

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves caressing the shore and being greeted by the golden hues of sunrise dancing upon the water. At Una Residences, romance is woven into every moment, thanks to its prime waterfront location. Situated in the vibrant South Brickell neighborhood, Una boasts panoramic views of Biscayne Bay and the mesmerizing Miami skyline, setting the stage for enchanting sunsets and moonlit strolls along the promenade.

Beyond Boundaries: Panoramic Perfection at Una Residences

Step into a world where refined living meets unbridled comfort, where meticulously crafted residences are ensconced by floor-to-ceiling windows that invite the ethereal beauty of the outdoors to gracefully meld with interior elegance. Whether you find yourself basking in the glow of a candlelit dinner with cherished company or luxuriating in the expansive living quarters, the panoramic views serve as a constant reminder of the enchantment that permeates every facet of life at Una.

A World of Amenities

Indulge in a realm of lavish amenities meticulously curated to enchant and elevate your lifestyle. From intimate boat rides at our private marina, where the gentle sway of the water whispers sweet nothings to your heart, to serene retreats by the infinity-edge pool, every moment is a love letter to tranquility and bliss. Stroll through our lush gardens, where the fragrant blossoms kindle passion within. Rejuvenate your spirit in our state-of-the-art fitness center, fostering a harmonious connection between body and soul. Indulge in personalized spa treatments meticulously designed to pamper and cherish every part of your being. At Una, the concept of luxury transcends conventional boundaries, presenting a sanctuary where every aspiration is met with unparalleled grace and refinement, igniting a love affair that endures through the passage of time.

The Heart of South Brickell

Beyond our exquisite residences and world-class amenities lies the vibrant neighborhood of South Brickell, with its array of cultural, culinary, and entertainment destinations. Whether you’re strolling hand-in-hand through bustling streets or enjoying a romantic dinner overlooking the bay, South Brickell sets the perfect backdrop for your love story.

Discover the depths of love in every instant and craft enduring memories within the embrace of Una Residences—a realm where luxury seamlessly intertwines with love, creating a symphony of perfection. Reach out to our sales team today to learn more about Una and all it has to offer.

Hottest New Restaurants near Una Residences

Although it’s impossible to imagine getting tired of the breathtaking 180-degree views over Biscayne Bay from Una Residences (175 SE 25th Rd.), sometimes a change of scenery is necessary—especially to eat. Fortunately, only minutes away from this scenic maritime perch are three of the hottest new restaurants in Miami, each offering a unique and delicious—and uniquely Miami—twist on classic cuisine.

One of the newest, is Chateau ZZ’s (1500 Brickell Avenue). With plush interiors designed by the award-winning Ken Fulk, the ambience here is to die for—as is the food. While the name and architecture may take inspiration from France, the kitchen has a decidedly Mexican flair, offering a bold menu centered around spicy seafood, mouthwatering steaks and chops fresh from the grill. Their bar specializes in margaritas, offering eight different variations of the tequila cocktail, including the house special John Wayne, made with aged Don Julio 1942.

A little further along Brickell Avenue sits Delilah Miami (301 Brickell Key Drive), the third of LA-based h.wood Group’s 1920s-style restaurants and social clubs. Gorgeous art deco details and walnut burl veneer abound in this atmospheric dining room, offering the kind of classic grill menu you’d expect in a classy Gilded Age joint: caviar and oysters count among the appetizers, and steak, scallop, and fresh lobster among the entrées. Star of the show is the cocktail menu, replete with playful, fruity numbers–not all of them so stuck in the past, as any Drake fan might recognize when ordering a Champagne Papi.

Those looking for more family-oriented options aren’t left out either. A little further inland, on Brickell Plaza, is The Henry (701 S Miami Avenue), part of a small chain of six locations across the South and Southwest. With an outdoor terrace, it’s a fantastic spot to stop for brunch and while away a few hours people watching. Casual yet chic, the food puts on no airs and graces but is simply yet carefully put together. The sole Milanese with mashed potato comes particularly recommended, as does investigating the thoughtful and extensive wine list.

Tucked away near Una Residences, Brickell’s dining scene is a treasure trove of culinary delights, each spot a gem with its own flavor and charm. For residents and visitors alike, these eateries offer a dash of Miami spice to every dining experience. So, whether you’re stepping out for a taste of local cuisine or seeking a new favorite spot, Brickell’s vibrant array of restaurants awaits to enchant your palate and add a sprinkle of culinary magic to your day.

Contact the Una Residences sales team to learn more about all Una and it’s surrounding neighborhoods have to offer.

Unlocking the Best of Miami: Una Residences’ Prime Location

Nestled along the sought-after downtown shoreline, Una Residences emerges as the waterfront gem of Brickell. Boasting exceptional design, awe-inspiring views, and top-tier amenities, Una positions its residents at the heart of Miami’s vibrant lifestyle—connecting them seamlessly to the lush greenery of Coconut Grove and the sun-kissed beaches of Key Biscayne.

Una Residences is more than just a residential tower; it is a symbol of elegance and sophistication in one of Miami’s most sought-after neighborhoods. Step inside and you will be greeted with open and spacious layouts, sleek lines, and curved balconies exuding style and sophistication. The 135 refined Brickell Miami condos invite abundant natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows and provide residents with unobstructed vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.

This prime location of these Miami waterfront condos allows residents to wake up to breathtaking sunrises, enjoy the calming sound of the waves, and experience the beauty of the city skyline at night. Imagine waking up every morning to the sight of the sun rising over the ocean, or enjoying a cocktail on your private terrace as you watch the boats sail by.

Indulge in Latin American luxury with the premier shopping destinations near Una Residences. Discover ethically-sourced fashion, art and home decor at Boho Hunter boutique, which partners with artisans across Latin America for one-of-a-kind textiles, handwoven accessories and personalized jewelry crafted using ancient techniques. OndadeMar’s colorful swimsuits and beachwear complement the boutique’s selections with stylish options for soaking up the Miami sun. Atik Shop sells handpicked women’s clothing and accessories spanning casual to chic styles, including exclusive collaborations with designers. With direct access to these three singular boutiques housed together, residents can taste haute couture and artisanal treasures from south of the border without ever leaving Mary Brickell Village.

When craving a beach day, residents can make the short trip to Key Biscayne and its stretches of pristine sand. The island’s beaches entice with crystal blue waters and ample space to relax under the sun.

Beyond its coveted waterfront locale, Una Residences grants unparalleled access to The Underline, Miami’s highly anticipated signature linear park. Slated for phased completion starting in 2024, The Underline will transform the area beneath the Miami Metrorail into 10 miles of lushly landscaped pathways catering to pedestrians and cyclists. Cutting through neighborhoods from Brickell to Dadeland, The Underline entices residents to soak up the sunshine, breeze, and views during a morning jog or leisurely stroll. For discerning residents who appreciate outdoor living, this innovative community space will allow for moments of wellness and reprieve just steps away from home.

Coconut Grove’s tree-lined streets, bohemian vibe, and boutique shops are also within close proximity. Unwind with a stroll through its green parks such as Peacock Park, where Indian peacocks roam freely, or The Barnacle Historic State Park, where you can see the oldest house in Miami-Dade County standing in its original location. You can also dine al fresco at one of its sidewalk cafes like Greenstreet Cafe or Loretta & the Butcher. On weekends, stop by the farmer’s market to peruse fresh local produce, prepared foods, and handcrafted goods. The farmer’s market is a vibrant and colorful place where you can find organic fruits and vegetables, vegan and gluten-free options, exotic spices and sauces, and artisanal crafts and jewelry. It’s a great way to support local farmers and vendors while enjoying the tropical atmosphere of Coconut Grove.

Contact our team to explore the possibilities of making Una Residences your new home. Claim your place along the shores of Biscayne Bay now.

Farmers Markets Near Una Residences

Una Residences combines serene waterfront living with the delights of urban convenience. Steps away from the vibrant Sunday market at Vizcaya Village and a quick jaunt to the bustling Saturday markets of Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, residents are perfectly positioned to savor the best of local produce and artisanal treasures. Discover more about how Una Residences brings the charm of Miami’s markets to your doorstep.

Vizcaya Village Farmers Market

The Vizcaya Village Farmers Market (3250 S. Miami Ave) is a delightful open-air market located in the historic Vizcaya Village, just across the street from the iconic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens estate.

Local farmers and artisans gather to sell fresh produce, baked goods, arts and crafts. Shop for locally grown fruits and vegetables, specialty foods like jams and preserves, and handmade items while exploring the grounds. It’s also a great spot to pick up unique gifts and sample the wares of Miami’s many talented small vendors. Don’t miss the opportunity to soak in some South Florida history while supporting local business and leaving with a bag full of local finds. The market is open Sundays from 9am to 2pm, rain or shine.

Coconut Grove Farmers Market

The lively Coconut Grove Farmers Market (3300 Grand Ave, on the corner of Margaret St and Grand Ave) takes place every Saturday. Set up on a corner gravel lot in the heart of artsy Coconut Grove, the market transforms the space with an abundant selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables, raw vegan dishes like grain bowls and nori rolls, freshly pressed juices, fermented foods, fresh ice cream and worldly specialties.

Shoppers will discover raw honey, handmade soaps, jewelry created by local artisans, orchids, and more unique products. The market offers communal tables where visitors can sample exotic tastes and handcrafted finds while taking in the bohemian neighborhood’s creative energy. It’s a slice of quintessential Coconut Grove and the perfect place to support Miami’s talented makers and growers. The market runs Saturdays from 10am to 7pm, rain or shine.

Coral Gables Farmers Market

For Una Residences’ inhabitants who savor weekly farmer’s market runs, the popular Saturday Coral Gables Farmers Market (405 Biltmore Way, in front of Coral Gables’ City Hall) offers another delightful Miami microcosm to explore. Shoppers can browse raw unfiltered honey from local hives at Liquid Gold’s stand and indulge a sweet tooth with Incredible Kettle Corn’s popped corn, crafted with organic ingredients in flavors like spicy chili.

Colombia comes to the Gables through La Hueca Latina food truck dishing authentic arepas, empanadas and plantain burgers. Those craving refreshment can sip pineapple ginger vinegar shrubs from Pascal’s Jams and Jellies. Scents of Le Pan’s fresh sourdough and baguettes waft through the air, while Le Bowls delights seafood lovers with ceviche and shrimp dishes made from regional catch. From produce to prepared foods, the market connects talented Miami purveyors and farmers. The limited-run, wintertime market operates Saturdays from January through March, from 8am to 2pm.

Whether resident chefs source specialty spices, perfect avocados, or fragrant loaves still warm from brick ovens at three nearby farmers markets, a homebase at Una Residences—Miami’s most architecturally striking addition to the Brickell waterfront—has room for savoring those locally sourced riches in style.

A Tropical Holiday at Una Residences

Miami’s holiday season offers a distinctive experience that combines the warmth of the sun with the festive spirit of the holidays. At Una Residences, you have the unique opportunity to celebrate this season in unparalleled style. The luxurious condominium complex, designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, is inspired by classic yacht design and offers a range of amenities that cater to a sophisticated lifestyle.

As winter approaches, the atmosphere at Una Residences becomes even more vibrant. The bayfront lap pool, family pool, and children’s play area become the center of activity, with residents lounging by the water or enjoying a refreshing swim against the backdrop of Biscayne Bay. The expansive views offer a panoramic vista that is especially enchanting during the holiday season, when the city of Miami is adorned with festive lights and decorations.

The outdoor amenities at Una Residences are designed to provide year-round enjoyment. The private marina allows residents to embark on nautical adventures at their leisure, while the state-of-the-art fitness center, complete with yoga and personal training areas, ensures that wellness goals can be pursued regardless of the weather. The spa, with its steam room and sauna, offers a tranquil retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

For families, the children’s play area and splash-pad offer endless entertainment, while the beautifully landscaped outdoor terraces are perfect for hosting holiday gatherings or simply enjoying the serene environment. The outdoor lounge and catering kitchen facilitate elegant alfresco dining, allowing residents to savor the flavors of the season while basking in Miami’s balmy climate.

The holiday season in Miami is not just about relaxation; it is also a time for celebration and cultural buzz. The city comes alive with a variety of festivities, from the dazzling NightGarden installation at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden to the colorful adaptation of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, reimagined with Art Deco pastel-hued costumes and fanciful sets. Residents of Una Residences can easily partake in these events, adding to the richness of their holiday experience.

Residents of Una Residences have the privilege of enjoying the best of Miami’s holiday season and the comfort of their elegant homes throughout the year. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, participating in wellness activities, or attending holidays events, there is no shortage of ways to make the most of the season’s offerings.

Miami’s tropical allure and Una Residences’ exquisite amenities ensure that the holiday spirit is celebrated with the utmost style and sophistication.

Cultural Institutions Near Una Residences

With its cantilevered shape evocative of a luxury yacht, Una Residences makes a striking architectural statement on Brickell’s waterfront. This graceful setting—with gardens by vaunted landscape architect Enzo Enea—positions residents steps from the epicenter of Miami’s vibrant arts and cultural scene. Join us for a tour of some of the area’s most celebrated institutions.

A Miami powerhouse, Beaux Arts is a celebrated nonprofit dedicated to fostering arts appreciation in the local community. For over 65 years, they have provided programming like the acclaimed Festival of Art, which features works by artists from around the world, as well as the annual Beaux Arts Ball fundraising gala.

Beaux Arts also brings arts education to underserved schools and shelters through initiatives like HandsOn! Children’s Celebration in Art. Additionally, they offer classes, events, and museum funding support aimed at art lovers of all ages. To date, Beaux Arts has donated over 50 art pieces to the Lowe Art Museum to develop its American Art Collection and has raised over $6 million to support the arts in South Florida.

For an insider’s view into local history, the Dade Heritage Trust is housed in the original office walls of Miami’s first physician, Dr. James Jackson. As Miami-Dade’s largest preservation organization, the center packs in exhibits and stories spanning architecture, environment and culture. Walk in the footsteps of history with their guided tours and hands-on workshops. DHT spotlights the people and the environment (both natural and built) that have shaped the magic and diversity of Miami.

Just minutes away, theater lovers can enjoy both classic and avant-garde productions at Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre. And over at the historic Biltmore Hotel, GableStage is known for producing provocative contemporary plays in an intimate 300-seat space.

Drop by the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre on the University of Miami campus, where promising student actors launch their careers on the same stage where stars like Ray Liotta cut their teeth, with the theater open at its current site for over 70 years.

From its center point along the bay, Una Residences provides a launchpad for exploring arts and culture in Brickell, Coconut Grove, and beyond. Book a private tour today to immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture.

Event Highlight: Art Basel & Design Miami

Una Residences stands as an architectural icon along Biscayne Bay, granting residents front-row access to Miami Art Week and its most spectacular events. When the global arts scene descends upon the city, locals speak of a cultural transformation sweeping through the streets.

Design Miami (1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach) kicks off the week by uniting the design world’s foremost influencers. Now in its 19th edition, the internationally renowned fair gathers historic and avant-garde works from creators across the globe.

This year, Design Miami explores the theme “The Golden Age: Looking to the Future” by spotlighting visionaries imagining imaginative tomorrows. Talks tackle building sustainable cities in harmony with nature and discussing the future of women designers. Exhibitions overflow with booths from galleries and design studies hailing from Mexico City, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, and beyond.

In 2023, Vladislav Doronin, a prominent visionary behind Una Residences, is set to unveil Aman’s interior design studio along with its inaugural collection of furniture – an exclusive line named Migumi. This limited-edition series is crafted by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, celebrated for his ability to seamlessly blend architecture with nature.

Art Week visitors can experience Miami’s glamor first-hand after dark. Among the week’s dining and nightlife highlights is Queen Miami Beach (550 Washington Ave), where luxury dining fuses with historic Art Deco style and Gonzalo Fuenmayor’s striking mural “The Parade of Carmens,” a knowing homage to legendary samba performer and golden age of Hollywood starlet Carmen Miranda. At SLS South Beach (1701 Collins Avenue), Hyde Beach transforms into a sultry, poolside oasis, offering an electrifying array of festivities. Revel in the euphoria with world-renowned DJs, pool parties, and late-night escapades that define the spirit of South Beach’s vibrant nightlife.

Wynwood hotspots like Dante’s HiFi (519 NW 26th Street) and Oasis (2335 N Miami Avenue) keep the music playing with renowned DJs, while downtown at Lost Boy Dry Goods (157 E Flagler Street) and Mama Tried (207 NE 1st Street), locals mingle over craft cocktails as the night wears on.

Finally, Art Basel opens yet again to transform galleries across Miami Beach into portals for experiencing art citywide. As always, this year’s edition at the Miami Beach Convention Center (1901 Convention Center Drive) will feature a showcase of significant works by modern and contemporary masters, as well as emerging stars from across the globe.

As exhibitors pack up, Miami Art Week leaves behind inspiration and appreciation for the way creative expression intertwines with the city’s identity. For residents of Una taking it all in from their lofty South Brickell vantage point, the culture shift feels here to stay.

Coconut Grove’s Brunch Scene: Just Moments From Una Residences

Una Residences, Coconut Grove’s epitome of luxury living, isn’t just about the sumptuous living spaces and sweeping views. These singular Brickell condos for sale also place you perfectly in the heart of a gourmet brunch wonderland. For those who cherish that late-morning feast, merging breakfast favorites with a touch of lunchtime decadence, Coconut Grove offers an unmatched tapestry of flavors and experiences. Let’s dive into three of the area’s standout spots.

Lulu in the Grove | 3105 Commodore Plaza

One of the top American Contemporary restaurants in the area, Lulu is a spot where global flavors meet local vibes. Imagine kicking back with a plate of one of their famous waffles, which include the Nutella banana waffle, Oreo waffle, or, if you’re in the mood for something savory, a classic combo of chicken and waffles. You’ll also find more standard brunch fare, such as their avocado toast, a traditional eggs Benedict, or a ham and cheese omelet. Looking for something more in tune with lunch? Their Lulu Burger and Lulu Wings are must-trys.

The Key Club | 3015 Grand Avenue

The Key Club always keeps things interesting. From unique “To Share” options like their stuffed donut holes with raspberry jam and the bourbon sticky bun with candied pecans, to the bold textures of their lobster Benedict or Everything Spiced Croissant Sandwich, there’s plenty to explore. And if classic brunch is more your pace, you won’t go wrong with their Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast or buttermilk pancakes.

Greenstreet Cafe | 3468 Main Highway

Over at Greenstreet Cafe, things get lively. Start with their coconut-crusted or Nutella-filled French toast, or go straight for their Nova Benedict, steak and eggs, or homemade muffins. The main event? Their drink selection. Try one of their signature bloody marys, or opt for one of their refreshing frosé cocktails, like the Arnold Palmer Frosé with Tito’s Vodka, ginger, and fresh citrus.

Brunch, after all, isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience — part of a lifestyle for those who appreciate the finer things. It’s why we chose our location with both spectacular views and close proximity to the vibrancy and flavors of Coconut Grove in mind.

Delight in luxurious living at these spectacular Brickell waterfront condos. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Unlocking the Best of Miami: Una Residences’ Prime Location

As autumn nudges aside summer’s heat, Miami residents are invited to trade the chilled indoor sanctuary for the warmth of the sun. Una Residences is ideally situated along the Brickell Waterfront, placing residents right on the shore of Biscayne Bay, with easy access to the beaches, parks, and other outdoor amenities that coastal life has to offer.

Tucked away on a quiet stretch of Brickell Avenue, just steps from Una Residences, lies the 28-acre oasis of Alice Wainwright Park. This neighborhood park provides Una residents a peaceful escape, with its tropical hardwood hammock, an ecosystem exclusive to South Florida. As visitors walk the wooded trails, they’re shaded by a canopy of palms, gumbo limbo, mahogany, and wild coffee trees. Trail through wooded pathways until you find your perfect picnic spot on the hilltop, taking in the panoramic views. The sleek downtown high-rises glitter in the distance, a world away.

Community comes alive on Sundays at the lively Vizcaya Village Farmers Market, where you can leisurely wander the stalls stocking up on fresh local produce, baked goods, artisanal treats and handmade crafts.

Escape to the picturesque 20-acre oasis of David T. Kennedy Park, a bayfront sanctuary in Miami’s Coconut Grove nestled along Biscayne Bay. Lush greenery and recreational facilities offer Una Residents opportunities for adventure or relaxation. Meandering rubberized running paths, calisthenic exercise stations, and a large outdoor gym cater to the fitness-focused. Families can enjoy the shaded playground, volleyball courts, and separate dog parks for big and small pets. Scenic bayfront benches provide spots to unwind amidst the coastal mangroves and diverse wildlife. An iconic Coconut Grove landmark, A.C.‘s Icees lemonade truck has been serving up refreshing treats in the park since 1978.

Residents of Una Residences enjoy prime access to two of Miami’s barrier island treasures—Virginia Key and Key Biscayne, which both provide a sense of escape from the bustling city with their beautiful beaches, pristine shorelines, and wealth of recreation. Perched right where the Rickenbacker Causeway, which connects these barrier islands to the mainland, takes off over the water, Una Residences’ inhabitants have these natural coastal escapes at their fingertips.

For a beach day unlike any other, head north to Virginia Key Beach Park, where palm-fringed dunes and rolling surf create a true island feel just minutes from the city. Upcoming festival events in December include Vegandale, a vegan food and music festival; Art With Me, an immersive arts, music and wellness gathering; and Rakastella, an electronic beach music experience. Families can also explore historic attractions like the restored 1940s carousel and miniature train. Learn about the island’s unique ecology along the boardwalk and in the on-site museum.

Further down the Causeway, a mere 30-minute drive transports Una Residents to the idyllic island sanctuary of Key Biscayne. Here, crystalline waters beckon for morning paddleboard adventures, while verdant trails through flourishing foliage offer serene wildlife sightings. For thrilling sporting events, world-class tennis facilities host globally renowned competitions as championship golf offers bay-kissed links. At day’s end, climb the steps of the Cape Florida Lighthouse and watch the sun’s golden glow descend upon the ocean, closing another chapter in this storied land’s history.

From verdant parks to island adventures, for residents of Una Residences, a bounty of outdoor escapes lies close at hand. Inquire today to schedule a tour of these elegant residences and experience nature’s bounty at your doorstep.

Resort-Style Living at Una Residences

Poolside life has been memorialized in one of the most famous paintings by David Hockney (The Splash) and iconic films by Luca Guadagnino (A Bigger Splash) and Francois Ozon (Swimming Pool), among other works of art. What all these pool-centric creations have in common is that an elegant, well-placed pool can evoke glamor and an inherent sense of luxury at any time of day. This is a concept the visionaries of Una Residences built upon when they crafted the third-floor terrace for their Brickell Waterfront condos, knowing that living poolside is not only an activity but a way of life. Here, residents have a suite of pools to choose from for everything from a workout to a day of just soaking in the sun, embracing that uniquely tropical state of mind of lounging by the water.

The pools on the third-floor terrace were designed to work together as a space of endless possibility. There is a lap pool, ideal for a daily workout routine; a family pool for games and fun in the water for all ages; a splash pad area for kids; and a bayfront pool where you can float in the water while gazing out at the bay and Una’s boat slips, letting you dream of your next adventure while savoring the luxuries at home.

You can build your poolside adventure around swimming—or you can set up a poolside staycation in one of the many cabanas and lounge chairs that surround the pools, inviting you to make a day of it any day of the week. The bayside pool is the perfect place to read a book while the water laps gently before you, and native plants offer just the right amount of privacy and shade. It also happens to be the perfect site to begin or end a date night, and it’s a lovely place to simply take in the sunset with a drink in hand. It’s also a great spot to socialize with neighbors or to invite a group of friends for a gathering or celebration.

Little ones will love the kids’ splash pads, and their guardians will love having a chance to relax in the sun on a nearby chaise. Each pool has its own particular draw, depending on your mood and the time of day, but perhaps the strongest pull that will bring residents to the terrace on the third floor day after day is the extraordinary opportunity created by having multiple pools to choose from. Contact the Una team to discover how our Downtown Miami condos capture and redefine the fine art of poolside living on the Bay in Miami.

Una Residences & The Adrienne Arsht Center: Miami’s Dynamic Duo

Dive into Miami’s cultural heart, and you’ll find two giants: the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences and the Adrienne Arsht Center. For Una residents, it’s all about that enviable doorstep convenience to the city’s top performances.

Meet the Adrienne Arsht Center | 1300 Biscayne Blvd

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, originally named the “Carnival Center,” opened in 2006. In 2008, the center was renamed in honor of business leader and philanthropist Adrienne Arsht, whose gift of $30 million secured a stable future for the facility.

This isn’t just any performance space. The Arsht Center, built on the site of a former Sears department store, beautifully marries modern design with a sprinkle of Art Deco. The big draw? Its Broadway lineup is legendary. The 2024 shows include “Hamilton,” “Peter Pan,” and “Les Misérables.”

Living the Best of Both Worlds

With Una Residences just a five-minute drive from the Arsht Center, residents can catch a Broadway show on a whim. This means an impromptu ballet or concert is always on the table. But it’s not all show tunes and curtain calls; the center is big on education too, hosting a variety of arts education workshops for every age. Some of its main education programs include, “Kitty Hawk,” a live theater performance and (STEAM) initiative that aims to educate seventh graders, “I am Me,” a traveling play meant to be performed in all Miami-Dade high schools, and “Jazz Roots: Sound Check,” where over 1,000 up-and-coming jazz artists in Miami-Dade County Public Schools get a backstage look at the Arsht Center’s Jazz Roots concert.

Una Residences: Brickell’s Gem

Situated in the lively Brickell area, Una Residences is a modern haven. Its panoramic views of Biscayne Bay are hard to beat. And for art and science lovers? The Perez Art Museum and the Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science are just around the corner. Within the walls of Una, you have everything you might fancy: a top-notch gym, an expansive pool, and even your own marina.

The Final Note

With the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences, you’re not just buying a home. You’re getting a front-row seat to Miami’s cultural heartbeat, especially with the Arsht Center as your almost-next-door neighbor. Want a taste of this upscale yet laid-back Miami life? Check out Una and see for yourself. Contact us today.

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Blog: Amenity Spotlight: Grand Bay Club

Living in one of the Downtown Miami condos at Una is akin to staying at a luxury resort every day of the week, thanks to outdoor pools with views of the water and a menu of amenities, including a fitness center, as well as access to the water and boat slips. Add to all this the exclusive access to Grand Bay Club just minutes away on Key Biscayne, granting Una residents access to even more resort style amenities all year round.

Featuring elegant chairs, umbrellas and towel service for both the pool and the beach, the Grand Bay Club offers guests the opportunity to relish in the comfort and luxury of Florida’s coastal paradise. There’s a peacefulness unique to watching the waves on the shore when you know that every need or desire you may have will be accounted for. Grand Bay Club is a place in equal parts about experiencing luxury levels of comfort by the water and enjoying fine food and celebration-worthy settings with the beach and tropical flora as the backdrop.

At the Clubhouse, you can experience both indoor and outdoor dining—the perfect site for a midday lunch break or a romantic post-beach dinner. If you get hungry while soaking in the sun at the pool or while relaxing on the sand, you can make the most of the pool- and beach-side food and beverage offerings. Kids will enjoy the children’s pool and playground, and adults can get in a workout or a spa day—or both—at the fitness center, Jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna.

Thoughtful touches like Wi-Fi in public spaces and valet parking mean you don’t have to give a thought to keeping connected or finding a spot for your car. It’s a mentality that makes your own personal relaxation first priority, giving you ample emotional and physical space to immerse yourself in the Florida sunshine and pristine waters.

At Grand Bay Club, you’ll have a versatile venue for hosting celebrations throughout the year, as well as the ideal setting for more private gatherings. It has everything you could ask for in a luxury vacation destination, with the distinct advantage of being minutes from your own home at Una: the travelers’ release of mind and body will be woven into your everyday life.

Contact our team to learn more about all the special perks of the Una Residences lifestyle in Brickell.

Blog: Your Gateway to Exquisite Sushi in Brickell, Miami

Living in Brickell is like holding a front-row ticket to a culinary spectacle, especially if sushi has a special place in your heart. If you live in one of the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences, you can easily access some of the city’s prime sushi hangouts. Let’s venture into the mouthwatering realms of Zuma, Pubbelly Sushi, and Sexy Fish, all just a hop, skip, and jump away.

Zuma: A Taste of Japan in Miami’s Heart

Zuma is a Japanese izakaya-style restaurant located within walking distance of Una Residences. It offers waterfront views and a bustling dining room where you can share flavor-packed sushi, sashimi, and robata-grilled bites. The miso-marinated black cod and spicy beef are must-try dishes that will leave you wanting more.

Pubbelly Sushi: An Explosion of Flavors

Just around the corner from Una Residences, Pubbelly Sushi is shaking up the sushi scene with its playful mix of Latin and Asian tastes. The restaurant offers innovative combinations that go beyond traditional sushi offerings. Have you ever tried a butter krab roll or a tuna pizza? Pair your dish with one of their inventive cocktails, like the Lychee Coco Martini, for a meal you won’t forget.

Sexy Fish: The Glam Spot

Making waves in Brickell’s culinary scene is Sexy Fish, an upscale London import a short distance from Una. The Japanese-inspired menu creates a sushi experience that’s unique, indulgent, and utterly delicious. Not-to-be-missed dishes include the grilled seabass and green nam and skirt steak. The glitz and glamour of Sexy Fish, combined with its elegant clientele, elevate dining into an unforgettable event.

Other Sushi Restaurants in Miami

If you’re looking for more sushi options, Sushi by Bou at the SLS Brickell is the perfect spot for a special dining experience near Una Residences. Azabu Miami Beach, Wabi Sabi Miami, and Sushi Erika are a few other favorites.

Your Journey Begins

Being a Una resident means more than living in a stylish condo. It means immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and food scene of Brickell, Miami. Zuma, Pubbelly Sushi, and Sexy Fish aren’t just places to eat—they’re adventures.

So, why wait? Learn more about Una Residences and embark on your Brickell journey today. You won’t regret it.

Blog: Living — Inside and Out — at Una Residences

Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill of AS+GG, the world-renowned designers behind the Brickell condos at Una Residences, are deeply attuned to the integration of indoor and outdoor living — and it shows. Everything, from the layout of these waterfront Miami condos, to the rich and carefully sourced detailing, speaks to the way that life here will have you rethinking the boundaries of interior space itself.

When a building is perched on a stunning body of water and immersed in the natural beauty of South Florida, as these downtown Miami condos are, it’s only natural that a designer would want to make the most of it, but Smith and Gill have made this maximization of Una’s surroundings into an art form. Terraces overlooking the water are unusually deep — which has a significant impact not only on the literal square footage of outdoor space but on the atmosphere of the interior rooms, as well. The use of sliding doors and strategic floor plans means that both the living space and the access to it are visually and psychologically maximized.

The effect of the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Biscayne Bay can’t be overstated. Like the design of the building itself, the views contribute to the feeling of living on the sea, which is further enhanced by the inspiration for the project’s interior detailing coming from the look and feel of the world’s most luxurious yachts. Natural wood combined with the undulating design of the building capture the pure aesthetic of bringing luxury to the open seas.

The whole building is designed for optimal receptivity to the changing light on the water, and Una’s amenities are no exception. A suite of pools offers a chance to submerge in one body of water while taking in the endless expanse of another. Daily workouts will take place in a gym with the same floor-to-ceiling windows as your home, providing a sense of relaxation and inspiration while you get your heartbeat racing on the treadmill or stationary bike.

Part of the magic of living here is that the water views and sea air follow you wherever you go. It’s a level of design and craftsmanship so sensitive that the breaking down of barriers between indoors and out becomes all but invisible. It’s just a part of what it means to live in perfect sync with the natural world and the rhythms of your day, one of the highest luxuries of all.

Revel in the splendor of Brickell’s spectacular waterfront — both inside and outside your home. Visit the Una Residences website to learn more.

Blog: Dive into Biscayne Bay Vistas and Effortless Living

Welcome to Una Residences, where tranquility meets the electric pulse of Miami. Nestled within vibrant Brickell, the tower is an architectural titan, rising 47 stories above the waterfront. With 135 luxury homes, this exceptional destination showcases awe-inspiring panoramas of Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the iconic Miami skyline, with each residence crafted to embrace the essence of life by the water. Picture-perfect living spaces and bedrooms hug the water’s edge, ensuring uninterrupted views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

But Una Residences has more than just jaw-dropping views up its sleeve. It embodies the height of domestic style and luxury. These meticulously designed homes offer generous interiors, private terraces, and an array of amenities. Expansive living and dining areas transform into vibrant social hubs for hosting unforgettable gatherings. Not to mention those terraces! They practically beg you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the balmy breezes while taking in the scenery.

Una Residences is not just about individual abodes; it’s about fostering a community that dances in sync with its environment. Drawing inspiration from the bay, the building’s design pays homage to sustainability and holistic well-being. Lush gardens envelop the premises, offering a serene escape where you can find your zen. And the pièce de résistance? A bayfront pool that beckons you to each moment of waterfront living.

Need a little exercise to balance the indulgence? Una Residences boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center that will keep you on your toes. And for those with a spirit of adventure, the private marina promises exhilarating expeditions.

Una Residences presents an unrivaled lifestyle, amplified by the panoramic vistas of Biscayne Bay. These Brickell condos epitomize the best of Miami living, adorned with exquisite details that celebrate contemporary design.

Your waterfront life in Miami’s premiere Brickell neighborhood awaits. Contact us today to learn more.

Blog: Unveiling Healthy Dining Experiences in Brickell: Una Residences

Prepare to embark on a delectable adventure through the culinary wonderland of Brickell, where flavors come alive and health takes center stage. Nestled within this thriving neighborhood, Una Residences invites you to discover three hidden gems that will tantalize your taste buds: Pura Vida Brickell, Carrot Express, and GreenLife Brickell.

Pura Vida Brickell: Where Wholesome Meets Delicious

Calling all health enthusiasts: Pura Vida Brickell is your ultimate go-to for a guilt-free feast. Picture this: fresh, organic ingredients coming together to create a symphony of flavors in smoothie bowls, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. Vegan or gluten-free? Pura Vida Brickell has you covered with an extensive menu that caters to all dietary needs. Plus, it’s all about sustainability, sourcing ingredients from local farms to make Mother Earth smile.

Carrot Express: Fast, Fresh, and Fabulous

Hungry but don’t want to compromise on your health goals? Carrot Express has your back! This place is all about serving up nutritious goodness in no time. Dive into its irresistible all-day breakfasts, soups, and freshly squeezed juices, with only the freshest ingredients. Vegans and gluten-free folks, rejoice, Carrot Express has plenty of options to satisfy your gastronomic desires.

GreenLife Brickell: Where Organic Dreams Come True

Step into the lush oasis of GreenLife Brickell, and let your taste buds dance with delight. Indulge in thoughtfully crafted fare, including its much-loved açai bowls, a tasty avocado toast, or its sumptuous chicken pesto wrap. Vegans, gluten-free folks, and food lovers of all kinds will find their happy place here.

Unleash Your Inner Foodie at Una Residences

As a proud resident of Una, you’ll have front-row access to these healthy dining experiences and so much more. Situated in the heart of Brickell, Una Residences blends sophistication with the vibrant Miami spirit. Beyond the tantalizing flavors, Brickell offers upscale boutiques, hip nightlife spots, and thrilling recreational activities, like boating and waterfront running. It’s the epitome of the Miami outdoor lifestyle.

Capture the Essence of Chic at Una Residences

If you’re on a quest for elegance elevated by playful charm, Una Residences is calling your name. Let our dedicated sales team guide you through an array of fabulous floor plans that will ensure your home embodies sophistication and breezy fun. Contact us today to learn more.

Blog: Neighborhood Spotlight: Tremble Miami

In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Aryan Rashed had a vision for creating the ideal workout. Her idea combined the best of cardio, Pilates, and strength training — and she wanted to do it in gorgeous refurbished studios that fostered a deep sense of community. The result is Tremble, a fitness destination that has taken Miami by storm, and the Brickell location just happens to be moments from the lucky residents of the downtown Miami condos at Una Residences.

The name is an acronym for Together, Resilience, Energy, More, Bold, Leadership, and Everyday. It’s a name that encapsulates a new way of approaching fitness where always feeling motivated to do more is the point. The name also alludes to that familiar feeling when you push your body just outside its comfort zone — when your body literally shakes from the physical challenge and the new possibilities it brings. As Rashed told StayFit305, “Tremble can be a positive opportunity and a chance to be able to grow. Fear is an opportunity for change.”

It’s an idea that has served Rashed quite well, having switched from being a lawyer to an entrepreneur, a journey that she discussed in an interview for The Motherhood Village Podcast. In that interview, Nicole Cumberbatch speaks with her about her passion for empowering women to be entrepreneurs; her advanced degrees from Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Miami; and the way she has used her education and experience to build a company whose focus on fitness is changing the face of how Floridians — and those beyond the Sunshine State — stay fit.

Choose from a schedule of classes taught by carefully selected instructors who live and breathe the ethos of the brand and use their passion to make your fitness transformation a deeply meaningful one. In the classes, you’ll find the traditional Pilates reformer machines, whose well-known benefits will be combined with sets of cardio and strength training that target both the muscles and the heart. Classes are intentionally kept small to make sure each participant gets the attention they need, and to provide a high-intensity, low-impact challenge with a focus on strengthening the core. The studio also offers one-on-one sessions for those with special conditions, like bouncing back from a pregnancy or injury, or people who simply want a level of attention that takes into account their own personal fitness challenges and goals.

The Tremble studios in Brickell and Coconut Grove are so convenient to the Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences that residents can think of them as an extension of their on-site fitness facility and amenity package. There is nothing quite like taking a sunset dip in Una’s bayfront pool after a Tremble workout or relaxing in the building’s sauna the day after, where you’ll be able to connect with all that power you are building in your body — from the inside out. Contact our sales team to learn more about Una Residences and discover the exciting hot spots in town that surround it.

Blog: Year-Round Sunshine

Una Residences is home to a host of luxury amenities, and yet its most important feature appears in the east each morning. Miami’s year-round sunshine is celebrated by the seamless indoor-outdoor living at Una, where each Brickell waterfront condo is designed to benefit from the balmy climate. In addition to a suite of recreational amenities, the world’s best beaches are only a short drive away.

Each residence features a private terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows, with sunrise views over Biscayne Bay. The light-filled amenity spaces include outdoor swimming pools, cabanas equipped with grills and bars, a children’s playroom and fitness center.

Residents who prefer to run outdoors will enjoy the unbroken jogging path along the Brickell waterfront, which boasts routes as long as 3.4 miles without leaving the shore. After a run or walk along the water, Una residents can unwind in scenic Alice C. Wainwright Park, conveniently located mere minutes from home.

Una Residence owners also benefit from exclusive access to the Grand Bay Club on Key Biscayne, which features a private beachfront alongside excellent service and cuisine. The island is home to beaches overseen by a historic lighthouse, another located on the site of a sprawling former coconut plantation, and a third which is also dog-friendly.

To explore a home with sunrise views over the bay, please contact the Una Residences team for more information.

Blog: Neighborhood Highlight: The Underline

Una Residences provide effortless access to nature, from the lush, verdant natural beauty of Allen Morris Brickell Park to the convivial, perfect-for-a-picnic, Brickell Key Park. For an innovative way to enjoy the day alfresco, explore Miami’s newest recreation area: The Underline.

The rise of industrial reclamation, from the Coulée Verte René-Dumont in Paris to the High Line in New York City, has created leafy refuge to some of the world’s most populated urban areas. The Underline in Miami is another example of world-class urban renewal.

Located below a railroad line, The Underline comprises 10 miles of semi-shaded pathways for bikers and pedestrians to move through Miami, from Brickell to Dadeland.

The concept originated from Miami resident Meg Daly, after she sustained injuries in a bike accident, preventing her from driving so instead she used the Metrorail to go to and from physical therapy. According to Daly, her walks under the rail line provided shade from the Miami sunshine and respite from the busy streets. Inspired by the High Line, she imagined a similar park in the heart of Miami.

Envisioned as a linear green space, The Underline is set to offer native plants, community events, art, and areas to rest, while serving as a “centerpiece for the Miami park systems.” Think of it as a bustling urban trail peppered with local vendors, artists showcasing their work, and spots to relax in otherwise underused space.

Like other linear parks, The Underline is expected to have a major impact on the surrounding area’s economy and property value. With easy walking and biking routes, The Underline offers a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly way to navigate the city.

The Underline also hosts regular events for the community. Stretch and unwind during The Underline’s free yoga classes. Get out there and mingle with the neighbors during the upcoming Community Day event. Or pedal through the city in safety on The Underline’s bike tours.

The Underline’s proximity to the waterfront Una Residences serves as a convenient option for residents to explore Miami.

For more information about Una Residences, contact our sales team today.

Blog: Formula 1 Returns to Miami

Una Residences is a short drive from the high-octane action coming to Hard Rock Stadium this May. The thrills of Formula 1 racing return to Miami with the world’s fastest drivers battling in a bid for the podium.

What is Formula 1?
Formula 1 racing is a stage to the world’s nimblest drivers – Verstappen, Hamilton, Alonso – in the highest-performance cars, on indisputably challenging circuits around the globe. With its history dating back to the 1920s, the first modern Grand Prix took place in Turin in 1946, and while the race has remained a predominantly European affair, the US was involved from the beginning with the first American racing legend, Harry Schell.

When did F1 come to Miami?
F1 only came to Florida in May 2022—arriving at the Miami International Autodrome at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens. Max Verstappen won for the Red Bull team last year and is once again leading the rankings.

When is the 2023 Miami Grand Prix?
The race takes place on Sunday, May 7, in addition to three practice sessions (May 5 and 6), followed by the qualifying round (May 6), in which drivers vie for the best positions on the starting grid.

What’s the Miami circuit like?
While some circuits, such as the iconic route at the Monaco Grand Prix are nearly a century old, Miami was a great opportunity for the race to design an entirely new course. The 3.3-mile circuit features 19 turns, chicane elevation changes and flyovers. Reaching speeds of up to 211 miles per hour, the deafening noise emanating from the track makes for an exhilarating and unrivaled atmosphere.

Where’s the best place to watch from?
For premier viewing, F1 organizers suggest seats at turns 1, 11, or 17.

How do I get tickets for the Miami Grand Prix?
Limited tickets remain available from Friday – Sunday and can be purchased directly on the official Formula 1 website.

For more information on Una Residences, please contact the sales team to learn more.

Blog: New Additions to Michelin Guide Florida

The dining scene in Miami has long since placed this seaside city as a major contender on the global culinary map. A testament to this continued pursuit, the Michelin Guide has recently added eight Miami restaurants to their rankings. Residents of the Downtown Miami condos at Una will find themselves at the center of a culinary revolution where the food is as destination-worthy as the tropical city itself.

Perhaps there is no chef in Miami whose vision is as original as Michael Bolen of Lion & the Rambler. The steak tartare is made with “house-made capers,” which are, in fact, under-ripe blueberries that Bolen ferments. The dish is paired with a dusting of aged cheddar, giving this typically French fare an American flourish. The menu is also dotted with house-made breads, including a rosemary focaccia served with cultured butter. According to Time Out Miami, “this just might be the best bread in town—fluffy and chewy in the center, with a crispy crumb, a deep wheat flavor and a bit of a sour edge.” The Michelin Guide calls that butter “thrilling” and further extols this boundary-shifting establishment: “With ideas and talent in spades, this charming restaurant is just getting started but already is yet another win for the neighborhood.”

Brasserie Laurel, a French-forward restaurant from Michelin-starred chef Michael Beltran may seem counter to Bolen’s American ingenuity, but, interestingly, Beltran has a knack for remaking the classics, which may be why the restaurant is described as serving French-inspired Miami cuisine. Like other local chefs changing the landscape, Beltran knows that what he serves is ultimately a Miami creation at heart, like the scallops with almond gazpacho, grapes, and creme fraiche; the tuna with aioli and local tomatoes; and the Black Forest eclair that comes with “candy cap merengue” for flair, as well as sour cherries.

For a taste of Italy with a Miami twist, the Michelin Guide has high praise for Fiola, stating, “Everything seems to sparkle inside Chef Fabio Trabocchi’s Italian looker in Coral Gables.” While the guide has praise for the surroundings, with their open kitchen and accents of glass, the food is the real standout, with playful luxuries, such as a porcini mushroom “cappuccino” served with ricotta tortellini, or the Florida Keys Wahoo Crudo served with a “tomato-cucumber veil.”

These are three newly acclaimed destinations that will be drawing crowds this spring, but, when you live in the Brickell condos for sale at Una, they will become a part of a lifestyle that takes a cosmopolitan angle on luxury, combined with a connection to the land and water that can only happen in Miami. If you’re looking for a home with all the most elegant fixings in this Michelin Guide wonderland, contact the Una Residences sales team today.

Blog: Family Event Highlight—Wild Vizcaya: Nocturnal Edition

Spanning 10 acres of elaborate European-inspired gardens and 32 rooms filled with jaw-dropping collections —Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a wonderful place for the family to visit year-round. In addition to regularly scheduled family programs, from movie nights to DIY bird feeder workshops, the museum is a mere five-minute drive from the waterfront Una Residences.

Most recently, the historic site hosted the sold-out Wild Vizcaya: Nocturnal Edition.

What was Wild Vizcaya: Nocturnal Edition?
While the waterfront mansion at Vizcaya is a masterpiece on its own, the surrounding biodiversity is equally astounding. Of course, many of the animals, birds, and insects that call Vizcaya home only appear at night. As such, the Wild Vizcaya: Nocturnal Edition invited young adventurers to stay out past their bedtime and explore the grounds with its after-dark inhabitants.

What kind of animals live at Vizcaya?
University of Miami expert, Chris Searcy led a hunt for Vizcaya’s colorful lizards and frogs. Light sheets were used to attract an array of stunning insects. There was the chance to explore the ecosystems of the mangroves and spot the wading birds and majestic owls that appeared in the dark. Wild Vizcaya: Nocturnal Edition also welcomed some very special guests; animal ambassadors Mowgli and Basi from Pelican Harbor Seabird Station, in addition to some reptiles from Zoo Miami.

What else happened?
The Miami Dade Sea Turtle Conservation Program was also present, running a sea turtle hatchling board game, with the chance to win tickets to a real-life sea turtle hatchling release. Hands-on activities showed how Miami’s precious coral reefs are being replanted. Young visitors also enjoyed the age-old art of shadow puppetry—a timeless and memorable way to learn about wildlife.

Where can I learn more?
Vizcaya Museum & Gardens regularly holds events for visitors of all ages. Keep an eye on the website for the latest details.

To explore a family friendly lifestyle in downtown Miami, and learn more about Una Residences, please contact the sales team today.

Blog: Valentine’s Day Date Spots at the Grove

Coconut Grove boasts a dazzling array of romantic spots to book a table for two this Valentine’s Day. From rooftops that transport you to the Mexican coast, to local bistros dishing up passionately made cocktails, here are four of the neighborhood’s most romantic establishments.

Amal | 3480 Main Highway

Lebanese restaurant, Amal, celebrates a culture of great lovers: lovers of food, entertaining, and life. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate with your loved one at this elegant Lebanese eatery where arabesque charm and superlative cuisine come together. Clink glasses of fizz as you sample your way through plates of labneh, spinach fatayer, and tabbouleh—all ideal for sharing with your special someone.

Serena | 915 Collins Court

Whisk your loved one up into the Miami heavens and Serena’s sun-kissed rooftop. Channeling the alfresco dining scenes of Oaxaca and Mexico City, the vibrant bites and fruity cocktails are paired with exotic modernist design and planters bursting with tropical colors. Sipping a “Sangre de Hombres” on the swinging barstools—sharing platters of ceviche and blackened mahi tacos – the ambiance will transport you to a mini-honeymoon in Mexico.

Crazy About You | 1155 Brickell Bay Drive

Crazy About You is a divine choice for a date night venue. This waterfront setting is paired with savory dishes from artichoke hearts “alla Romana” to seared toro salmon. Whether you’re after a spirited Valentine’s brunch, quiet lunch, or sunset supper, Crazy About You perfectly caters to the occasion.

Lulu | 3105 Commodore Plaza

Serving cocktails such as, the “Passion & Spice,” Lulu is another shoo-in for a romantic rendezvous. Passion is evidently an ingredient in everything this wonderful neighborhood bistro whips up—from the divine lobster ravioli to a melt-in-your-mouth steak robata. As for the pièce de résistance—chocolate lovers will be unable to resist the Nutella bread pudding, lavishly topped with whipped cream. Valentine’s Day is about indulgence, after all.

Falling in love with the Coconut Grove neighborhood? Learn more about Una Residences by contacting the sales team today!

Blog: Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day at Una Residences

The Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences are surrounded by romantic destinations to wine and dine. Yet, the array of in-home features and private amenities offered at Una, make your home the idyllic setting for an intimate Valentine’s Day.

A Deliciously Lazy Morning at Home
Wake up to dreamy views over the Bay, and in your own time, saunter out onto the balcony adjoining the master bedroom. Enjoy breakfast with a view, complete with coffee, juice, and pastries, all while gazing out over the crystal-clear waters of Miami.

A Day of Waterfront Luxury
Once your languorous breakfast is over, it’s time to indulge in the wealth of on-site amenities. Take a relaxing steam with your partner in the spa before luxuriating with a couple’s massage in one of Una’s dedicated treatment rooms. Feeling suitably soothed, head out for a soak in the whirlpool, followed by a few slow laps in Una’s curved bayfront pool, which boasts commanding views over the ocean. With palm trees swaying in the breeze and the waft of blooms from the poolside flower beds, it’s the epitome of a romantic setting.

Drinks, Dinner… and a Relaxing Movie
Time to share a bottle of wine at a table for two in Una’s lounge, which also overlooks Brickell’s glorious waterfront. As for an amorous lunch, why not make use of the private dining room? With a dedicated chefs kitchen, bring in a private chef to whip up whatever meal you both adore the most. Post-dinner movie date? There’s no need to venture far. Watch a rom-com or classic film in Una’s own movie theatre, which combines big-screen action with a wonderfully intimate setting.

Exclusive Access to the Grand Bay Club
All Una residents have the benefit of exclusive access to Key Biscayne’s Grand Bay Club. A 15-minute drive from the Brickell condos, this waterfront club is ideal for a mini romantic getaway. Treat yourselves to a pampering session in the spa or a day on the beach in your own cozy cabana. Drive over to the Grand Bay Club in the evening to share a romantic meal of Chilean sea bass and dragon fruit carpaccio as the sun sets over Biscayne Bay.

To learn more about Una’s luxury, resort-worthy amenities and elegant residences, contact the Una sales team today!

Blog: Start Off the New Year Strong at Una

Many of us have made resolutions to improve our health and wellness in 2023. Whether your goal is to move a little more, tone up, or train for a marathon, Una Residences is the ideal place for you to live well year-round with unparalleled amenities.

Finding motivation to work out can be challenging. However, Una Residences offers seamless access. Owners can forgo the packed gyms and steamy spin classes for the state-of-the-art facility.

Enjoy an invigorating workout on one of the new and well-maintained cardio machines, ellipticals, stair steppers, or bikes. Top-of-the-line weight machines and free weights will keep you on top of your strength training, with jaw-dropping views of Biscayne Bay as your backdrop.

Each detail of the fitness center is designed with both beauty and utility in mind. While many gyms are dark and lit only by overhead fluorescents, the fitness center at Una Residences is airy and modern, with floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in ample natural light. This spa-like environment offers a boutique gym experience just an elevator ride away from your home.

If you need more inspiration, hire one of Miami’s many personal trainers and use one of the studios for a heartbeat-elevating and intense session of burpees, jumping jacks, and maybe even some boot camp-style training. Those of you who want to enjoy Miami’s near-perfect weather while you get fit can head outside for a few laps in one of the many pools on the property.

No matter your fitness routine, ending a workout with some stretching is essential. If you want a deeper extension and relaxation post-exercise, there is also a dedicated yoga studio. With home only steps away, Una Residences provides easy access to maintain your wellness routine.

If you would like to learn more about the wellness offerings at Una Residences, please contact our sales team today.

Blog: Fun and Food at the Coconut Grove Farmers Market

The Saturday Organic Market in Coconut Grove offers Una residents the convenience of cooking with fresh and local produce. Each weekend, farmers, vendors, and locals descend on the farmers market to buy, sell, and enjoy a variety of organic and vegan treats.

Local outfit Glaser Farms cultivates relationships with local growers and brings their produce to market each week. Whether you’re looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and seeds, staples like eggs and bread, or exotic rarities, including the pungent durian fruit, the weekly market has you covered.

Beyond raw ingredients, the Saturday Organic Market is home to a variety of food vendors selling fresh-made delicacies aimed at keeping shoppers fueled during their time walking between the tents. You can grab a cup of coffee from Acumen or try a cup of sweet Aguapanela con Limon from Roll With It bakery. The epicurean salad bar serves foods from a wide range of global cuisines, all made using the freshest vegan ingredients available in South Florida. From the raw tostada with salsa and guacamole to the sushi rolled on demand to the ever-popular raw food pizzas, there’s something for everyone. And that’s before you get to dessert, which includes classics such as ice cream and pies, as well as experimental treats like the raw chocolate frozen tiramisu.

In addition to produce and prepared foods, the Saturday Organic Market is home to vendor booths featuring a plethora of lifestyle and wellness products. Whether you’re looking for healing crystals, specialty teas, or just a relaxing massage, this farmers market has it. There’s even a section for jewelry and clothing from around the world, featuring everything from colorful Colombian mochilas to handmade slips and shawls.

Once you’ve filled your basket with organic delicacies, head back home to Una Residences and unpack your ingredients in your spacious chef’s kitchen. Thanks to the Saturday Organic Market, your weekly shopping trip can be as fun and adventurous as it is productive and healthy.

Please reach out to the Una Residences sales team to learn more. Then start planning your weekend excursions to the market.

Blog: Living the Sweet Life in Miami

Miami is fast becoming an international culinary destination, and those who will soon be calling Una Residences their home will have easy access to a wide variety of cuisines and delicacies. Today, we’re taking a tour of Miami’s best dessert spots, restaurants, bakeries, and cafes that serve intoxicating sweets that are sure to keep residents of Una’s Brickell condos coming back for more.

South Florida has long been a cultural melting pot, and that diverse heritage is a boon to residents with a sweet tooth and a sense of adventure. First up on our list of Miami’s best desserts is the mind-blowingly original Foie Gras with passion fruit mousse served at the destination Downtown cocktail bar Jaguar Sun. This dish combines the decadent flavor and texture of foie gras with the tropical sweetness of passion fruit for a sweet and savory treat that must be tasted to be believed (and then tasted again for good measure).

Up next is a more traditional offering from iconic Italian eatery Macchialina, where chef/owner Michael Pirolo follows up his takes on classic Italian pasta dishes with a tiramisu made with dulce de leche and an espresso granita that gives the iconic dessert a contemporary twist. For another twist on this favorite dessert, head to Boia De, where guests can order a crispy tiramisu made with Italian Pavesini biscuits in lieu of the traditional soaked ladyfingers. If you’re not a tiramisu connoisseur, Boia De’s version of the coffee and ice cream-based affogato is sure to impress.

Fans of various types of cake from around the world have no shortage of fantastic dessert options around the city. Asian-influenced KYU is known for Mom’s Coconut Cake, a tall slice of fluffy cake and frosting covered in coconut flakes and served a la mode with, you guessed it, coconut ice cream. The River Oyster Bar, where guests can enjoy a different kind of coconut cake, is also home to a Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake and Key Lime Pie Cheesecake that keep diners coming back for seconds.

Of course, the sweetest dessert of all is the one you whip up in your own home, and residents of Una’s stunning Miami waterfront condos each have spacious chef’s kitchens to prepare their favorite delicacies. To learn more about available residences, please reach out to Una’s Residence team today.

Blog: Just Sold at Una Residences - Triplex Penthouse

A penthouse is the crown jewel of any building. Each of the homes at this 47-story collection of Brickell waterfront condos is an exquisite gem, with views of the city and Biscayne Bay from the sweeping curves of the wraparound glass edifice. And the recently sold triplex penthouse at this marquee residence is the pinnacle of Miami Brickell luxury.

This 7,084-square-foot home spans the top three floors of the tower, which will house a total of 135 residences. The penthouse will offer a total of six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a media room, and a study. A private in-unit elevator will connect the three floors of this expansive and elegantly styled living space. The penthouse will also be delivered fully furnished, providing a seamless move in experience to enjoy panoramic ocean views by day and the glittering Miami skyline by night.

The penthouse would not be complete without the 2,871 square feet of private outdoor space — including rooftop terraces, two pools, a summer kitchen, and a sauna — that allows residents to make the most of Miami’s year-round weather and views. This is complemented by Una’s impressive suite of ultra-luxury amenities, located on the third floor of the tower. Residents may also enjoy the lap pool, family pool, whirlpool bath, as well as the bayfront pool and kid’s splash pad area. Other amenities include a movie theater for big-screen viewing, a spa, a beauty salon, a catering kitchen, and, perhaps best of all, the private marina. What would waterfront living be if you couldn’t sail off into the bay at a moment’s notice? The ideal Brickell location, conveniently situated between Downtown Miami and Coconut Grove also provides access to world-class restaurants, boutiques, nightlife venues, and a host of recreational activities, such as boating, biking, and waterfront running.

For more information about Una Residences, and to learn more about available floor plans, contact the sales team today.

Blog: Thanksgiving at Una Residences

Give your family and friends the cinematic Thanksgiving they deserve by hosting at Una Residences, the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos going up on the Biscayne Bay waterfront. With its spacious interiors, private terraces, and plentiful amenities, there will be no end to the opportunities to make lasting memories with loved ones, while the chef’s kitchen in each home will give you the tools you need to prepare an unforgettable holiday meal. Read on to learn how Una Residences will make hosting for the holidays a treat.

From the moment the elevator doors open into your home, Una Residences are designed to impress. Floor-to-ceiling windows form each home’s exterior walls, creating an unbroken Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami panorama that dazzles by day and sparkles by night. Generous living and dining areas create warm central gathering places for a relaxing evening, while the deep-set terraces invite guests to enjoy the fresh air and sublime views whenever they desire.

Beyond cooking a sumptuous meal in your home’s all-inclusive chef’s kitchen, make sure to check out this guide to creating the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece for your table. While it may seem quaint, nothing makes a meal that you’ve worked on all day feel truly special like a seasonal spread of flowers or a thoughtfully arranged cluster of miniature pumpkins. It’s also a great way to get the whole family involved with preparing the holiday meal.

And after the meal, once you and your guests awaken from that post feast nap, Una Residences’ suite of luxury amenity spaces will come in handy. For starters, if you’re hosting a particularly large gathering, you can reserve Una’s private residents’ lounge and really give your guests room to spread out. If you’re just looking for a reprieve from hosting duties, head to the building’s fitness center for some invigorating distraction, or make your way to Una’s spa for a refreshing escape. Despite the winter season, Miami’s weather is sure to be balmy enough to make a dip in one of the building’s many pools a treat. And if you’re of the seafaring sort, your boat will be waiting right outside at your slip in Una’s private marina.

Una Residences are designed for comfort and luxury, and that’s never more important than when you’re hosting guests for the holidays. Whether it’s an intimate family meal or a raucous reunion of old friends, you’ll be glad that you chose Una as the setting.

Blog: A Look Back at October Events in Miami

Living in Miami, you can forgo the cold and gloomy season in lieu of pristine beaches and postcard perfect weather all year round. And there’s no such thing as a dull moment, either. This October, the city was buzzing with special events, entertainment, and a host of new opportunities to explore Miami. Residents of the Brickell condos at Una Residences are very close to fall’s feast of events, such as the annual Miami International Auto Show, South Beach Seafood Festival, and a range of art, music, dance, and more from Celebrate Orgullo.

The Miami International Auto Show was back in full force with a week-long celebration of everything automotive. The annual showcase regularly draws over 300,000 visitors to the Miami Beach Convention Center, with a million square feet covered in new cars, electric vehicles, and wheels worthy of the most electrifying Hollywood blockbuster chase scenes. Visitors were able to strap in and take some of these cars for a spin.

Another highlight this October was the South Beach Seafood Festival. Featuring stone crab just as the season peaks, visitors were able to witness— and, of course, partake in — the creations from Miami’s finest chefs. Delicacies included lobster, lobster mac and cheese, crab cakes, shrimp, oysters, and much more. In addition to the seafood delights, the festival included a full slate of entertainment, with over 30 open bar stations, live music stages, and a DJ spinning music all day, as well as beachfront access across five scenic blocks.

Of course, live music festivals are peak entertainment for many. The III Points Festival at Mana Wynwood included headliners LCD Soundsystem, James Blake, Flume, Polo & Pan, Homeshake and DJ Harvey, as well as sets from over 100 performers. The festival also featured a visual arts lineup with internationally curated artists and works.

One of the more distinctive events this October was the Miami Dragon Boat Festival. The festival offered spectators the chance to partake in the fun of dragon boating, similar to rowing, with boats accommodating up to 20 people. Visitors were able to cheer on the winning teams, as well as check out the site’s dedicated Health & Wellness Village.

Finally, October was marked by Celebrate Orgullo (Spanish for “pride”), Miami’s Hispanic and Indigenous LGBTQ+ festival. The first of its kind in Miami, this event extended over eight days, with offerings in the arts, dance, music, and theater, as well as tours to South Dade. Visitors engaged in Caribbean dance lessons, and explored the “Los Invisibles de Colombia” exhibit, which presented portraits of LGBTQ+ and Indigenous persons who survived war and conflict in Colombia.

With a full event calendar, you’ll be sure to find something to fill the days, nights, and weekends, all nearby to Una Residences.

Contact the sales team for more information about Una Residences and to learn about new happenings in the area this fall!

Penthouse at a Miami Under-Construction Tower Sells for $17.75 Million

The triplex penthouse atop the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos at Una Residences has sold, marking a record price for the city of Miami. The 7,084-square-foot residence is now under contract for $17.75 million, smashing the previous record in a move that reflects both the OKO Group-developed tower’s glamorous attributes as well as a growing demand for high-end housing in the area. The crowning penthouse will be delivered fully furnished and comprise six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a host of unique spaces and features, including a media room and an elevator. When complete in 2024, Una Residences will be home to 135 luxury residences and a suite of luxury amenities, all located on a rare slice of waterfront property overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Blog: Five Amazing Miami Art Galleries

Miami is home to many world-renowned art galleries. Primed for the art aficionado, Una Residences are in close proximity to an array of top galleries in the area.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery | 1540 Northeast Miami Court
Established in 1977, the Fredric Snitzer gallery showcases an eclectic collection through a variety of mediums: photography, painting, sculpture and drawing. Currently, the exhibit features work by Vickie Pierre, known for her lattice-like structures – paying homage to her Haitian heritage. Emilio Perez’s The Land of In-Between is another standout, depicting his interpretation of tropical landscapes.

Avant Gallery | 701 South Miami Avenue
Contemporary art abounds at Brickell City Center’s Avant Gallery. The ever-evolving collection is a riot of bold and brash colors from the likes of Damien Hirst, DAIN, Pamela Sunday and Guy Le Baube.

Rubell Museum | 1100 Northwest 23rd Street
The Rubell family collection began in the mid-1960’s, with a compilation of work spanning 7,200 pieces by over one-thousand artists. The Wynwood-based gallery houses work by iconoclasts such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons and William Kentridge. Ongoing exhibitions include cartoonish figures from Yoshitomo Nara and two dazzling Infinity Rooms by the inimitable Yayoi Kusama.

Artechouse | 736 Collins Avenue
Described by Time Out as “the antidote for people who just want to go up and touch the art,” Artechouse is a gallery specializing in fully immersive, technology-driven experiences. Right now, its “Renewal 2121” show whisks audiences a century into the future, by way of a cyberpunk cityscape, bustling alleyways, and a buzzing datacenter.

Bakehouse Art Complex | 561 Northwest 32nd Street
This former bakery has been home to studio residences for over three-decades. The upcoming November exhibit by Pedro Wazzan showcases portraits of many Bakehouse artists, posing in their studios and among their works.
Discover breathtaking Miami waterfront condos for sale, located in the heart of a vibrant art scene. Contact Una Residences’ sales team to learn more.

Blog: The Perfect Day at Una Residences

Every aspect of Una Residences is geared toward comfort, luxury, and ease – from the array of high-end amenities to its location in the heart of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. Here’s how your perfect day might play out.

A Morning Swim
Nothing wakes you up quite like a dip first thing in the morning. Swim lengths in the Una Residences swimming pool, set to the stunning backdrop of Biscayne Bay glittering in the early light. Once you’ve clocked enough laps, it’s time to relax in the residents-only spa.

A Breakfast Treat
After working up an appetite, treat yourself to the nearby Bristol Café. Everything on the menu at this boutique establishment is artfully produced—the pancake stacks festooned with petals, the lattes topped with frothy hearts. Sink your teeth into a flaky pastry, sip a freshly ground coffee, and soak up the sights and sounds of this exciting Miami neighborhood.

Getting Down to Work
If there are emails to be read, meetings to be arranged, and spreadsheets to pore over, then the residential lounge of these Miami waterfront condos is the place to do it. The designer furniture and refined atmosphere of this elegant space are conducive to getting things done. Every time you glance up from your laptop, you’re greeted by a unique view of the Bay through the lounge’s curved floor-to-ceiling glass. If you prefer, head onto the lounge terrace and work directly in the sunshine.

A Walk in the Park
Green spaces are integral to our physical and mental well-being, and another highlight of the Una Residences lifestyle is the nearby Alice Wainwright Park. Take a walk along the coastal palms, gaze out to sea, and forget about work while enjoying the balmy Miami air. It’s great for invigoration and inspiration.

Coming Home
Returning home to seamlessly flowing living spaces, designed with luxury touches and remarkable Biscayne Bay vistas is a real retreat from city living. And as for those sunsets: you’ll never tire of them.

Contact the sales team today and experience life at Una Residences – our remarkable Brickell condos are just a stone’s throw from Downtown Miami.

Blog: The Best Rooftop Bars with Unbeatable Views in Miami

For capturing your imagination — or simply taking your breath away — the sun setting over a rippling body of water is a sight that has few equals. When complete, the new waterfront Brickell condos at Una Residences will boast one of the finest sunset views in all of Miami. And in a town known for its stellar nightlife, there are plenty of top-shelf rooftop bars to enjoy a cocktail and a breathtaking view. Here are our recommendations for rooftop bars near Una Residences that you won’t want to miss.

East Miami, a hotel located just south of Una Residences, is home to a pair of sky-high lounges that make the most of the tower’s verticality. Located on the 40th floor, Sugar combines an urban rooftop vibe with Asian décor – an unforgettable setting for sunset cocktails. Sidle up to the hand-carved Balinese bar and order one of the signature cocktails such as the B Positive, Sugar’s spicy take on a mezcal margarita. For a more intimate evening, find the secret entrance to Tea Room, a lofty speakeasy with sweeping city views and an exclusive Asian Night Brunch.

Just across the bay from Una Residences, 1 Hotel South Beach is home to Watr at the Rooftop, a Peruvian/Japanese fusion restaurant with unforgettable dishes by head chef Richard Bernaola. The hotel’s waterfront location makes for spectacular ocean views, while the serene setting is perfect for sunset meals and after-dinner cocktails.

Mandarin Oriental on Brickell Key, is home to MO Bar Lounge, where guests can explore the wide world of mixology while enjoying live music from local Cuban jazz and Spanish guitar performers all weekend long. Decked out in stylish modern chic, MO Bar Lounge sets the standard for after-work and before-dinner cocktails in Miami, complete with custom drink concoctions and classic cocktails in a waterside setting sure to keep you coming back night after night.

Of course, residents of the forthcoming luxury condos at Una will soon have exclusive access to the best sunset views in town from the privacy of their own balcony. Check out the sweeping panoramas and reach out to the Una Residences team to secure one of these exclusive waterfront homes.

Blog: The Best Seafood Restaurants in Downtown Miami

Living on the water at Una Residences has its perks. Enjoy time on the expansive Biscayne Bay, lounge poolside with sweeping views of the water, and explore some of the world’s most picturesque beaches. Adding to the benefits of waterfront living, downtown Miami is also home to some of the city’s best restaurants, with menus inspired by Ocean-to-table cuisine.

Caviar Russe | 1441 Brickell Avenue
For an unforgettable evening of unrivaled decadence, make your way to Caviar Russe in the Four Seasons Tower. Since 2016, the Miami outpost of this Michelin-starred eatery has been offering exquisite dishes in a sleek and elegant setting. Ready your mother-of-pearl spoon as you indulge in delicate, briny caviar from the Caspian Sea. The caviar selection also compliments an impressive tasting menu, which includes dishes that take the everyday to the extraordinary. Oysters, eggs, and even the humble baked potato are elevated with a crown of caviar.

Truluck’s | 777 Brickell Avenue
The splendors of the sea await Miami diners in this decidedly upscale spot, renowned for its ever-changing but consistently delicious menu. Truluck’s is the ideal location to enjoy a business lunch or a dinner to celebrate a special occasion. With such a delicious selection, it may take you a while to decide which expertly prepared dish you’d like to choose. The Florida grouper? Dutch yellowtail? A crab cake sandwich? With an extensive wine list and live entertainment to compliment the experience, this will become a staple in your dining rotation.

Seaspice | 412 Northwest North River Drive
The water and city views from this buzzy restaurant on the Miami River are spectacular. Even so, the vistas can’t outshine the creative and delectable plates at seafood-forward Seaspice. Savor distinctive menu selections like the mouthwatering Chilean sea bass casserole or the grilled Florida lobster that hardly needs any butter. The lively atmosphere and well-heeled crowd, seamlessly positioned with breathtaking views and flavorful dishes, makes this seamless experience one to remember.

Area 31 | 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way
Area 31 also boasts magnificent views, paired with a menu that is not to be missed. Soaring 16 floors above Miami, Area 31 offers guests a refined atmosphere to enjoying garlicky acqua pazza with fettuccine and shrimp - or the catch of the day, prepared by chef Sezer Deniz. The perfect destination for a post-work pick-me-up, Area 31 has a lively happy hour filled with locals. Decompress with a handcrafted cocktail and tasty tapas bites, like the lobster croquettes.

Contact our sales team today to learn more about the best of the city and the luxury downtown Miami condos at Una Residences.

Blog: Outdoor Amenities at Una Residences

Una Residences draw inspiration from the elegant shape and refined materials used in classic yacht design. This ode to living in connection with the water extends beyond the architecture and exposed materials, offering three pools across an expansive outdoor terrace. Whether it’s connecting with friends and family, getting in a workout, or enjoying the sun, residents will find the perfect setting to cool off and embrace the appealing characteristics of Miami living.

With sweeping views over Biscayne Bay, the design and layout of the third-floor terrace creates an atmosphere where architecture meets nature. Surrounded by native plants, the terrace is decorated with an abundance of greenery. The symmetrical layout of a lap pool flanked by a whirlpool, a family pool, and a splash pad, evokes a luxurious tropical vacation spot – all part of your home.

Una’s youngest residents can spend afternoons frolicking in the splash pad, learning to swim in the family pool, or racing and playing watersports. Use the whirlpool as a post-workout water therapy for your muscles, as well as a go-to spot to clear your mind. Sit back in the poolside cabanas, where you can relax with a glass of wine or catch up on summer reading. And in the evening, use the terrace to grill the day’s fresh catch for dinner. The mixed-use space is ultimately designed as a recreational anchor, where community is fostered, routines are pleasurable, and the concept of a staycation finds its most convincing form.

The bayfront pool, with its views of the boat slips and Biscayne Bay, connects you to the expanse of the ocean. It’s here — a place you can visit on a whim or for a routine evening swim — that the connection you feel to life on the water at these downtown Miami condos is most palpable.

With its nautical lines and pool-dotted terrace, Una is a place where land and water meet in a bayfront aquatic paradise. Contact the sales team at the Una Residences website to begin your life of sun, outdoor fun, and modern luxury.

Blog: Shopping at Coconut Grove

Shopping in Coconut Grove — the iconic neighborhood just a short distance from Una Residences — is always an adventure in discovery. Go on a hunt for luxury linens or a minimalist mirror for your Brickell condo, and you’ll find yourself entranced by a neighborhood where the Doors performed, Tennessee Williams premiered a play, and Robert Frost came to write poems. You’ll find not only the mirror you wanted, but also accents for the home that are just too original to dream up.

No bedding embodies Miami luxury quite like linen, with its cooling quality and rumpled-chic texture. Outfit your Una Residence home with The Showroom’s full line of king-size linen in white. The store is also a noted curator for collections of women’s clothes, offering breezy warm-weather dresses from Misa and perfect jeans from Citizens of Humanity. For striking home decor, consider Tiny Frey’s Loopy Vase, one of The Showroom’s pieces that is both functional and an art object. And for an elegant centerpiece in your Miami Brickell condo, stop by Trias Flowers to fill that vase with a dazzling arrangement of Dendrobium orchids.

At The Bazaar Project, it might be best to simply leave your shopping list at home — or, at least, keep it open to having your aesthetic socks knocked off by carefully chosen home goods, books, and jewelry as playful as they are memorable. For mirrors, you can choose from the Brancusi-esque oval mirror on a white marble pedestal, or the showstopping Ultrafragola Mirror, an illuminated full-length mirror in a lit-up squiggly pink frame, which was designed by innovative Italian architect Ettore Sottsass in the 1970s. While the Sottsass mirror qualifies as a true work of art, you can also find prints and sculptures here, such as the collection of Paulo Mariotti Prints (including an iconic image of Miami’s Art Deco Marlin Hotel), and a gold banana leaf for the wall or the table. The Bazaar Project’s Cafe is ideal for a mid-shopping lunch break, and serves up fare as memorable as the store’s inventory, like the salmon tower for two, which is like the Coconut Grove maximalist edition of an NYC bagel with lox.

Another Coconut Grove can’t-miss shopping destination with a cracking cafe is Books & Books. This is a bookstore that invites long hours of browsing with its natural wood interior and arched second-story window. Grab a coffee and a mezze board to savor while you explore tables of new bestsellers and the shop’s collection of the extremely giftable Taschen art book imprints. It’s also a cultural hub within the larger creative community of the neighborhood, where you can attend readings by illustrious writers like Paul Auster and Anthony Marra. You’ll also find impeccable bracelets and earrings at Gas Bijoux, a line of jewelry that comes from Saint-Tropez, France, and the top skin care lines in the world at Bluemercury.

This kind of browsing and shopping mecca makes it clear that the town you are living in is a travel destination, bringing the rarities of the world to your doorstep at the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences.

Blog: Experience Miami’s Park Life

Parks are often places where a city’s history is remembered and celebrated, and where the region’s natural landscape shines. The parks near the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences combine the beauty of a seaside community with the history of an iconic city, creating a relaxing place to lounge, eat, sail, and play, as rich in cultural history as it is in Florida sea and sun.

Peacock Park, built on the site of Coconut Grove’s first hotel, is known for its bay views, destination playground, tennis and basketball courts, baseball diamond, and roaming peacocks. While it makes sense to guess that the park was named after its function as a habitat for these otherworldly birds, it was, in fact, named for Charles and Isabella Peacock, the couple who built the above-mentioned hotel, called the Peacock Inn, in 1883. At the time, it served as the locus of the first true community in Miami and was a part of the birth of what was to become America’s most exciting tropical city. The park, situated in the Coconut Grove neighborhood, is a great place for residents at Una’s Downtown Miami condos to start a regular pickup basketball game, relax beneath the palms, or have a picnic by the water. You can also have an elevated picnic in the park — literally — by catching brunch or lunch on Glass and Vine’s outdoor terrace overlooking the park, a local favorite for dining al fresco.

Regatta Park, also in Coconut Grove, is one of the city’s newest parks on the water. True to its nautical name it features a boat ramp, along with bike racks and picnic tables, making it the perfect place to have a picnic by the water before enjoying a boat ride or a waterfront park-hopping bike ride.

Nearby Kenneth M. Myers Bayside Park has its own outdoor gym, so you can have an invigorating workout in the sunshine. The park is also home to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club. David Kennedy Park offers iconic Miami experiences like frozen lemonades from AC’s Icees truck, weight training in the fresh air, and following the angled boardwalk bridge toward the bay.

At West Islands Park, an island just off Coconut Grove, you can spend the day bird-watching, or try a different water sport with every visit. At Bayfront Park, you can see the New Year’s Eve ball drop, catch a concert at the Bayfront Amphitheater, or take a boat tour of the bay. Graced with statues and a dramatic fountain, the park was redesigned in 1980 by Isamu Noguchi, one of the greatest minimalist artists and architects of the 20th century — and it shows. Explore the area in the evening after enjoying dinner with friends and family, and you’ll feel the inimitable effect of the city lights combined with the sea air at night that embodies the Una Brickell Miami condos experience.

Blog: Una Residences Interiors and Views Highlight

Inspired by the sleek lines of a luxury yacht, the interiors of the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences are the ultimate expression of indoor/outdoor living at the pinnacle of luxury. To simply say that these are homes with magnificent views is to understate the extent to which the interior design and the views are inseparable. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows open from the great rooms and bedrooms onto 10-foot-wide terraces, creating a seamless expanse between the airy interiors, sea breeze-kissed outdoor space, and the water itself. To the south and east are sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. To the north and west are vistas of the Miami skyline.

Una’s location at the intersection of where the city meets the sea is the embodiment of why Miami, with its unmatched combination of nature, culture, nightlife, and visionary architecture and design, is one of the most desirable luxury markets in the world. These stylish condos offer a way of life on the water that includes all the comforts of a home, built with natural materials that harken back to the craftsmanship that makes the world’s most beautiful yachts such a pleasure to inhabit.

Linger in bed reading on a Sunday morning with the terrace doors open, and you’ll feel like you are floating on the sea. Host a dinner party and treat your guests to views of the twinkling skyline and sparkling water while basking in the warm tones of Una’s interior palette, where wood floors and detailing add a sense of texture reminiscent of the warmth of beach sand. And with a terrace large enough to be considered its own expansive room, you can plant gardens, lounge with friends, or read a book in a space that functions as an extension of the home’s interior. It’s the perfect spot to host smaller affairs or a cocktail hour, where the scent of flowers from your garden blends with the smell of salt water.

In the kitchens, teak, walnut, and natural stone finishes bring to mind the warmth of the wooden details of the most elegant ships at sea. It’s the perfect foil to the blues of water and sky that form the backdrop of the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences — and a welcoming hearth to return home to at the end of your day.

To see it all for yourself, visit the Una Residences website and check availability today. Your life on the Brickell waterfront awaits!

Blog: Summertime Events in Miami

Summertime in Miami is jam-packed with events that Una residents will love—from July 4th parties to Lego sculptures that’ll take your breath away! Here’s what’s going down near Una’s Brickell condos in June, July, and August.

Farmers Market at Vizcaya Village

Planning on a picnic? Stock up at the Farmers Market that pitches up every Sunday on the gorgeous grounds of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The sellers here pride themselves on local produce—from freshly grown melons, mangos, and bananas to crusty artisan bread and out-of-this-world vegan desserts. While picking up your groceries, be sure to dive into divine plant-based street food from The Succulent and cool off with a healthy beverage concocted by the “Blend Bike"—a pedal-powered smoothie machine!

Sean Kenney’s Nature Connects

Described by Lonely Planet as "an incredible exhibition” and by Huffington Post simply as “awesome,” Nature Connects stars 30 massive nature sculptures composed of 700,000 Lego bricks! Kids and adults alike will be in awe of the giant hummingbird feeding off nectar, a majestic peacock fanning its feathers, and a spider that you really wouldn’t want to see come to life! Sean Kenney’s spellbinding works are at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden—less than a 30-minute drive from Downtown Miami—till the end of August.

Culture Galore at Adrienne Arsht Center

Just a breezy five-minute drive from Una Residences’ Brickell condos is the Adrienne Arsht Center, home to a summer season overspilling with exciting shows. Sway along to reggae musical Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds (June 22-July 9), get your fix of family drama (and brush up on your Spanish while you do) by watching Mejor me callo (I’d Better Shut a Up) (July 28-31), or pack the kids off to Camp Broadway Miami, where they’ll learn to hone confidence and character through dancing, acting, and singing (August 8-12).

July 4th Fireworks

There’s explosive fun to be had on July 4th, when Miami celebrates Independence Day Miami-style. During the day, Bayfront Park—just a 10-minute drive from Una Residences—is where the party’s at, hosting live music, food trucks, and activities for the kids. A hop, skip, and a jump over to Key Biscayne, and you’ll find yourself entertained by marching bands, stilt dancers, and golf carts festooned with balloons and streamers—as part of a patriotic parade. Best of all are the evening fireworks from Key Biscayne and Ocean Drive. Una residents get their own ringside seat to the spectacle from their Brickell waterfront condos. Be sure to stock up on fizz and star-spangled banners!

For front-row seats to all this culture and more, find your dream Brickell condo for sale. Contact the Una Residences sales team today!

Blog: Una’s Best Amenity Spaces for Springtime Entertaining

It’s spring in Miami, and it might just be the best time of year to enjoy the city’s signature indoor-outdoor living. While the weather is perfect year-round, there’s something about the endless sun and low humidity of spring that beckons you to head outside. Lucky residents of the Miami waterfront condos of Una Residences enjoy the ultimate in al fresco amenities.

Whether you want to work on your tan or host a gathering of family and friends on the weekend, the outdoor amenities level on the third-floor terrace of Una Residences is the pinnacle of Miami-style unwinding and entertaining and the center of conviviality and socializing.

So, grab your sunscreen and an ice-cold bottle of water, and let’s check out how special this amenities level really is.

While you might be tempted to stay in your luxe abode and marvel at views of sparkling Biscayne Bay from the floor-to-ceiling windows, why not take in those views as you lounge poolside at the bayfront pool? This tranquil oasis offers a shaded area to float and swim amid lush landscaping. Take a few hours — or the whole day — to relax on a chaise longue as you dig into your favorite book or podcast. For those who require a more athletic aquatic experience, head to the lap pool for a calorie-burning swim whenever the mood strikes.

No one is left out at Una. There’s a place for everyone to splash and frolic in the family pool. After cooling off in the water, young ones can make friends, expend some excess energy, and let their imagination run free in the children’s play area.

Post-pool time, indulge in a covered cabana and enjoy the warm Miami breezes. While you’re relaxing, plan the next get-together you’ll have at Una. Imagine hosting a lavish party on the terrace, which has every convenience you’ll need to take your hosting to the next level.

Guests are bound to be impressed when you fire up a delicious meal at one of the outdoor grilling areas. These are excellent spots for casual evenings, special occasions, or holidays, like Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Place an order from nearby Gourmeat, a specialty food shop focused on grass-fed beef from Uruguay, to cook up. Their steaks are juicy and fresh, and their expertly prepared burgers are nothing short of decadent.

The outdoor bar areas help you take your entertaining over the top. Channel your inner mixologist, or, hire a bartender to prep drinks, so you’ll have more time to socialize. There’s only one problem: Your guests might never want to leave.

And who can blame them? Not only is the third-floor amenity level exceptional, but the rest of the Una Residence experience is unsurpassed, as well. And when you live here, it is all a part of the place you call home.

To learn more about this singular lifestyle at the Miami Brickell condos at Una Residences, contact our sales team today and see it for yourself.

Blog: Formula One Debuts in Miami

On Sunday, May 8, Miami hosts its first Formula One Grand Prix—a rip-roaring race between the world’s greatest drivers in the world’s fastest cars, played out at the International Autodrome, Miami Gardens. As part of the festivities, Downtown Miami is also home to Racing Fan Fest—a thrilling hub of Formula One-themed activities taking place on May 5-8. Ready to explore? On your marks, get set, GO!

Four Days of High-Octane Thrills
The Miami Grand Prix is so much more than a race. Ahead of the big day on May 8, there will be three lots of practice runs, plus a qualifying heat (May 6-7), getting audiences well and truly revved up. All that action will be screened, of course, at Racing Fan Fest. Whether you’re a full-time petrolhead, have recently succumbed to Formula One Fever, or are cautiously car-curious, this is the place to be. And it’s particularly well located for Una Residences in Brickell—less than a 20-minute drive (and you needn’t go as fast as Max Verstappen, either).

For four days, Miamians can put themselves in the driving seat with extra-realistic racing simulators, get their hands on exclusive racing merchandise for sale, and see how they fare as an F1 engineer, courtesy of the “Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge.” Got a young racing enthusiast in tow? There’s plenty for kids to enjoy at the Family Zone, including zooming around a pedal-powered track, scaling a climbing wall, and navigating a maze.

The Best Seats in Town
Located in a premier vantage point across from the start/finish line, Paddock Club ticket holders can watch the action in elegant comfort, just meters above the team garages in the pit building. In addition to world-class dining, the club offers the opportunity to pose with the Championship trophies on the grid and take a tour of the track with high and low points, twists and turns, and history provided by an Expert Host. Exclusive access to the F1 backstage area is yet another benefit for discerning Paddock Club members, who can truly feel one with Formula One, with “only the teams themselves…closer to the screaming engines and hot tarmac.”

There’s always something exciting going down near the condos at Una Residences. Become a part of the energy: contact the sales team today.

Blog: Living the Downtown Life in Brickell

Residents of the condos at Una Residences will enjoy the best of both worlds. While their position overlooking the sublime Biscayne Bay is the definition of tranquility and relaxation, the buzz of Downtown is a moment away. Adventure awaits, whenever it’s called for, from alfresco cocktail bars in the Florida sun to world-class musicals and ballet. Here’s just one of countless days out you can enjoy in Downtown Miami.

Lap Up Miami’s Cultural Scene With Ballet, The Circus, And Musicals
The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts is one of the largest cultural venues in the United States—with big performances coming thick and vast. Between its opera house, ballroom, theater, and other stages, it hosts a dazzling spectrum of shows; tickets for sale this summer include those for Miami City Ballet’s Prodigal Son, jammin’ musical Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, and quirky drumming and comedy from the world-renowned Blue Man Group.

Get Close To Miami’s Marine Life (Without Getting Wet)
If the prospect of ocean views from a Brickell condo at Una inspires you to become better acquainted with the local marine life, then a visit to Miami Aquarium is a must. At this huge attraction, you can get up close to devil rays and hammerhead sharks, watch enchanting jellyfish dance in the depths, and spot green herons and cormorants in the mangrove forests. Naturally enchanting.

Ascend To A Rooftop Bar With Knockout Views
Miami sunshine is the gift that keeps on giving, so it’s no wonder this city is bristling with rooftop bars. One of the finest is Sugar; located on the 40th floor of the EAST hotel, it comes with a unique Asia-meets-Miami vibe. A pagoda-style outdoor bar serves up the likes of Lychee Blossom (mixed with vodka, sake, elderflower liqueur, and house-made lychee purée). Pair with Bangkok spring rolls and wok-tossed edamame while appreciating the Downtown views.

Dine In A Belle Epoque Setting With Divine Dishes
LPM Restaurant and Bar is one of many elegant dining experiences in Brickell, Miami. Begin your experience in the Belle Epoque stylings of this chic French restaurant with a lavender sour (the signature cocktail described as “the soul of Provence mixed with gin”) before dining decadently on duck confit with orange and escarole, followed with a slice of the apple tarte fine. Délicieux!

Learn more about Brickell waterfront condos and the Downtown Miami neighborhood—contact the Una Residence sales team today.

Blog: Neighborhood Spotlight: Alice C. Wainwright Park

When you live in one of the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences, you not only get to enjoy the best of the city’s urban delights, like shopping and fine dining. You’re also surrounded by all of Miami’s beautiful nature just steps from your door. Bask in the glow of the Florida sun as you lounge poolside or relish an evening toast on your 10-foot-deep private terrace as you take in views of Biscayne Bay. If you really want a bigger dose of the city’s nature, you’re just minutes away from some of the country’s most beautiful green spaces and parks.

One of the loveliest of these has to be Alice C. Wainwright Park in nearby Coconut Grove. With something for everyone, this park is the perfect spot to indulge in myriad leisure activities—the ones you choose are up to you.

Hugging the coast with 28 acres, this verdant strip of land is unlike any other park you’ve experienced. Palm trees sway against the glistening backdrop of Biscayne Bay, and its paths meander. Part of a tropical hardwood hammock, plants are juxtaposed to the majestic limestone that juts out along the coast. Here, you’ll find the tranquility akin to being on a deserted island.

Of course, you’re not in a distant, far-flung locale. You’re minutes away from home, and there’s plenty to do at Alice C. Wainwright Park.

Pack your picnic blanket and prepare yourself for an alfresco meal you won’t soon forget. There are lots of options for your setup, thanks to the extensive grassy area, picnic tables, and pavilions.

Before heading into the park, pick up some supplies from The Fresh Market in Coconut Grove. Although a chain, this gourmet purveyor gives off European charm and features products and produce you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget to bring the tongs and some charcoal to the park, too, as there are BBQ stations available for you to use.

Want a true sea-to-table experience? Bring your fishing rod and tackle box. Alice C. Wainwright Park is noted for its excellent fishing area. And freshly caught and seared fish consumed as you take in the breeze off the water sounds like an ideal dining experience.

You may want to burn off some calories after you eat, and, luckily, you’re surrounded by lots of things to do at the park. Take a leisurely stroll along the water and stop to admire the vistas punctuated by the Seaquarium and Vizcaya Museum as you take a break on a perfectly positioned bench after a low-impact cardio session.

For more intense workouts, a basketball court and even an outdoor gym allow you to work on your tan and your form at the same time. Kids also have their own space to expend energy at the playground.

If you’d rather take a more relaxed approach to your day at the park, bring a book, sit back, and read or put in your headphones and unwind.

After the sun sets, head back to your luxury Miami waterfront condo and plan your next visit. If you can’t get enough greenery, don’t fret; there is an abundance of time to explore all of Miami’s gorgeous parks when you live at Una Residences. To learn more, contact our sales team!

Soaring Serenity

With its tapered base and sleek, curving facade, Una Residences is sure to turn heads up and down Brickell when the tower is complete next year. Located on the shore of Biscayne Bay, this collection of Miami waterfront condos from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is bringing the flowing forms and rich materials of iconic Italian yachts ashore with 47 homes decked out in lacquered wood, stainless steel, and supple leather. Residents of the building’s Una Penthouse Collection will enjoy spacious triplex homes complete with rooftop decks featuring summer kitchens as well as private pools, saunas, and steam rooms, perfect for enjoying Miami’s fantastic weather year-round.

Blog: Miami’s Best Biking Trails

Miami’s glorious weather, as well as its verdant tropical landscapes, beckon lucky residents to get outside and enjoy the city’s natural splendor. Those who will be residing in the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences will be perfectly positioned for myriad outdoor activities, from afternoons wandering along nearby beaches to adventures out on the dazzling waters of Biscayne Bay. And with easy access to parks and trails, Una Residences will be the perfect pedaling-off point for exploring on two wheels. All you need is a bike and a helmet. Whether you’re clipping into your Cannondale or taking a leisurely ride through town on your three-speed, the nearby trails have something for cyclists of all abilities.

Virginia Key Beach Park
Once a hard-to-get-to beach area, Virginia Key Beach Park is now a gathering place for all of Miami’s diverse and vibrant citizens. It’s also an extremely popular spot for cyclists, and for a good reason: Virginia Key Beach Park is home to multiple bike trails with options for novices as well as the most avid cyclists. Beginners will have an easy time finessing the flat loop as they take in some waterside scenery and feel the gentle Miami breeze cool them down. For those who want more of a challenge, harder trails give a thrill-seeking cyclist the chance to try out hills, turns, and even some obstacles, like bridges and rocky terrain, to really test their mettle.

Rickenbacker Trail
At almost nine miles in length, the Rickenbacker Trail lets you experience everything Miami has to offer as you zip around. Start your journey at Alice Wainwright Park, just 10 minutes away from Una Residences, and make your way north while taking in breathtaking views of the water, skyline, and greenery that provides welcome shade through parts of the ride. This trail also provides a quick route to some of the other parks that are popular with cycling enthusiasts, like Virginia Key.

Oleta River State Park
Make sure your shocks are tuned up when you ride at Oleta River State Park. Here, you will find almost 15 miles of thrilling bike trails along with a range of other outdoor activities, like snorkeling, paddling, and even camping. The trails at Florida’s “largest urban park” range from easy with some flat stretches to action-packed ones — thanks to lots of turns and bumps. If you’d prefer to leave your own bike at home, this park has on-site bike rentals.

Amelia Earhart Park
Escape the city without leaving it at Amelia Earhart Park. Over 500 acres filled to the brim with fun await. Spend a few hours traversing trails that will suit any rider, due to varying degrees of difficulty. This park, with its picnicking areas, petting zoo, and playground is an ideal spot for a lovely day trip.

Blog: Best Brunch Spots in Miami

An incredible perk of living in Miami is its world-famous restaurant scene. No matter what time of day or night, you can rub shoulders with celebs in some of the most beautifully decorated rooms imaginable, while enjoying truly memorable food. A meal that occupies a special place on everyone’s weekly social calendar is brunch. Typical of most elevated dining experiences in this culinary capital, Miami brunch is equal parts party, a feast of over-the-top flavors, and fashion show. Lucky future residents of the Brickell condos at Una Residences can choose from some of the top brunch spots in Miami.

So, let’s raise the mimosas high as we explore a few of them:

Zuma | 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way
From Mykonos to Madrid to, of course, Miami, Zuma has brought chef Rainer Becker’s singular spin on Japanese dining to jet-setters the world over. Located right on the water, this is the ultimate way to experience the finest of what the city has to offer. Bring a group of your friends, because these plates of sashimi and Wagyu beef are meant to be shared — izakaya style. For those who don’t desire a cocktail before nightfall, pair your brunch with choices from one of their tea options, which include the earthy notes of genmaicha and the noncaffeinated mint.

Seaspice Brasserie and Lounge | 412 Northwest North River Drive
You can get the brunch staples of eggs Benedict, avocado toast, and French toast anywhere. But in Miami, you have the option of indulging in these classics in inventive ways at Seaspice Brasserie. Think: lobster or short rib Benedict, shrimp avocado toast, or foie gras-topped French toast. Add to that Seaspice’s waterside views of the Miami River and an extensive wine list, and you’re in a bruncher’s paradise.

Cecconi’s Miami Beach | 4385 Collins Avenue
Whether or not you’re a member of the exclusive Soho Beach House social club, you can join the crowd of well-heeled Miami creatives for brunch at Cecconi’s Miami Beach. This rustic Italian eatery combines a laid-back yet elegant atmosphere with some of the best pasta you’ll get. Their brunch includes a sprawling buffet with an omelet station, savory meats, including perfectly cooked lamb, and towers of pastries and desserts.

Swan | 90 Northeast 39th Street
Take a break from your weekend shopping in the Design District with a decadent brunch in a decadent setting at Swan. While this very pink restaurant has some major star power behind it — both David Grutman and Pharrell Williams are behind Swan — it’s the food that is really the star. Enjoy the pastel decor as you dine on fluffy omelets or a breakfast pizza with speck, egg, and truffle.

Whatever you prefer for brunch, whether elegant or informal, traditional or international fare, there are plenty of options when you reside in one of the luxurious Downtown Miami condos at Una Residences. Contact the sales office today to learn more about these spectacular waterfront homes!

Blog: Botanical Gardens Near Una Residences

Florida can rightly claim to be the state with the greatest natural beauty and ecological diversity–from its Everglades National Park, with a million and a half acres of sawgrass, alligators, and mangroves, to the Florida Keys, home to stingrays, schools of colorful fish, and other-worldly white sand beaches, not to mention the lakes, forests, waterfalls, caves, springs, reefs, preserves, parks, and everything in between that populate the state. Future residents of Una Residences’ Miami waterfront condos know all too well the natural splendor found in South Florida. With spectacular views, as well as direct access to the waterfront, walking paths, a host of public parks, and proximity to the beaches of Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, and Brickell, Una will be centrally located amid an embarrassment of natural riches.

For residents looking to explore more of Florida’s natural splendor, a visit to two botanic gardens near these Brickell condos is in order. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is unlike any other destination in the city. Spanning 83 acres, with an assortment of rare tropical plants and the world’s largest collection of bamboo, Fairchild offers plenty of walking paths for appreciating the panorama of ecological beauty on display. At the Allée & Overlook, visitors are surrounded by the lowlands and lakes, with views of the Pandanus Lake, Pandanus trees, palms, and mangroves. The botanic garden also hosts educational programs for children and adult learners, such as its drawing and painting classes, and a full calendar of events, including the March Orchids in Bloom Festival event for flower enthusiasts.

Another noteworthy botanical garden in Miami’s Coconut Grove is The Kampong. This tropical garden’s official mission is to “enrich life through discovery, scientific research, conservation, and education by perpetuating the survival of plants, ecosystems, and cultural knowledge of tropical regions.” As one of five botanical gardens spread over 2,000 acres across the country, The Kampong celebrates this mission via thousands of tropical species. The Kampong Planting Heritage collections include species from tropical locales around the world, encompassing exotic fruits (with more than 50 mango varieties), palms, flowering trees, and an array of other plants. On the self-guided tour, visitors can pose next to the 80-year-old baobab tree or stroll through the flowering plants. They can also take a guided tour for some added insight into the history of The Kampong and visit the Fairchild-Sweeney House (summer home of its founder, David Fairchild).

To learn more about Brickell and nearby neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, its botanic gardens, and natural wonders, contact Una’s team today!

Blog: Pamper Yourself at the Grand Bay Club

With its sophisticated lounge, range of wellness facilities, and selection of outdoor pools, Una Residences knows how to treat its residents right. But the choices for entertainment, relaxation, and exercise don’t stop there. Anyone living at these Brickell, Miami, condos will also enjoy privileged access to the Grand Bay Club, which opens up another world of luxurious experiences. It’s also the ideal place to treat your Valentine’s Day date.

‘Where the Key Ends and Paradise Begins’
That line sums up the Grand Bay Club beautifully — an idyllic, exclusive beach club, conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from Una Residences. Situated on the white sands of Key Biscayne, just north of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, the club is a wonderful place to unwind with your partner, friends, or family. Take a dip in the beachside pool, followed by a refreshing margarita. Take to the tennis courts for a match in the Miami sun before soothing yourself in the Grand Bay Club’s Jacuzzis. Treat yourself to a makeover at the on-site spa. Or simply make use of the complimentary towel, umbrella, and lounge service for a leisurely afternoon on the pristine beach.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Spot
With its romantic backdrop and white glove service, the Grand Bay Club makes an ideal setting for a Valentine’s Day retreat. Couples can make use of the lavish amenities the club has to offer before indulging in poolside cocktails, calamari fritti, and divine fish sandwiches with pineapple slaw. Or, they can rent out one of the secluded oceanfront cabanas for the day, and enjoy spectacular sea views made all the more luxurious by air conditioning, housekeeping, and restaurant and bar service. Of course, a Valentine’s Day trip might involve the whole family — that’s not a problem at Grand Bay Club, where kids can let off steam at the playground, and have the run of the magnificent beach.

Two Paradisiacal Havens
Of course, you will not need to venture anywhere at all to enjoy the extensive amenities at Una Residences. Residents will be able to do their Peloton workout in style while watching yachts sail across Biscayne Bay’s pristine waters from the floor-to-ceiling windows of Una’s state-of-the-art gym. Or dig into a novel in the quietude of the private lounge. The youngest residents of these Brickell condos will have some boisterous fun in the dedicated indoor playroom. But on Valentine’s Day itself, you can simply share a romantic moment with your special someone: reclining on a poolside chaise longue, a glass of bubbles in hand, in the shade of a palm tree. The amenities of Una Residences and the Grand Bay Club create two paradisiacal havens within a stone’s throw of one another.

Learn more about the condos for sale (and the perks on offer) at Una Residences. Contact the sales gallery today.

Blog: Homes With a Vision

Creating a luxury living experience is about more than sparkling interiors and world-class amenities. It’s about having a vision for how life should look and feel, and understanding what residents might need when they wake up in the morning or return home from a long day of work or play. The team behind the Brickell condos at Una Residences has honed their vision for Miami waterfront luxury living over a period of years, and the result is a sleek, tapered tower that exudes sophistication and elegance.

“When we first went to the site, the views were magnificent,” says Una Residences architect Adrian Smith of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. “This will be a unique building for the area.” The Una building site is on the waterfront and is set apart from surrounding towers, giving the entire development room to breathe. As inspiration for the building’s form, the team quickly landed on the iconic wooden yachts by Riva: “They’re relaxing, and they are elegant,” Smith says, “and I think they relate very beautifully to Miami and the lifestyle that everyone wants to have.”

With the flowing lines and rich materials of the Riva boats in mind, Smith and Gill were able to create a building that naturally extends from the waterline toward the sky. “If you look at the formal aspects of the building,” says architect Gordon Gill, “it’s very fluid, it’s very organic.” These naturalistic aspects found their way into the building’s interiors, where curving lines mirror those that wrap around the facade.

The architects’ vision is shared by OKO Group CEO Vladislav Doronin, whose line of Aman Resorts inspired many of the top-notch amenities at Una Residences. “The spa is going to be one of the signatures of this building,” says Doronin, who also highlighted Una’s private marina, where residents will be able to keep their own watercraft for a quick escape to Biscayne Bay and the ocean beyond. “I like this area because it’s very private and established,” says Doronin.

Together, the architects and Doronin have created a vision of life in Miami that flows from water to sandy beach to private pools and spas, all unified by the commitment to excellent quality and service for which OKO Group properties are renowned. The only thing that’s missing is you.

Contact the sales team today to learn more about these luxury waterfront condos!

Blog: Exploring Key Biscayne

Long stretches of sandy beach, well-maintained walking and bike trails, a kaleidoscopic coastal barrier reef, fun family attractions — Key Biscayne is one of the most gorgeous parts of Miami, and it’s less than a 20-minute drive from the waterfront condos at Una Residences. You’ll never tire of exploring this enchanting area.

Wonderful Weekend Outings
Key Biscayne is ideal for weekend afternoons that feel a million miles from the bustle of Brickell and Downtown Miami. Luxuriate on the sand at Crandon Park Beach while admiring the windsurfers. Then, explore the area’s protected wetlands, watching for ospreys, hawks, and plovers. Take a hike through Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, home to the Cape Florida Lighthouse, which has stood on its spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean since 1825. Or, sign up for a free eco-history tour at Virginia Key Beach Park, to learn about its astonishing variety of plants and diverse wildlife. The tour also explains the persecution faced by Miami’s Black community, and how this led to a beach, known as “Bears Cut” as well as the many Black icons who hail from Miami.

Get Into Sports
The pristine waters surrounding Key Biscayne are too tempting for any swimmer to resist, but you can also make the most of the ocean by taking to a personal watercraft, paddleboard, banana boat, or even a flyboard! There are plenty of activities on dry land, too. Challenge friends to a match at Crandon Park Tennis Center. Strengthen your core while making new friends at Pilates in the Park, an al fresco community session that takes place twice a month. Fancy a day out on your bicycle? Key Biscayne offers miles of bike trails that let you take in the coastline and hinterlands while getting a great workout.

Be Wowed by the Stunning Sea Life
There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered beneath the waves off Key Biscayne. Snorkel or scuba dive off the coast to be wowed by colorful coral, sea sponges, tropical fish — even dolphins. Elsewhere, you can kayak along the calm waters of the Jones Lagoon as your guide points out turtles, baby sharks, and roseate spoonbills. Otherwise, there’s Miami Seaquarium, where you can get up close to local manatees and rays, as well as creatures you wouldn’t normally meet in Miami, like African penguins and Pacific white-sided dolphins. There’s also a gift shop with sea life souvenirs for sale.

All of this and more awaits on the doorstep of the Brickell condos at Una Residences. Contact the sales team to discover your luxury dream home today.

Blog: Stunning Views at Una Residences

There’s a lot to love about living in Miami, but waking up to a view of Biscayne Bay from your private balcony might be the best part of putting down roots in South Florida. The new collection of Brickell condos at Una Residences will be located on the waterfront and will feature homes with breathtaking vistas and plenty of private space from which to enjoy them. Keep reading to learn how Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture has maximized the natural light and sightlines from every one of the Una Residences.

From the moment that the architects first visited the waterfront site where Una Residences is being built, AS + GG knew that they had something special on their hands. Located on the northern end of Biscayne Bay, Una Residences will feature sweeping views of the bay as well as nearby Miami South Channel, Miami Beach, Virginia Key, and Key Biscayne, with the Atlantic Ocean falling over the horizon. Every one of these Miami waterfront condos was designed with these panoramic vistas in mind, with each revealing a slightly different angle on the city and its beautiful setting.

Floor-to-ceiling windows will wrap around every home, letting in natural light and creating a vast clear wallpaper of ever-changing Miami landscapes. Structural elements like columns are set within rooms to avoid spoiling views from the corners. Sliding doors transition between rooms and will take residents from inside out onto their spacious balconies, which will feature clear glass railings to preserve the view from inside and out. Together, these design elements will make each home feel as if it is perched just over the water, with the sweep of the ocean right there to be reached out toward and touched. Visit our Residences page to see examples of views facing each of the points of the compass to get a sense of just how vast the visible Miami landscape is from these homes.

Of course, the views will extend into the common areas of Una Residences, too, including via floor-to-ceiling windows in the gym and family playroom and unobstructed views from the tower’s many pools and decks. The result of all this attention to natural light and views will be a building that fully embraces its waterfront location, bringing residents as close to the ocean as possible without getting their feet wet. If you’ve been aching for a luxury waterfront lifestyle, reach out to our team, and together, we’ll find the right home for you at Una Residences!

Blog: Holiday Season in Brickell

With its sunny tropical climate, sandy beaches, and endless expanse of sea, Miami might not seem like a hub for typical winter holiday activities. But what it lacks in picturesque snow-blanketed scenes, it makes up for in festivities, food, and world-class shopping you won’t find anywhere else.Plus, you don’t have to bundle up in a winter coat! There’s no better place to experience the city’s seasonal delights than the tony neighborhood of Brickell, the home of the upcoming Downtown Miami condos of Una Residences.

Una Residences is set to be one of Miami’s most elegant and exclusive buildings. Designed with luxury in mind, this organically shaped tower, inspired by the image of a billowing sail, will include a state-of-the-art gym, multiple pools for cool lounging in the Miami heat, and sumptuous interiors — replete with the finest natural materials framed by floor-to-ceiling windows and jaw-dropping city and Biscayne Bay views.

Imagine celebrating holidays at Una Residences, raising a glass during sunset toasts with friends and loved ones, for years to come. In the meantime, read on for some highlights of what the surrounding area offers in the merriment department.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
A grand Mediterranean villa right on the water, Vizcaya stands as a home to art, architecture, and lush tropical flora — think exotic palms as opposed to northern pines. While you can visit at any time of year, during this special season, the halls are decked, the gardens are lit, and the interiors are decorated and giving off vintage vibes. This is one of the few times of the year when you can enter the Main House after the sun goes down. Experience what it must have felt like to be a business titan of the 1920s celebrating the holidays as you pass along the halls and take in everything from a fully festooned Christmas tree to a tablescape filled with items that would have been found on a lavishly set holiday table way back when.

George Balanchine’s ‘The Nutcracker’
Catching a performance of “The Nutcracker” is a tradition all around the world. And Balanchine’s staging of this Tchaikovsky classic is the standard, performed everywhere from the stages of New York City to right here at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Be swept away to the world of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and embark on a magical “Journey Through the Snow.” This dreamy, lively, and imaginative ballet is bound to put even the icy Mouse King in the holiday mood.

Brickell City Centre
Spend a day prepping for your big gift exchange by shopping at the famed Brickell City Centre. This high-end shopping complex has brands from around the world that will put a smile on the face of everyone on your list, no matter what their taste. Pick up a signature scent at Acqua di Parma. Fill a bag or two with the finest from Saks Fifth Avenue. And stock up on your beauty needs at Sephora. And, of course, all of this shopping deserves a break! Brickell City Centre provides a fun one for big spenders. If you rack up more than $1,000 in purchases during your excursion, you gain special access to the South Pole Speakeasy, where you’ll be plied with complimentary cocktails for 30 minutes.

Interested in finding out more about the holiday and post-holiday pleasures you can have in the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences? Contact our team today!

Blog: Luxury Shopping in Brickell

While the Downtown Miami condos at Una take waterfront luxury living to new heights, Miami itself is constantly expanding its offerings in a high-end shopping landscape where the best in international fashion and design meets the best of local favorites. It all makes for a holiday shopping experience as festive as it is effective. You’ll find everything on your list for friends and loved ones and make discoveries in fashion and design for your own closets and interiors at these Brickell condos.

At the end of this month, the Design District will welcome a new 10,000-square-foot CHANEL boutique designed by Architect Peter Marino and a Louis Vuitton menswear store. These new outposts will be joining the likes of Alexander McQueen, Celine, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Balenciaga, helping to further establish a taste of Madison Avenue by the sea.

Brickell City Center boasts a 107,000-square-foot Saks Fifth Avenue, which might provide all you need to cross all the names off your list—but with major brand stores like Aesop and Apple and longtime local favorites like NINI and LOLI, you’ll be tempted to take the time to snag this year’s hottest items from stores throughout the complex. Shop for Apple watches, iPads, computers, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max for your closest loved ones. Aesop’s line of skin care products is as visually pleasing on a vanity as it is aromatherapeutic to put on. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, the women’s artistic director at Hermès, told Vanity Fair that Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy is her one beauty must-have, and it’s a perfect gift for so many kinds of people that you’ll want to stock up. For all the babies—and parents—in your life, head to NINI and LOLI for eco-friendly baby clothes, baby gear, and toys from a store that has been serving the littlest Floridians for more than 15 years.

New development Cocowalk is a great place to outfit workout kings and queens, thanks to stores like Sportiv and FP Movement. It’s also home to Bluemercury, which carries some of the highest-quality beauty products on the market. If you love a good holiday deal, Mary Brickell Village has offers for discounts on cigars—the perfect old-school Miami gift—as well as facials and waxes to gift or pamper yourself with for the festivities.

Of course, a Miami holiday can’t-miss experience is the Merrick Park Tree Lighting featuring a guest appearance from Santa and a proper kickoff for the season. While you’re there, get inspired by BoConcept’s furniture and home design objects, while Carolina Herrera might just match you up with the perfect dress for your holiday parties at Una’s Miami waterfront condos, where the lights of the season will be sparkling off the bay.

Contact the Una Residences team today and start planning your new Brickell lifestyle.

Blog: Stress-Free Holidays at Una Residences

Nothing warms the heart like memories of Thanksgiving get-togethers from years past. And that includes the cornucopia of food: pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sides galore, and the showstopping centerpiece of a perfectly browned turkey (or its vegetarian alternative). Whether celebrating with family, friends, neighbors, or with virtual company, residents of the Miami Brickell condos at Una Residences can prepare for a memorable Thanksgiving at home — with spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and the Brickell neighborhood as their backdrop.

To facilitate the prepping, cooking, and presentation of the year’s biggest meal, residents of these Brickell condos have chef’s kitchens equipped with top-of-the-line appliances. So, even the most harried chef can handle a gigantic bird, along with a bevy of sides and desserts, with relative ease. The oversized kitchen island is ideal for guests who can sit and enjoy a holiday cocktail or apple cider while watching the resident chefs work their magic. The island can also serve as an elegant serving station or as a place for the bird to rest before carving.

For an optimally stress-free Thanksgiving gathering, several festive dining options are available just a short drive from Brickell. Some of Miami’s finest restaurants are recalibrating their regular menus on Thanksgiving to include fabulous holiday meals. For a traditional Thanksgiving menu, Yardbird is offering a four-course meal, while Habitat will provide a full Thanksgiving buffet, including their daily fresh catch, in an upscale dining environment. Though less conventional, but still wholly satisfying, MILA will be serving up its “MediterrAsian” cuisine, while Root and Bone will offer Southern comfort foods, like fried turkey breast and green bean casserole. Osteria Morini puts an Italian twist on holiday classics, with dishes like zuppa di zucca, polipo with sweet potato caponata, and torta di mele bread pudding. Carbone, another Italian destination, is serving a three-course meal, with dishes like spicy rigatoni vodka, butternut squash tortellini, and glazed turkey breast with stuffing.

However residents of the luxury homes at Una Residences decide to celebrate, they can enjoy a memorable holiday meal from the comfort of home or at the city’s top eateries just minutes from their Downtown Miami condos.

To learn more about the new Brickell condominiums at Una Residences, contact the sales gallery today!

Blog: All the Joys of Outdoors Without Leaving Your Condo

With Una Residences’ dazzling array of amenities, you can indulge in all the joys of the outdoors without leaving your Brickell condo. From pools to play areas, the whole family will stay entertained in this safe, sophisticated, and sunshine-soaked environment.

Living the Terrace Dream
At Una Residences’ third-floor terrace, you can get together with neighbors at the grilling station, sip on some bubbly at one of the alfresco bars, catch up on that new podcast drop while sunning yourself on a lounger, or simply stand back and cherish the Biscayne Bay views. Beautifully sculpted by Enea Landscape Architecture, the terrace lets you mingle, play, or just spend a bit of “you time.” All centered around lush foliage, playful fountains, and sparkling pools. Speaking of which…

A Plethora of Pools
In Miami, you can never have too many settings to enjoy a cooling dip. That’s why Una Residences’ architects and landscapers wove a plethora of pools into the complex. The outdoor lap pool is an elegant spot to swim beneath the palms while admiring the blues of the bay. The deliciously curved bayfront pool lends itself to reposeful evenings in front of magical Miami sunsets. And the family pool, splash-pad area, and whirlpool are wonderful for quality time spent with the kids.

Family Fun
That’s not all that Una Residences offers in the way of family fun. Its indoor playroom is replete with beautifully crafted toys, a small library, play mats, ultrasoft furniture—plus a widescreen TV for those times you need to put them in front of Disney+ for an hour or three. Best of all, the playroom features floor-to-ceiling windows—bringing Miami sunlight and glorious beach views directly into the kids’ playtime environment.

Pushing the Boat Out
Whenever the allure of the bay gets you, take to Una’s private boat slips. In a matter of moments, you can be whisked across the waters by yacht, past Cape Florida Lighthouse and to Biscayne National Park, with its enchanting corals and tranquil fishing spots. Of course, adventures on Una Residences’ doorstep are endless—from the Everglades to the Keys to the Bahamas. But wherever your adventures take you, you’ll always be glad to return to your Downtown Miami condo and its superlative outdoor amenities.

Learn more about Una’s amenities and remaining residences: schedule a private appointment today.

Blog: Brickell’s Fine Dining

Everything is a bit elevated in Miami, from the soaring Brickell Miami condos at Una Residences to the buzzy food scene. In this international town, top chefs from around the world have opened restaurants that explore the varied and tasty ingredients of Florida as well as the flavors from the diverse cultures that call Miami home.

Luckily for those who reside in the luxe Downtown Miami condos of Una Residences, Brickell’s vibrant array of fine-dining establishments is nearby for you to indulge in whenever you want.

NAOE | 661 Brickell Key Drive
Book your tables well in advance for this singular dining experience in an intimate Japanese restaurant helmed by Kevin Cory. This casual yet sophisticated spot seats only eight diners at a time twice an evening. While the food is bound to be expertly prepared at this omakase restaurant, the menu for each meal is completely left up to Cory’s discretion. So, be ready to be surprised and delighted by dishes that are a cut above the rest, made with only the best ingredients. After all, the restaurant’s trademark is “ it’s not fresh … it’s alive.” Even the soy sauce is handcrafted at Chef Cory’s family brewery on the coast of Japan.

La Mar | 500 Brickell Key Drive
Since Miami is located right on the water, you’d expect the seafood to be delicious almost anywhere you go. But La Mar’s “haute takes” on fresh catches raise your typical seafood experience to the next level. This Peruvian-centric eatery combines the tastes and techniques of traditions from South America to Asia to create unforgettable meals. Le Cordon Bleu-trained celeb chef Gastón Acurio’s imaginative menu includes highlights like mouthwatering branzino smothered in an umami-packed miso sauce. His simple rice and seafood dish is a near-religious experience, thanks to a yellow chili from his homeland of Peru. Even the vegetable options like the crispy potatoes with vegan feta are good enough for repeat visits. Sit indoors in their eclectic dining area with an open kitchen or enjoy the Miami evenings alfresco. Feel like staying in and taking in the sunset from the floor-to-ceiling windows at Una Residences? La Mar does takeaway!

Elcielo Restaurant | 31 SE 5th Street
Rockstar Colombia-born chef Juan Manuel Barrientos pushes the boundaries of flavor, culinary technique, and on-the-plate presentation during the course of a meal that is not only a work of love but a work of art. Sip on a glass of exquisite wine from Michelin-starred Elcielo’s extensive list as you ponder whether to order a la carte or “The Experience.” With a la carte, sample plates like arepas or pizza. But if you choose “The Experience,” be prepared to go on a whimsical journey for all your senses. This unique tasting menu combines Colombian culinary traditions with modern molecular gastronomy and even, according to Elcielo, “neuroscience.” Twenty-two “moments” comprise this culinary adventure, with bread served on a bonsai tree and a ritual that involves washing your hands with chocolate—yes, chocolate.

La Petite Maison | 1300 Brickell Bay Drive
La Petite Maison has outposts around the world in London, Dubai, and Hong Kong, to name a few, but only one site in the US, in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami. With its French Riviera-inspired details and its reproduction of an 1875 sculpture commemorating the Franco-Prussian War, it has a distinctive vibe throughout its informal entrance bar, terrace, covered dining terrace, and large interior space. The a la carte menu is also capacious, with selections ranging from hors d’oeuvres such as the salted Chilean sea bass croquettes with oven-roasted pepper relish or the sweet peppers in olive oil to entrees like the morel mushroom risotto with fresh cream or the linguine with clams, chopped prawns, sweet corn, basil, and parsley. The Déjeuner d’Affaires menu changes weekly, but salt-baked fillet of redfish with artichokes and tomatoes was a recent enticing example of a main course item. Desserts and cocktails are well-represented too. Is it too decadent to pair cheesecake with The Greenwich cocktail’s “mystical combination of Havana Club rum and herbal liquor”? Valet parking is also on tap for lunch and dinner. Reservations are required for groups of five or more.

These are just a few of the finest food offerings in Brickell, Miami. Explore them and more when you choose to live in the heart of this culinary capital in the waterfront Miami condos of Una Residences. Contact the Una Residences team now for more information.

Blog: The Penthouse Collection at Una Residences

Una Residences, with its curving glass facade towering 47 stories above the waterfront on Biscayne Bay, cuts an imposing silhouette in the Miami skyline. Inside, the Brickell condos for sale boast unobstructed views of the bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Miami skyline, framed dramatically through floor-to-ceiling windows. And atop this singular tower is the Penthouse Collection — the literal pinnacle of luxury in the Miami real estate market. These iconic residences offer elegant design, top-of-the-line amenities, jaw-dropping views, and the most enviable address in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.

The Penthouse Collection at Una Residences comprises 12 single-story residences and three spectacular triplexes. The expansive single-story penthouses extend across approximately 4,735 square feet indoors, with five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, and a versatile den. Each of these homes boasts private elevator entry, which opens immediately onto 180 degrees of seemingly limitless views of serene blue ocean and the coastline, courtesy of their corner locations. Indoors, each residence is marked by ceilings that soar to nearly 11 feet, creating an airy and open feeling for each home. Interior design is inspired by the refined details of yachts, bringing an elegant aesthetic that celebrates the pleasures of everyday life on the bay. Residents can choose from marble or wood flooring for a customized flourish to the fit and finish of these unique homes.

All penthouses boast fully equipped chef’s kitchens with Gaggenau appliances and convenient utility rooms with full-sized washers and dryers. Master suites offer the ultimate refuge — a calming oasis in the evening and sweeping views each morning — as well as a pair of separate bathrooms and closets. Lift-and-glide floor-to-ceiling doors open to an additional 800 square feet of private outdoor space, enclosed with glass balcony railings to preserve pristine views.

The masterpieces of Una Residences, of course, are the triplex penthouses, which span approximately 7,089 square feet, across six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a media room, a study, and a private internal elevator. These jewels of the Downtown Miami real estate market also provide an additional 2,871 square feet of private outdoor space consisting of a rooftop with a lap pool, a plunge pool, an outdoor kitchen, and sauna and steam rooms. This extraordinary outdoor space is ideal for entertaining guests with a meal prepared in the open air, a luxurious afternoon of sunbathing, refreshing splashes in the pool, or a simple relaxing retreat in the evening to sip a cool drink while watching the sunset over the tranquil blue of Biscayne Bay.

Each of the homes in the Una Residences Penthouse Collection offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enjoy the finest views, amenities, and refinements of life in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood.

Blog: Brickell’s Museums

From the pristine beaches and sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay to the striking waterfront facade of these condos for sale in Miami, there is beauty everywhere you look at Una Residences. With its exterior of sweeping curves that reflects its shoreline location and interiors nodding to the elegant details of a Riva yacht, Una Residences stands as not only an architectural marvel but an artistic one. Here, everything from the organically designed kitchens to the carefully curated tropical landscaping echoes the creativity and curiosity of this vibrant city. Even the gym and spa, with their sprawling, jaw-dropping views, have their own aesthetic appeal.

And lucky residents of these singular luxury Brickell condos are in the ideal location to explore the area’s cultural offerings, thanks to the building’s proximity to a number of unparalleled museums.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Pérez Art Museum Miami | 1103 Biscayne Boulevard
Known by Miamians as PAMM, the Pérez Art Museum Miami is not only a jewel in the crown of Miami’s vibrant art scene, it is a repository and showcase for some of the most important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries.

For almost 40 years, PAMM has proudly exhibited a mix of art from around the world. Their commitment is to modern art, and, as their mission states, “representing and cherishing the unique diversity of Miami-Dade.”

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting PAMM is the striking architecture that’s a work of art in itself. Designed by the firm Herzog & de Meuron, the exterior’s concrete minimalism reads as if the Brutalism movement of the mid-20th century took a vacation and relaxed on Miami Beach for the summer. It’s austere yet playful, awe-inspiring yet welcoming — and that’s just on the outside!

Inside, you’ll find a trove of stunning and thought-provoking pieces epitomizing the ultimate in multicultural art, focusing on Latinx and African creators. Must-see exhibitions include Chilean artist Felipe Mujica’s “The Swaying Motion on the Bank of the River Falls,” where the movement of both the visitors and Mujica’s fabric-panel sculptures determine how the work will be seen. Pop Art sculptor and painter George Segal’s plaster-cast works are renowned for their simplicity and humanity. His seminal Bible-inspired work “Abraham’s Farewell to Ishmael” stands at PAMM for visitors to enjoy and ponder.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens | 3251 South Miami Avenue Minutes from Una Residences, this gorgeous Mediterranean villa on the water is a museum that captures the heart of Miami, where the creations of both nature and human beings converge. Over a hundred years ago, Vizcaya was a winter escape for a millionaire — businessman James Deering. Today, its 10 acres are a veritable pleasure palace for art lovers and plant enthusiasts alike. Inside the Vizcaya Museum, you’ll find objets d’art, as well as furniture, paintings, and various pieces of ephemera.

But perhaps the most striking feature of Vizcaya is its well-planned and meticulously maintained gardens. Inspired by the great gardens of Europe, the grounds contain everything from manicured hedges to native trees — and there are mangroves along the water. And it is all paired perfectly with views of the villa and the bay as a dreamy backdrop.

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science | 1101 Biscayne Boulevard At Frost Science, visitors get to indulge in a different kind of art: the art of discovery, exploration, and invention. This family-friendly museum combines science education with fun in an easily accessible and carefully laid-out setting.

Explore the long history of flight from feathered dinosaurs to the current era of space travel in the “Feathers to the Stars” exhibition. Play among the stars in the Frost Planetarium. And though Miami is a city where the sea is always a presence, you have the opportunity to go beneath the surface for a closer look at the aquatic life of the region in the three-floor aquarium. No matter what your interests may be, this museum has something to satisfy your curiosity about the world around you and the universe beyond.

Una Residences 85% sold with construction ongoing

A reported 85% of the homes at Una Residences have been sold, with completion of the nautically inspired collection of Brickell waterfront condos still two years out. Designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, with “inspiration from the elegant shape and opulent materials used in classic yacht design,” Una Residences will bring 135 two- to five-bedroom homes to the shore of Biscayne Bay, along with a suite of Aman Resorts-style amenities and a private marina. When complete, residents will enjoy sweeping Atlantic Ocean, Biscayne Bay, and Downtown Miami views through floor-to-ceiling windows as well as from their private terraces and amenities spaces.

Blog: The Best of Coconut Grove

Situated on sparkling Biscayne Bay, the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences are in the ultimate location to experience everything Miami has to offer. Spend a day boating around the Bay. Lounge by one of the many pools. Or fill a day exploring Coconut Grove, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, where you can shop, eat, and experience this eclectic yet elegant community in just a short trip from home.

For almost 150 years, Coconut Grove has been an artsy enclave beckoning creative types from around the world. Here, they’re inspired by the pristine Bay and the lush, dense flora that adds an entirely tropical vibe to this charming neighborhood. Old-school glamor and that Miami spark combine with the locals’ imaginative spirit, giving way to some of the city’s best things to do in “The Grove,” as locals call it.

Let’s take a look:

If wandering through Coconut Grove’s laid-back atmosphere doesn’t have you relaxed enough already, grab a cocktail and a meal as you indulge in the area’s buzzy culinary scene. From small sidewalk cafes to award-winning restaurants, there’s something for every palate and every time of day.

It may only be a decade old, but Peacock Garden feels like it’s been in Coconut Grove forever. Walking into a verdant space replete with rattan chairs and adorned with orchids feels like walking into a hidden oasis. As private as it appears, the word is out. Locals flock here for lunch, especially for their expertly crafted sandwiches and roasted-to-perfection organic chicken.

For weekend brunch, there’s no better spot than Lulu. This funky, industrial-chic place offers delightful versions of classic brunch fare, like the mouthwatering and over-the-top s'mores waffles (paired with Lulu’s signature mimosa, of course).

If you want to cook at home in your state-of-the-art kitchen at Una Residences, there’s even an organic market every weekend where you can pick up ingredients for your favorite recipes.

Once you’re fueled up, it’s time to burn off the calories you consumed with one of Miami’s favorite sports: shopping. From the vintage boutiques, like This ‘N That Shop, to the lively shopping center of CocoWalk, Coconut Grove is a fashionista’s paradise.

But there’s more to Coconut Grove than just world-class dining and shopping. As this is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami, Coconut Grove is a treasure trove of architectural history. Just take a walk down Commodore Plaza or Grand Avenue to experience the detail of the buildings that line the streets. For a truly jaw-dropping architectural adventure, there’s no Coconut Grove construction more impressive than the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. With a terra-cotta roof and palazzo-sized scale, this iconic villa would be just as at home in Tuscany or along the Mediterranean as it is here in Coconut Grove. Carve out an afternoon to visit and wander the Italianate gardens and gorgeous rooms of this early-1900s mansion.

After a busy day of traversing Coconut Grove, return to the luxe confines of Una Residences, knowing you can experience that unique neighborhood anytime you want. And if you are not there yet but considering a move to the ultra luxury of Una Residences, contact us now to learn about your options.

Miami’s Una Residences Unveils Penthouses

With record-breaking sales pushing Una Residences past the 85% sold mark, OKO Group and Cain International released 14 more homes to market as part of the Penthouse Collection. These Brickell condos include 12 single-story residences and a pair of triplexes, each with five to six bedrooms, plentiful outdoor space, and sweeping Atlantic Ocean and Downtown Miami views, as well as the same high standard of construction and luxe interior cladding as the rest of the homes at Una Residences. Penthouse homes feature private decks with pools and outdoor kitchens, giving residents everything they need to fully enjoy Miami’s legendary climate.

Developers Unveil Limited Penthouse Collection for Sale

With 85% of the Brickell condos at Una Residences already in contract, OKO Group and Cain have released the building’s crowning Penthouse Collection to meet the demand for new-construction luxury homes along Biscayne Bay. “The Penthouse Collection at Una Residences will evoke the natural beauty of Brickell’s urban, waterfront environment and bring a timeless elegance to Miami,” said Vanessa Grout, CEO of OKO Real Estate. “Our penthouse residents will enjoy expansive floor plans and oversized outdoor living spaces designed to feel like a true single-family home in the sky.” With sweeping Atlantic Ocean and Downtown views, spacious outdoor areas, and private elevator access, these penthouses will represent the finest standard of living in Brickell.

Blog: Family Fun at Una Residences

The Brickell condos at Una Residences offer unparalleled access to nature and creativity via nautical-inspired design, innovative landscaping and interiors, and seamless continuity between indoors and out. This vision holds true for the youngest residents at these Brickell condos, who will discover worlds of imaginative play and the wonders of nature with dedicated amenities designed just for them, inside and out.

Una’s third floor will feel like a children’s paradise. In the playroom, they can meet their pals for play dates in a space designed for fun, featuring toys and tables and chairs and a layout that encourages them to try new things and engage with new friends. They can build forts, stage plays, paint and draw, work on fine motor skills with puzzles and games, and dress up and pretend they are pirates on the tropical seas—all with views of the water in sight.

The third-floor terrace also features a range of pools, including a kids’ splash pad, where the youngest can learn firsthand about the properties and potentials of water without needing to know how to swim. In the family pool, kids can discover the basics of swimming, play with their friends, and experiment with pool toys and floaties. It’s a great way for families to bond and for kids to meet their similar-age neighbors. With cabanas and grilling areas, the terrace is the perfect place for a family staycation, too, and a great place to host a birthday party with burgers and hot dogs hot off the grill and plenty of space to explore in and out of the water. Kids will also love helping out on the boats, which residents can dock at Una’s private marina. Learning to navigate on the open sea will give them a sense of exhilaration and autonomy they will carry with them everywhere.

Kids will also be delighted by Una’s partnership with the Grand Bay Club on Key Biscayne, where they will have access to a sprawling playground, more pools, and poolside restaurant service for snacking on beautifully crafted lite bites and cool juices. At the club beach, they can encounter local flora and fauna while soaking in the sun or taking a nature walk, and the more adventurous can try paddleboarding. The whole Una package is a home base that gives children access to the natural wonders of Florida and the ease and pleasure of luxury living—and having so much to see and explore means parents will have their own share of wonder and freedom. Contact the Una Residences team to find out about the new home that will help you start your new life in Downtown Miami.

Foreign Investment Roaring Back To Miami

After international interest in South Florida waned during the pandemic, properties like OKO Group’s forthcoming Miami condo towers Missoni Baia and Una Residences are seeing a surge in South American interest. “In recent months we’ve had nearly 40 sales to international buyers,” said Kari Fernandez, vice president of sales at the pair of developments. “Whereas in the previous year during the same time period, we had six international sales.” The stylish towers and waterfront locations are a major draw for international buyers from places like Brazil and beyond, many of whom are looking for both a place to stay when they visit the states and a solid investment.

Blog: Sundays at Vizcaya Village Farmers Market

Crack open any cookbook from renowned advocates of slow food like the legendary Alice Waters or Tamar Adler, and you will find encouragement to get as much of your food as possible from local vendors at farmers markets. Luckily for residents at Una Residences, the benefits of buying local produce and delicacies are combined with a chance to build community and visit one of the most beautiful museum grounds in Florida — the Vizcaya Village Farmers Market, which runs every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Miami New Times lists the market as one of the top things to do in the city, and writes, “Underneath the banyan trees, wander around the Vizcaya Village Farmers Market and browse through the stalls of local purveyors and artisans. The Sunday market takes over the smaller Vizcaya Village area, located just across South Miami Avenue from the historic mansion.” Here, you’ll find local fruit and vegetables, like ripe summer strawberries, leeks, kale, and oranges, all at peak freshness and ready to form the basis of a leek tart or strawberry pancakes — dishes that anchor an al fresco meal on your terrace at the Brickell waterfront condos at Una. In addition to produce, you’ll also find high-quality food for dogs at Bon Appetreat, dairy-free coconut yogurt at CoColicious, and bone broth and bone broth-based soups at Soup to Bones.

Shena’s Confections serves baked goods, ranging from the elaborate to the divinely simple, and includes some vegan options. G’s Dream Farm offers a variety of local honeys, about which The Farmer’s Almanac writes, “Eating unfiltered, unheated, raw honey produced within your area (50-mile radius or less), is like receiving a natural anti-allergy shot,” because of the naturally occurring quercetin it contains, in addition to honey’s antibacterial qualities. This honey is a true gift of the region, as delicious as it is healthy.

Other vendors on the list include Baguette Plus, where you’ll find the bread that the French rely upon to make a meal a true meal; and E&B Orchid Exchange, for locally grown flowers to add a pop of elegance and color to your table. While you’re at the market, check out the mansion museum and gardens, and be sure to see Vizcaya Village, which was the working part of the estate, built so that the Villa Vizcaya — the spectacular Italian Renaissance-style home built in the early 20th century by businessman James Deering — would be self-sufficient.

To shop at this farmers market is to connect to a slow yet lavish way of life that emphasizes the bounty of the region. It’s the perfect excuse to start a Sunday ritual of brunch or dinner at Una Residences, made from the best locally sourced ingredients. And it’s a place where the culture of connecting to the natural world around you is built into the fabric of your life.

Blog: Parks, Gardens, and Waterfront Wonders Near Una

Parks, gardens, nature preserves, and mile upon mile of picturesque waterfront surround the Brickell condos at Una Residences. We’ve handpicked a selection of idyllic spots that will keep you occupied throughout the rest of the summer.

David Kennedy Park
A seven-minute drive from the Una Residences condos, David Kennedy Park boasts 20 acres of gorgeous green space where you can start your day off right. Do morning yoga stretches on one of the lawns overlooking a bayfront sunrise. Let your four-legged friend off the leash in the large dog park. Work on your core strength at the park’s calisthenic exercise stations. Beat your personal best with a 5K run on the expertly designed running paths. Then, head back to your Downtown Miami condo for a well-earned coffee.

Alice C. Wainwright Park
Admire the tropical hardwood hammock — a forest of evergreen and semi-deciduous trees that are native to South Florida — on your visit to Alice C. Wainwright Park. Described as “one of Greater Miami’s most unique coastal parks,” this 28-acre natural wonder also features a limestone outcrop of the Miami Rock Ridge. Invite friends and family over for a game on one of the basketball courts, followed by a picnic or barbecue, complete with stunning Brickell waterfront vistas.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
This diverse botanic garden makes for an ideal day out — and it’s only about a 20-minute drive from your Brickell waterfront condo. First opened in 1938 by plant explorer David Fairchild, the garden has flourished into a tropical oasis featuring an arboretum and vine pergola, palm-studded lakes, sunken gardens, and waterfalls. Over the summer, look out for exotic blooms, including rainbow shower trees, Flame of Jamaica, black tulip ginger, and blue mistflower. You can also find yourself surrounded by butterflies (more than 40 species) in the Wings of the Tropics exhibit.

Venture Into the Waters Off Hobie Beach
Crystal-clear waters are among the Miami area’s charms, and there are countless ways to enjoy them. For a great time out in the surf, you might want to try stand-up paddleboarding — or SUP. Get into it at Hobie Beach with the help of Bluepoint, where you can rent equipment and improve your SUP skills with lessons. Take your board out onto the ocean for unrivaled views of the Miami skyline. (You may even spot your own waterfront condo from the waves.) Keep an eye out, too, for local marine life, including rays, manatees, and dolphins. Or, hire a beach cruiser or mountain bike and explore the natural delights of Virginia Key Beach Park. It’s less than a 10-minute drive from your Una Residences condo.

Blog: A Summer Biscayne Bay Lifestyle

From boutiques where you can source your summer wardrobe to pristine beaches where you can flaunt it, Una Residences is surrounded by places to get you in the mood for this time of the year. Here’s how to lap up the Miami sunshine in style—and without venturing too far from your Brickell condo.

Retail Therapy at Brickell City Centre
Get the summer look with a shopping expedition to Brickell City Centre. Its upmarket boutiques feature an extensive range of summer wares for sale. Buy luxurious linen shirts and tunics from 120% Lino. Pick up a pair of limited-edition shades from Designer Eyes. Prepare to be the beauty of the beach with à la mode swimsuits, sundresses, and caftans from OndadeMar. Bring scents of the season into your Brickell Miami condo with an aromatic orange blossom candle from Diptyque.

The Key Biscayne Beaches Are Calling
Once you’re kitted out with your summer wardrobe, it’s time to flaunt it on the pristine beaches of Key Biscayne. Less than a 20-minute drive from the Miami waterfront homes at Una Residences, you can rent a kayak or water bike at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, read in the shade of the palms at Crandon Park Beach, explore the coastal Hammock Trails and bike path of Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, or let your four-legged friend off the leash at the golden sands of Hobie Beach.

Visit an Italianate Palace on the Waterfront
A languorous stroll around Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a wonderful way to spend a summer’s afternoon. As the former home of businessman James Deering, no expense was spared in creating this waterfront Italian Renaissance pleasure palace. Wander through its magnificently restored Marine Garden and rose-scented Fountain Garden and seek out the enchanting swimming pool grotto before enjoying a chilled juice at the on-site cafe.

Do Dinner at CocoWalk
CocoWalk at Coconut Grove has reopened following a recent renovation. You can now order deliciously nutritious salad bowls to your Downtown Miami condo from Sweetgreen. (We recommend the Naomi Osaka Bowl, loaded with warm quinoa, blackened chicken, and avocado.) PLANTA Queen tantalizes taste buds with veggie sushi and deliciously fresh eggplant kung pao. (Reserve a table or get it delivered to Una Residences.) For dessert, be a devil and order a pint of gooey chocolate brownie ice cream from Salt & Straw. You can even enjoy it while walking along the waterfront.

Blog: Exclusive Access: The Grand Bay Club

The Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences take amenities to a whole new level. There are pools for every type of swimmer, from lap swimmers to loungers, whirlpools, and a children’s splash pad. There are playrooms for the kids, a residents’ lounge, fitness room, yoga studio, and luxury spa, all with stunning views of the water and Una’s sculptural aesthetic as a backdrop. While all of this means that your daily life will feel like living at a five-star hotel, there is yet another place with off-site amenities just minutes away to take yourself on a vacation to paradise any day of the week: the Grand Bay Club to which all Una residents have exclusive access. What makes the Grand Bay Club so special is its location on picturesque Key Biscayne, its fine cuisine, and its exceptional service.

Here you can host a party, celebrate a wedding or anniversary, play tennis, swim in the oceanside pool, or simply submerge yourself in the pleasures of spending the day at the beach with every need accounted for, with drinks and food, towels, and umbrellas provided and set up for you to make your beach experience feel as relaxing and pampered as possible. This is the kind of place where you will constantly make new discoveries like eating the perfect wedge salad by the pool, swimming in the ocean at sunset after a transporting massage, or sharing a brunch with friends and family for a tropical Sunday tradition with cocktails and stellar views.

You can also rent cabanas for the day, complete with food service, bathrooms with showers, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and cable. It’s the perfect way to get all your needs met while soaking in the sea and sun so you can make your beach day as long as you want it to be—and to have total privacy whenever you need it. There is also a designated children’s pool and playground so the little ones will feel as cared for and pampered as you do.

You’ll also have access to the tennis center, spa, and fitness center at the neighboring Ritz-Carlton, the opportunity to enjoy encounters with rare birds and butterflies, and the constant feeling of being welcomed like family by the Grand Bay Club staff. It’s all yet another way that life at the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences is something far richer than a vacation—it’s the way that the best of Florida’s luxury living and the natural beauty of its beaches become home.

Blog: The Una Residences Morning Ritual

Miami is a city known for magical evenings spent in the world’s finest restaurants and nightlife spots, and for afternoons spent basking in the golden Floridian sun. But it’s the Miami mornings that set the tone for the rest of your day. And there’s no better place to rise and shine than the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences.

Here’s what a morning in these luxury Miami condos can be.

Getting up in the morning doesn’t usually make anyone’s list of favorite activities. At Una Residences, however, you have the luxury of waking up in a home that is right on the magnificent Brickell waterfront. Imagine sunlight filtering through floor-to-ceiling windows in your bright and airy master bedroom suite. Lie in bed for “just a little while longer,” or turn off your alarm, step out onto the 10-foot-deep bay-view balcony, and revel in the fresh, invigorating sea air. Enjoy a relaxing start to your day by catching up on emails, or reading the news, all while watching the sparkling water below.

For your morning caffeine fix and some sustenance, head to the kitchen where state-of-the-art technology and appliances meet a natural, organic design. Once you’re alert and fully energized, get in a world-class workout in the aesthetically pleasing and well-equipped fitness center. Cardio and strength training are a breeze when you use the workout machines. And doing some meditative and soul-soothing yoga in the designated yoga studio will have you prepared to meet the challenges of the day ahead. All of this can be accomplished while enjoying the Biscayne Bay panoramas that seem to be everywhere you turn at Una Residences — including the gym.

If exercise isn’t your want on a particular day, setting up shop beside one of the many pools at Una Residences is the ultimate indulgence. Feel free to take some early-morning meetings, all while luxuriating by the water. Even if you don’t get a chance to lounge by the pool in the morning, it will still be there for you to enjoy later.

When you’re ready to head out and begin your day in earnest, wind down your morning ritual in the spa-like bathroom of your home at Una Residences. A long, leisurely drenching in the marble shower is a must for those who want to rejuvenate and pamper themselves before the workday begins. There’s nothing like getting ready to face the world in a bathroom that would seem at home in any hotel.

In fact, living at Una Residences feels a lot like being on vacation — no matter when you are there. So, contact us to set up a tour of our sales gallery, where you’ll be able to experience the elegance, convenience, and glamour that living in these Brickell condos promises. When you’re here, you can start every day in style, grace, and beauty.

Blog: Living Your Best Life in Brickell

With Una Residences’ record-setting underground garage under construction, future residents are beginning to look at all that their new neighborhood has to offer. Long known as Miami’s business district, Brickell is now a hub for work, recreation, and residential living. From waterfront walkways to top-notch schools and world-class entertainment and dining, Brickell has something for everyone in the family. Here are just a few places around Brickell that make the neighborhood so ideal.

Like Una Residences itself, much of Brickell’s charm comes from its waterfront location along Biscayne Bay, and many of the neighborhood’s parks and pathways take advantage of this natural vantage point. Take, for example, Brickell Key Park, a pocket park on the tip of Brickell Key, complete with a playground and waterfront jogging path, which is the perfect place to watch the sunrise in the early morning or unwind after work with the family and a picnic basket. For a spot a little closer to home, Alice Wainwright Park is just a few minutes’ walk from Una Residences and features benches with panoramic Atlantic Ocean views as well as a basketball court and weight training equipment.

Residents of these Brickell waterfront condos who are seeking a contrast to the bright sun and warm breezes will fall in love with Simpson Park, a slice of preserved forest from the once-grand Brickell Hammock. Founded in 1913 as a 7.8-acre nature preserve, this park features an old-growth forest of “live oaks, strangler figs, Jamaica dogwoods, silver palms, and gumbo limbo trees,” as well as a pond and pathways to help visitors explore the rare and endangered plants that live there. Shaded benches and picnic tables make Simpson Park another great place for an outdoor meal with the family.

Cyclists will love living at Una Residences. Rickenbacker Causeway features one of the city’s best-protected bike lanes, taking riders out over the water to idyllic Virginia Key and Key Biscayne and terminating at the lovely Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. There, visitors will enjoy waterfront landscapes and the historic 1825 Cape Florida Lighthouse before turning around and riding back over the water to their Una Residences home.

After a day spent visiting nearby parks or riding along the waterfront, residents will love relaxing in Una Residences’ many on-site wellness amenities. Between the building’s many pools, its private spa, and indoor playroom, there’s something for everyone at Una Residences. So, head to the website to register for the priority list and start planning out your day in the sun around Brickell today!

47-Story Una Residences Secures $128M Financing & Prepares For Vertical Construction Later This Year

As Una Residences’ record-breaking underground parking garage takes shape, developer OKO Group has secured a $128.3 million construction loan from Bank OZK to bring the project across the finish line. The project has already netted $75 million in sales just this year, which—along with the resurgence in construction financing as condo sales continue to outpace sales of single-family homes—helped the developer secure the loan. When complete in 2023, the Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill-designed tower will stand 47 stories tall and feature 135 stunning Brickell waterfront condos as well as a suite of luxury amenities centered around the building’s private marina.

Press Roundup - Condo Sales Are Up

Una Residences was hitting the headlines in the first quarter of 2021 — praised by the press for everything from its ingenious underground parking garage to its strong sales.

‘The Big Dig’ | Modern Luxury
Modern Luxury wasn’t holding back on its admiration for UNA when it recently singled out the Brickell condos for praise. “There are many things to love about UNA Residences,” begins the piece, before going on to award special plaudits to UNA’s underground parking garage. At a cost of $25 million, no corners have been cut in creating this 100,000 square feet of subterranean parking space situated three stories below sea level. With a capacity for 236 vehicles, this “Big Dig,” says Modern Luxury, will “maximize the square footage of UNA’s amenities and residences” as well as create unobscured waterfront views for its lucky residents. The real genius of the parking garage, though? Most downtown Miami residents won’t even know it’s there.

‘Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture’s yacht inspired tower rises in Miami’ | World Architecture News

While Modern Luxury explored the hidden beauties of UNA Residences, World Architecture News (WAN) admired the building’s iconic exterior. Architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, according to WAN, took their cue from the condo’s waterfront and marina — as well as one special sailing vessel in particular. “Inspired by the iconic Riva yacht, Una Residences is a 47-story tower defined by a sculptured facade of clear modern lines and ribbon-like curves,” runs the piece. WAN also notes how the language of architecture has been used “to evoke the natural beauty of Brickell’s urban waterfront environment.” A sweeping canopy arc, elegant porte cochère, and gardens brimming with lush Florida foliage further complement UNA’s bayfront position, says WAN — as do its three swimming pools.

‘Spike in Miami condo sales bodes well for new developments’ | South Florida Agent Magazine

UNA Residences is among the desirable Miami properties enjoying an upswing in sales, says South Florida Agent Magazine. The publication speaks to Vanessa Grout, CEO of OKO Real Estate — the team behind UNA: “South Florida has always been a great place to live, but it’s becoming more obvious to a lot of people,” says Grout. She cites a diverse culture, strong business community, and overall quality of life as a handful of the many reasons this area is becoming so popular. And the uptick in sales is only expected to increase, continues Grout: “Now that remote work has become so prolific and many people work from wherever they choose … we’re seeing buyers from cities like New York and Chicago, making the move to Miami.”

Blog: Una Residences: Meet the Team

Miami real estate is booming in 2021. With the city’s near-perfect weather, international vibes, and unsurpassed nightlife, it’s easy to see why buyers from all over the globe are flocking to the city to snatch up elegant homes in singular buildings. The Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences are a popular choice for these condo-seekers.

Cutting a singular silhouette on Biscayne Bay, this tower incorporates the organic lines of the nature surrounding it with sophisticated design and modern features that make these Brickell condos for sale so attractive to house hunters. From the moment they step into the lobby, they’re impressed by the yacht-like interiors and spectacular views of the water. These views become even more jaw-dropping once experienced from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the condos themselves or from the 10-foot-deep terraces.

Over the past year, sales at Una Residences have been brisk and are still going strong as 2021 progresses. Behind these sales are our world-class, on-site team of sales experts who have been invaluable to those looking to purchase these one-of-a-kind homes.

We’re excited to introduce some of our key sales members, who have the experience, keen eye, and deep insight into the Miami real estate market that make buying a home easy and, dare we say, fun for all involved. Let’s meet them now.

Kari Fernandez
For almost two decades, Kari has seen the ins and outs of the Miami real estate market. Her passion for new real estate developments is unparalleled, and her positive attitude helps her lead and facilitate the work of sales agents. As the VP of Development Sales at Fortune International, she’s deeply involved in Miami real estate, but she’s also committed to a multitude of charities, as she told Brickell Magazine: “Sharing is caring. When you share your knowledge, you’re sharing your wealth.”

Ena Espino Pereda
Ena loves Miami because she’s close to all the outdoor activities the city has to offer, like its lush parks and pristine beaches. As a painter and a real estate investor, she has a keen eye for beauty in architecture and design, as well as investment opportunities, which has led her to be involved in $2.5 billion in sales. Working with the Catena Group, she’s been able to show and sell properties like Una Residences to eager buyers.

Damian Silvi
With hundreds of millions of dollars in sales under his belt and a background with hospitality brands like the Ritz-Carlton, Damian Silvi knows luxury. Since 2008, this top-seller has been selling only the finest homes on the Miami market. Along with his partners at Catena Group, his main goal is to find you your dream home.

Feel free to reach out to any of the salespeople we’ve highlighted above or anyone on our sales team. We’re happy to match you with the perfect Downtown Miami condo right on the water at Una Residences.

Blog: Italian Style on the Miami Waterfront

After making their name around the world with designs for the Jeddah Tower and EXPO 2017, Chicago-based architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill have turned their attention stateside to create Una Residences on the shore of Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

The renowned architects delved into local and world history to find inspiration for these iconic luxury homes, which are currently under construction. Here are a few of the sources AS + GG tapped into when designing the new Brickell condos at Una Residences.

As with all of their projects, AS + GG’s first step was to look at the history of the building’s location. The waterfront site is located in Brickell, Miami’s “Park Avenue,” named after early city founders William and Mary Brickell and fronting Biscayne Bay with easy access to the city’s financial district as well as world-class shopping, dining, and cultural venues. Brickell was also the birthplace of the Miami highrise in the 1970s, providing AS + GG with a visual palette against which they could define their striking tower. The second source of inspiration was the Riva Yacht, a classic of Italian luxury watercraft that embodies Miami’s sun-soaked opulence. Founded in Italy in 1842, the Riva shipyard has turned out sleek, powerful boats for over 150 years, earning its stellar reputation with a line of luxury racing ships in the 1920s. Today, the Riva brand is legendary for its superb craftsmanship and timeless quality. AS + GG drew from Riva’s aesthetic of natural tones combined with the industrial chic of polished wood and steel when planning the interiors for Una Residences, resulting in warm spaces with cooling touches of chrome.

The 138 elegant homes at Una Residences will range in size from two to five bedrooms and feature layouts designed to maximize natural light and outdoor space. High ceilings, oversize windows, and deep balconies with glass railings create a living space flooded with sunlight, while effortless “lift-and-glide” floor-to-ceiling doors to the terraces remove the barrier between inside and out with the sweep of a hand. AS + GG took full advantage of the building’s location by placing the amenities at the podium level and installing the parking garage underground, preserving the ground floor for public access to the waterfront and the sweeping views from the building’s expansive lobby.

AS + GG’s vision of a graceful tower in Miami’s premiere Brickell neighborhood can be found everywhere in the design for Una Residences, from the building’s graceful silhouette to the choice of finish in each kitchen. So, head to the Una Residences website to see it all for yourself, and reserve one of these exclusive Miami waterfront homes today!

Spike in Miami condo sales bodes well for new developments

OKO Real Estate CEO Vanessa Grout is not surprised to see Americans from around the nation flocking to Miami. “South Florida has always been a great place to live,” Grout told South Florida Agent, which reports that sales at the forthcoming luxury condo buildings from OKO Group have skyrocketed in recent months. While Grout points out that “buyers are attracted by our lifestyle, diverse culture and business community—and overall quality of life,” she also stresses the benefits of Una Residences, the Brickell condos designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill going up on the waterfront. When complete, these striking homes will feature spacious interiors that blend with private terraces to maximize Miami’s iconic indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Domestic Buyers Lead $74M Surge in Sales of Miami’s Missoni Baia, Una Residences Towers

Globe Street reports that domestic buyers are flocking to South Florida, sending sales of the Brickell condos at Una Residences skyrocketing. Miami’s balmy weather and low taxes have turned South Florida into a global gateway for business, tourism, and travel, and the city has become a hot spot for domestic migration during the pandemic. When complete, homes at the Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill-designed Una Residences tower will represent the pinnacle of Miami living, complete with airy interiors, spacious private terraces, and panoramic city and ocean views from every residence, all within convenient distance of the city’s booming Downtown and business districts.

Domestic Buyers Lead $74M Surge in Sales of Miami’s Missoni Baia, Una Residences Towers

Even as construction on the building’s record-breaking parking garage progresses beneath the waterfront, sales at the Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences have skyrocketed. Between the pandemic, the recent changes in Florida’s tax code, and the always-sunny weather, OKO Group CEO Vanessa Grout says more domestic buyers are seeing the value of the South Florida lifestyle. “The surge in sales reaffirms our belief in the region as a critical global gateway for business, travel and tourism, and residential living,” says Grout. The tower, designed by renowned architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, will feature 135 luxury residences when complete, and residents will have access to the building’s suite of resort-style amenities, including a private marina.

Why Vlad Doronin and Jonathan Goldstein are betting billions on Miami

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck America last year, construction had already begun at the waterfront site where Una Residences will soon stand. But developer Vladislav Doronin, CEO of OKO Group, who has lived in South Florida for several years, never lost faith in the city or the project. Now, months after the real estate market rubber-banded back to life, Doronin describes sales at his Brickell waterfront condos as “on fire,” with buyers itching to secure a spot in the Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill-designed tower. When complete, residents of the 135 exclusive Brickell homes will enjoy access to a suite of luxury amenities inspired by Doronin’s Aman brand as well as a private marina and a waterproof underground parking garage.

Sales of ultra-luxury condos are soaring. What does that mean for the rest of Miami?

The Miami Herald reports that luxury condo sales in South Florida were up in December and January which is yet another sign of the city’s boom. Thanks to the state’s low tax burden and the trend toward working from home, many Northeasterners are looking to relocate to a home like those going up at Una Residences. Located on the Biscayne Bay waterfront, these Brickell condos will feature stylish interiors, decked out in high-end finishes, with sweeping ocean and Downtown Miami views, perfect for setting up a home office. With stock moving quickly, prospective buyers are encouraged to reach out today to inquire about availability at this exclusive building.

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture’s yacht inspired tower rises in Miami

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture’s latest contribution to the world of high-rise design is going up on the shores of Biscayne Bay. Dubbed “Una Residences,” the design for this 47-story tower was inspired by the flowing lines and opulent materials of classic yachts, which architects Smith and Gill translated into a facade wrapped in ribbon-like curves of metal and glass and an interior rich with lacquered wood and stainless-steel connections. These Miami waterfront condos will feature sweeping Atlantic and Downtown views from private, extra-wide terraces and spacious great rooms, and residents will enjoy access to a resort-style suite of luxury amenities, including three swimming pools, all set against the breathtaking waterfront backdrop.

Blog: Launch a New Activity Near Una Residences

With the start of a new year, now may be the perfect time and opportunity than ever to pick up a new hobby or revive an old passion, especially if you’re looking for an excuse to explore the great outdoors and get the heart rate going. Residents of the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences are fortunate to live steps from the water and recreational hotspots that make the pursuit of fun all the more convenient.

Of course, Una residents can take advantage of their proximity to Biscayne Bay each day just by savoring the sparkling water views through their floor-to-ceiling windows. However, to literally get your feet wet, a visit to the beaches of Key Biscayne is in order. Grab a kayak, windsurf board, paddleboard, or a catamaran for an afternoon of zipping (or serenely paddling) across the water. Or, you can bring along a four-legged friend for a jog or Frisbee toss along the shore, while enjoying the sight and sound of lapping waves.

If you are ready to commit to your new hobby and achieve serious amateur status before summer approaches, it’s time to invest in your own sporting equipment. There’s no better destination in Miami for professional-grade gear than Adventure Sports USA, which carries a dizzying array of top-of-the-line surfboards, equipment for kitesurfing and sailing, along with kayaks, foil boards, paddles, men’s and women’s waterwear, and much more. Adventure Sports even carries e-wheel options (electric-powered skateboards, scooters, etc.) to get you to the bay, or around the city, in style.

Finally, if you’re more inclined to stick to dry land, Bayfront Park is only minutes away from Una Residences. At the moment, this recreational mecca is open for running, walking, and simply getting a bit of fresh air — while masked and socially distanced. offers regular yoga classes for staying toned, stretched, and keeping stress in check. The Lee & Tina Hills Playground is available for family-friendly fun with its very own play sculpture featuring a showcase of South Florida marine life. For an adrenaline-spiking experience, the on-site flying trapeze school can give you an opportunity to flip, catch, and literally soar (with a safety harness and net, of course).

Whichever hobby you decide to take up, residents of the waterfront condos at Una Residences can always retreat home for the perennial comforts of home.

Una Residences is currently offering ​virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Una Residences in the News

2020 was a momentous year for Una Residences. Construction for these unique Brickell condos commenced, as did the development of the building’s (literally) groundbreaking subterranean garage. In fact, we made the headlines a few times — here are three articles we were featured in.

‘Miami’s yacht-inspired Una Residences begins construction’ | Building Design + Construction

In October, Adrian Smith — design partner at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture — explained his maritime muse for Una Residences, as construction of the 135 condominiums began. “We drew inspiration from the elegant shape and opulent materials used in classic yacht design,” Smith told Building Design + Construction — citing specifically the Riva, an Italian-made yacht.

Una Residences is Miami’s first waterfront residential tower in over 10 years, providing extra impetus to create something special. “Una’s subtly undulating surface and strong silhouette stands proud at the water’s edge,” explained Smith, citing the building’s oneness with the water (and the sailing vessels) it overlooks.

The theme of water is apparent elsewhere, continues Building Design + Construction, with not one — but three — swimming pools.

‘Una Residences to feature Miami’s deepest parking garage’ | South Florida Business & Wealth (SFBW)

Parking garages don’t make the news very often, but the “hidden” garage project at Una Residences is altogether pioneering — as reflected by the press coverage it has received. In November, SFBW reported on the plans, which involve a submerged car park that stretches three stories below sea level and provides 100,000 square feet of parking facilities for residents.

Ahmet Oktay Cini, chief operating officer of OKO Group — which is heading construction — told SFBW about his previous experience, citing a six-level garage in Moscow built 72 feet deep, adjacent to the Moscow River. For Una Residences, said Cini, “We envisioned a similar urban-style, efficient tower that would maximize as much space as possible for the use of residents and showcase the site’s waterfront views.”

In order to prevent flooding, SFBW also reported, a “giant waterproof ‘bathtub’” has been created, using a state-of-the-art, 10-foot high-torque drill. Clever stuff indeed.

‘It’s Only Just Begun: Miami’s $25 Million Underground Parking Garage’ | For Construction Pros

SFBW wasn’t the only publication to pick up on the momentous project at Una Residences. For Construction Pros led with the $25 million cost, underscoring that this is “the deepest, most expensive underground parking garage ever built in Miami.” Listed among the expenses for this first-of-its-kind garage are 130 to 150 workers, 50,520 cubic yards of concrete, 8,960 tons of rebar, and 1,693 tons of structural steel. The specialist publication marveled at the concept of the capacious, yet secreted, car parking amenities so close to the bay.

The piece also noted that OKO Group is the right developer for the job. OKO CEO Vladislav Doronin was lauded for his “peerless track record in constructing more than 75 million square feet of world-class commercial, retail, and luxury residential space” as well as possessing “a passion for working with the very best architects and designers in the world.” In the case of Una Residences, that architectural firm is AS+GG — praised in the same article as “world-renowned.”

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The Big Dig

While OKO Group’s Una Residences tower won’t stand tall over the shores of Biscayne Bay until 2023, crucial construction below ground is already underway. In order to achieve architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill’s vision of a proud tower rising directly from the waterfront and featuring sweeping bay views from its double-height lobby as well as ground-floor recreational amenities, the developer had to commission a one-of-a-kind waterproof parking garage. Currently under construction, the garage will reach nearly 50 feet below sea level and will store 236 vehicles.

Sales Gallery Highlight at Una Residences

2020 is in the rearview mirror, and with 2021 well underway, you can rest assured that the team at Una Residences adapted quickly and has since been working tirelessly to showcase the sun-soaked glamour of the Brickell waterfront’s newest residential tower. They have created safe ways to meet the needs of our staff and to acquaint our clients and soon-to-be residents with the amenities, layouts, and elevated Florida living they’ll find in the luxury residences at Una.

Let’s take a look at what Una Residences was up to during 2020:

The Cost of Living | New York vs. Florida During freezing winters in the North, every New Yorker longs for the warmth, comfort, and sophistication of Miami. However, there’s more to Florida than poolside margaritas and year-round sunshine. Florida has one thing that is music to every New Yorker’s ears — tax incentives. Have a listen to team members from Una Residences, along with Robert Moore and Ceci Hassan from law firm Baker McKenzie, talking about the financial benefits of the Sunshine State. They’ll take you step by step through the facts and dig deep into how you can make the most of your money by investing in real estate in Florida.

Marc Cerone | Virtual Panel At Una Residences, the details in the design are breathtaking — from the undulations of the “organic flowing” exterior to the Riva-yacht-inspired interiors. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the firm behind the Burj Khalifa, helmed both the architecture and the interior design of Una. They took inspiration from the building’s singular location on the shore of Biscayne Bay with nods to nautical accoutrements, like gracefully curving polished wood and elegant metal accents. Let’s not forget about the floor-to-ceiling windows and the jaw-dropping views. One of the brilliant minds from AS+GG, director of interiors group Marc Cerone joined Una Residences for this virtual conversation that ranges from his life and career to a detailed account of what it takes to create the ultimate home for those who require convenience, modern touches, and, of course, beauty.

OKO Group + Enea Garden Design | Virtual Panel Speaking of beauty, the stunning features aren’t confined to the indoor spaces. The design details extend to the verdant exteriors, thanks to legendary landscaping firm Enea Landscape Architecture. At Una, lush gardens full of native plants and trees offer a cool respite from the sun, whether after a long day of shopping at Brickell City Center or an afternoon spent lounging by one of the several pools. Together with the OKO Group, members of Enea discuss the creative process of both Una Residences and Missoni Baia. The group also touches on how residents can indulge in self-care and how wellness can be a consideration in design.

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Miami: Construyen el mayor estacionamiento subterráneo

Diario Las Américas featured a detailed article about the record-breaking underground garage at Una Residences, which is currently under construction in Miami’s hip Brickell neighborhood. According to an interview with Ahmet Oktay Cini, the Chief Operating Officer at OKO Group, which is developing Una Residences, the 236-car garage had to be hidden underground to allow the visionary double-height lobby to open directly onto the Biscayne Bay waterfront. Even now, crews are busy mixing soil with concrete to create a massive watertight cube that will eventually be hollowed out and built into the garage. Then construction will begin on the sculptural tower itself, which will rise to 47 stories and be home to 135 spacious Miami waterfront condos.

These Are The 21 New Miami Towers That Will Be Under Construction In 2021

Una Residences made The Nexi Miami’s roundup of the 21 tallest towers going vertical in the booming Florida city. When complete, this elegant collection of waterfront Brickell condos will stand 46 stories tall and feature a tapering facade that evokes a ship’s prow cutting through the waves of Biscayne Bay. The tower is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the firm behind iconic skyscrapers around the world, and will feature spacious homes with sweeping Atlantic Ocean and Downtown Miami views as well as residential amenities centered around the tower’s breathtaking waterfront location, including a private marina and multiple swimming pools.

Blog: Start Off the New Year

The weather outside may be frightful—but only for those who have to shiver and brave the frigid winters up north. Down here on the idyllic Brickell Waterfront, owners of the new luxury residences at Una are taking full advantage of endless opportunities for sunbathing and lounging poolside. There’s no better resolution for the new year than to spend time replenishing your intake of Vitamin D with a little help from the exclusive amenities at Una Residences, tailor-made to make the most of Miami’s picturesque weather.

The capacious third floor terrace is the ultra-luxe spot for a healthy dose of relaxation and recreation. Enjoy the views of the lapping waves on the Biscayne Bay and Una’s exclusive boat slips. Or meander under the expertly landscaped palm trees and foliage that provide a canopy of shade and lush, green privacy pods.

There’s plenty of open space as well for lounging, catching up on the latest bestseller, or working a winter tan, by one of the terrace’s three pools – the bayfront pool, lap pool and family pool. The sun reflecting against the glistening water is also the perfect backdrop for whipping up a meal for family and friends in one of the designated grilling areas, or grabbing a drink and entertaining at the outdoor bar.

The perks at the Una Residences extend beyond the amenities terrace to the Grand Bay Club on Key Biscayne. Residents enjoy exclusive access to the private beachfront club, with a suite of amenities—from towel service to a menu of fine cuisine, snacks, and freshly mixed drinks served poolside. Take a dip in the beach, warm your toes in the sand, and enjoy the start of a new year with a steady stream of Miami sun.

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Kari Fernandez Profile

Brickell Magazine caught up with Kari Fernandez, Fortune Development Group VP of Sales for a pair of new OKO Group properties going up along the shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami, for the magazine’s Powersuits in Paradise feature. “My favorite part of the business is being able to interact with our teams,” said Fernandez, who has sold preconstructed developments in Downtown Miami for nearly two decades. “I enjoy being able to understand their strengths and needs and effectively provide them with the tools they need.” With a portfolio full of properties like Una Residences, the forthcoming collection of waterfront Brickell condos from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Fernandez finds it easy to give her all each and every day.

Blog: Cozy Nights at Una Residences

No doubt about it: Winter has arrived in the USA. But while most of the country is bundling up and hunkering down for the low temps, lucky residents of Miami get to enjoy near-perfect weather — warm, sunny days and deliciously cool evenings. There’s no better place to enjoy these evenings than the luxury downtown condos at Una Residences. Get a breath of fresh sea air out on the terrace, or relax with a drink in your well-appointed living room while marvelling at dramatic sunset views of Biscayne Bay through floor-to-ceiling windows. The Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences are the perfect place to up the cozy quotient in a way only Floridians can. And nearby, you’ll find myriad ways to indulge in tasty treats, decor, and soul-warming cuisine.

Here are some of our favorite ways to get cozy in Miami at Una Residences.

Give in to Your Sweet Tooth

One of the great delights of this time of year — or any time of year, for that matter — is chocolate. Nibbling on a bonbon or sipping a piping-hot mug of cocoa is a direct avenue to sheer bliss. Take your chocolate-tasting experience to the next level when you visit the Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami. This is no mere candy store; it’s a cathedral of cacao owned by two sisters who are devoted to purveying only the finest and best-sourced chocolate. It is, after all, consistently ranked as one of the best chocolate shops in the nation. Many of Garcia Nevett’s chocolates, like those in their Flavors of Florida assortments, include South Florida-inspired ingredients, such as vanilla, rum, honey, citrus, and, of course, sea salt. For extra-special occasions, be sure to order one of their mouthwatering chocolate cakes.

Add a Little Sparkle to the Season

Whether you’re looking for a hint of holiday cheer or want to completely revamp your furnishings, the vaunted department store Aliss is the place to shop when you are searching for something a cut above in terms of style and quality. Pick up some seasonally themed table settings replete with wintry designs. Or perhaps a piece of decor like sparkly faux trees will create just the right mood. If you really want to impress guests this year, take a look at the store’s collection of modern furniture designs that will perfectly complement the sweeping lines and layout of your home at Una Residences.

A Winter Feast

There are still a few months before you have to be in “beach ready” shape, so take this time to feast on whatever your heart desires. We recommend Fi'lia, whether you order takeout or are dining in. This Brickell mainstay offers delectable Italian fare in a sleek, modern setting. Keep it healthy with a light yet tasty shrimp salad, or go over the top with a comforting portion of chicken parmesan smothered in a tart tomato sauce and blanketed with creamy, fresh mozzarella.

However you choose to spend your evenings this season, there’s no better way to wind the night down than to curl up under a cashmere blanket with a glass of wine, and take in the stunning views from the comfort of your luxury condo at Una Residences.

Una Residences, Miami, Florida

For the first time in over a decade, a new waterfront residential tower is going up on the shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. Dubbed “Una Residences,” this sleek tower is being developed by OKO Group and Cain International, with design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, who took inspiration from classic yacht design when creating the building’s shape and selecting materials. The resulting Brickell condos will be decked out in lacquered wood and stainless steel and look out over the sweeping vistas of Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami, while residents will have convenient access to the building’s suite of luxury amenities, including a private marina so they can store their own watercraft close to home.

Blog: Parking Beneath the Beach at Una Residences

When creating the eye-popping design for the waterfront condos at Una Residences, architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill envisioned a grand entrance lobby that framed the sweeping view of Biscayne Bay with its double-height windows. Nearby, a resort-style pool would provide residents with a relaxing bayside amenity, making them the envy of every other Brickell resident. The only problem was figuring out just where the architects could hide the building’s three-story parking garage. In residential buildings in South Florida, the garage would normally form the building’s podium. This would elevate the lobby and pool at Una above the water level — depriving residents of intimate waterfront views.

Work on this solution began in November. The general contractor for Una Residences is collaborating with specialty subcontractor Keller to embark on a massive engineering project that will create a unique three-story parking garage beneath the forthcoming tower, providing residents with watertight storage space for their vehicles hidden below the sand and surf.

The construction process sounds more like an experimental science project than a feat of civilian engineering. The first step involved drilling 800 holes, each 50 feet deep, and then filling them with cement and water to create an interlocking series of pillars that together form a massive underground cube — a cube that will eventually be hollowed out to create the garage. By changing the composition of the soil, construction crews are creating the equivalent of a giant waterproof “bathtub” that will protect the garage and the building’s foundation from groundwater.

By early next year, crews will be drilling 135-foot-deep piles to support the garage and tower. Then, they will excavate the loose-mix soil inside the concrete tub to reveal the new, watertight underground form that will ultimately be the garage, and begin the process of constructing and pouring the foundation for the tower itself. After that, construction should progress fairly quickly, with crews adding a floor a week until the tower tops out in late 2022.

The result will be a striking new addition to Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. The tower’s silhouette bows out like the prow of a ship, while its facade flows like water around the sleek hull of a yacht. Inside, the spacious Brickell condos will range in size from two to five bedrooms and feature unobstructed Miami skyline and ocean views. And residents will enjoy access to a suite of resort-caliber amenities, including the aforementioned waterfront pool, an Aman Resorts-inspired spa and steam room, and a private marina right in front of the tower.

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Holiday Shopping Near Una Residences

Ready or not, the holiday season is here. And now is the time to start planning your shopping. But there’s good news: You will find scores of stores and boutiques, packed with luxury gift ideas, at Brickell City Centre — just a 10-minute walk from the condos at Una Residences. Let’s get shopping.


For the VIP in your life, a genuine Rolex watch is a tough gift to beat. Kirk Jewelers is the official purveyor of Rolex in downtown Miami; call in and let their specialists guide you through their roster of Swiss-made timepieces. For the special man in your life, consider the Datejust 41 — its oystersteel and yellow gold finish make it a remarkable piece of jewelry. And who wouldn’t be happy to unwrap a Datejust 31 — crafted with white gold and diamonds — on Christmas Day?

Nest Casa

Looking to make your Una Residences condo into a cozy and elegant nest? Treat yourself to some home improvements everyone can enjoy, courtesy of Nest Casa — a veritable wonderland of interior designs. Kit out your living room with a Livio de Simone Fuochi fabric armchair. Deck your dinner table with a set of JL Coquet Hemisphere dinner plates. And turn the atmosphere sweet with Nest Casa’s limited-edition Miami Candle, with aromas of ylang-ylang, musk, and sandalwood.

Cole Haan

If you know your intended recipient’s shoe size, you’re guaranteed to find them a wonderful present at Cole Haan. The luxury shoe retailer has a cornucopia of dress shoes, boots, and loafers available. For men, the Jefferson Grand 2.0 wingtip Oxfords are a gift that will be used long after the holidays have ended. The Zerøgrand Hawaii Sunset sandals for women, meanwhile, are ideal for making a colorful statement on waterfront wanders. You’ll also find stocking-fillers in the form of Cole Haan’s elegant leather wallets.


Perfume is another gift that keeps on giving, and Chanel is the last word in fancy fragrances. Visit Brickell City Centre’s Chanel Fragrance and Beauté boutique to find a sweet haven of exquisite perfumes. From the classic Chanel No. 5, to the brand-new Gabrielle Chanel Essence eau de parfum, brimming with jasmine and orange blossom, you’ll easily sniff out the right scent for your giftee.

Nini & Loli

Have some stylish youngsters in your life? Nini & Loli is one of the premier places in downtown Miami to find a suitable gift for them. For babies and toddlers, peruse muslin swaddle blankets in an array of pretty patterns (including avocados!), and cute wooden toys like the Grimm’s 12-piece rainbow. Older kids are catered for with the likes of mini guitars and ride-on electric Range Rovers.

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Una Residences Thanksgiving Roundup

In the mood for a tasty Thanksgiving dinner, but not in the mood to make it? Una Residences is surrounded by excellent restaurants that can lay on tantalizing, festive feasts — some traditional, others with an inspired spin.

The Rusty Pelican

Set in beautiful Key Biscayne, The Rusty Pelican offers a spectacular waterfront location that makes it a wonderful place to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner — or in this case, Thanksgiving brunch. A festive platter of chilled seafood and smashed avocado tartine is followed by a mouthwatering series of mains — select from crab cake Benedict, chicken and waffles, or the wild mushroom pappardelle. Traditionalists needn’t worry: salt-roasted turkey in a shallot and dijon gravy is also on the menu, served with all the trimmings, naturally. Seeing as you’re celebrating, it’d be rude not to sample a Rusty Pelican cocktail; we recommend The Bay Blossom, mixed with vodka, elderflower liqueur, and homemade ginger syrup. They’re dishing this feast up on Thanksgiving Day only, so be sure to make a reservation.


The Brickell branch of Argentine restaurant Novecento is once again treating dinner guests to a special Thanksgiving menu. Traditional slow-roasted turkey breast gets a twist here, paired with a zingy passionfruit sauce — plus, there are sides of scallion-studded mashed potato and grilled asparagus with parmesan. The usual pumpkin pie is switched out for a spicy strudel, crammed with cranberries, raisins, and cinnamon. If you’d prefer to impress guests at your waterfront condo, Novecento is also offering a Thanksgiving menu for six, delivered to your door. Maravilloso!

Malibu Farm Miami Beach

Enjoy all the satisfaction of putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table — but without all the rigmarole of cooking it — thanks to Malibu Farm Miami Beach’s pickup option. From now until Nov. 29, you can choose herb-roasted turkey with pumpkin bisque, or honey-pineapple-glazed holiday ham. Both options come with festive fixings and serve six to 10 guests — all that’s left for you to do is to set the table in your condo living room, and crack open a bottle of fizz. On the day itself, Malibu Farm Miami Beach is also offering an eat-in Thanksgiving feast.

Bourbon Steak Miami by Michael Mina

Fancy switching your bird for beef? Bourbon Steak’s Thanksgiving menu features — you guessed it — steak. Lots of it, too: choose from filet mignon, New York strip, Reuben-style short rib, and skirt steak, among others. (You can also plump for wood-grilled turkey with cider-glazed yams and black truffle gravy.) There’s pumpkin pie or cranberry cheesecake mousse to follow, and — given the name of the restaurant and the occasion — there’s only one drink to round off the evening: a Wild Turkey Rare Breed bourbon. Happy holidays!

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Construction Underway for Miami’s Most Expensive, Deepest Underground Garage

Details are emerging about the construction process for the underground garage at Una Residences in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. When complete, this three-story garage will be Miami’s deepest parking structure, a necessity due to the tower’s prime location right on the Biscayne Bay waterfront. The general contractor has enlisted specialty subcontractor Keller International to help build the garage, a process that involves drilling 800 holes and filling them with concrete and water to change the soil mixture before hollowing out the resulting cube to create a watertight “bathtub.” Only once the garage is complete will vertical construction on this sleek collection of Brickell condos begin, with an expected delivery date in 2023.

Una Residences to Feature Miami’s Deepest Parking Garage

When Una Residences is complete in 2023, the 579-foot-tall tower will rise on the shores of Biscayne Bay from a narrow base that bows out like the prow of a ship. While most condo towers rest atop a parking podium, OKO Group, the developer behind this collection of Brickell condos, is digging 50 feet below to construct Miami’s deepest parking garage, a watertight, three-story structure that will be “hidden” beneath the sleek Una Residences tower. This subterranean feature will require crews to change the composition of the soil to create a massive watertight “bathtub” before pouring the foundation and installing the columns that will hold up not only the garage but the building above.

The Development of Miami’s Most Expensive and Deepest Underground Parking Garage Is Underway

OKO Group is tapping into its experience with subterranean waterfront construction to bring the new garage beneath Una Residences to life. The firm, which oversaw construction of a 72-foot-deep garage alongside the Moscow River, took the parking structure underground in order to avoid saddling the building with a visible parking podium, preserving architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill’s sleek silhouette design. When complete next year, the three-story garage will be Miami’s most expensive and deepest underground parking structure, a feat made more impressive by its waterfront location. The garage will also serve as the base for the sleek 57-story Una Residences tower, which will stand nearly 600 feet tall and provide residents of its luxury Brickell condos with panoramic Biscayne Bay views when it is complete in 2023.

Miami’s Most Expensive, Deepest Underground Garage Now Underway At The 47-Story Una Residences In Brickell

Contractor Civic Construction is hard at work digging deep below Miami’s Brickell neighborhood as part of the massive construction project that is Una Residences. This forthcoming collection of luxury Brickell condos will sit atop Miami’s deepest subterranean parking garage, which will delve 50 feet below sea level and hold 236 cars. Construction of the garage as a watertight underground box will take a few stages, the first of which involves a deep-soil-mixing process that will essentially create a giant waterproof “bathtub” inside of which the rest of the garage will be built. Then, when the garage is complete, the tower will begin to go vertical, with an expected completion date in 2023.

It’s Only Just Begun: Miami’s $25 Million Underground Parking Garage

Una Residences began with a singular vision of a sleek waterfront tower overlooking the waters of Biscayne Bay, but construction on the collection of Brickell condos is beginning 50 feet below sea level with the building’s record-breaking parking garage. When complete, this three-story subterranean structure will hold 236 cars in a watertight “bathtub” that is being painstakingly constructed via a sophisticated process that involves pumping concrete into hundreds of holes, changing the soil composition to create a watertight seal around the garage. When completed late next year, the garage will serve as the base of the tower itself, which is projected to rise about a story a week before topping off in 2022.

Luxury Yacht-Inspired Tower in Miami Makes Progress

Una Residences, the new collection of Brickell condos for sale from OKO Group, is combining two things Miamians love: waterfront living and luxury watercraft. The tower, which is slated for completion in 2023, is being designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, famous for supertall and uniquely shaped buildings around the world, and AS+GG is delivering once again on the shores of Biscayne Bay. “We drew inspiration from the elegant shape and opulent materials used in classic yacht design,” said Adrian Smith, whose firm produced a silhouette that bows out like the front of a ship and interiors that will be decked out in the lacquered wood and stainless-steel features found on wooden yachts.

Blog: Things to Do on a Rainy Weekend at Una Residences

Even in sunny Miami, Florida, a little rain falls every now and then. When blue skies turn gray, there’s no better place to be than in the luxurious Downtown apartments of Una Residences right on the Bay. Here in these Miami waterfront homes, you can turn a stormy weekend into one of tranquility and relaxation as you take advantage of Una Residences’ stellar amenities and singular location.

So, while you might not be sunning on the beach, or lounging in the lush Enzo Enea-designed gardens, or sipping a drink with the family by one of the many pools, there is still plenty to do.

Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of Miami weekends and take a spa day without ever leaving home. Catch up on your workouts on calorie-burning cardio machines in Una Residences’ state-of-the-art gym. A drizzly weekend means there is lots of time to get a few more reps than usual at the weights station or to really stretch and breathe in the on-site yoga studio. Don’t forget to finish any workout with a visit to the steam and sauna rooms, where tense muscles and any worries of the day you might have will almost literally melt away in the ultra-soothing and warm atmosphere.

Who knows? You might be inspired by the spa-like surroundings and book yourself a treatment at a nearby spa. Exhale envelopes every guest in a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere. You’ll feel your shoulders ease up from the moment you step inside. While there, your every need will be attended to, from facials to waxing. The massage menu at Exhale is extensive, utilizing methods from around the globe to ease your muscles and your mindset, whether you’re in for an intense sports massage or a gentle prenatal stretch. Book an appointment now and truly exhale.

Another spot spa-ready Miamians frequent is The Standard Hotel. They are known for their head-to-toe treatments, whether an intense body scrub or a lifting facial. Just keep in mind that their normal spa amenities have been temporarily relocated to the “private Spa Suites and Mud Lounge” during renovations.

A day of utter relaxation can work up an appetite. But you’ll have the best seat in the house if you order in and eat at home. Here’s how: choose mouthwatering, fresh sushi from Obba Sushi. Put your take-out onto proper plates and take in the Bay views through floor-to-ceiling windows, safe from the elements. Don’t forget: a rainy weekend in Miami also requires a few libations and perhaps a movie with friends in Una Residences’ private screening room.

With all of the enjoyment you’ll have during a weekend at Una Residences, you’ll almost wish the Miami weather wasn’t as gorgeous as it typically is—almost.

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Missoni Baia Continues to Rise as Una Residences Breaks Ground

As Architect Magazine, New Atlas, and Construction Review Online have recently noted, construction is in process at Una Residences, the second Miami residential project from renowned developer OKO Group. Meanwhile, construction on Missoni Baia, the other OKO initiative that’s going vertical along Miami’s waterfront, is now more than half complete, and the developer expects to deliver the first of its 249 Edgewater condos in 2022. Missoni Baia is being designed by Asymptote Architecture and designer Paris Forino with oversight by the Missoni family, and the result will be a Missoni runway show brought to life. Residents of these luxury waterfront condos will enjoy chic, minimalist interiors and access to a suite of resort-style amenities, including a colorful pool deck, multiple pools, and one of the city’s largest private spas.

Miami’s yacht-inspired UNA Residences Begins Construction

Construction has begun at Una Residences, the yacht-inspired collection of Brickell condos on the Biscayne Bay waterfront from renowned architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill. When complete in 2023, the first waterfront project in the neighborhood in over a decade will stand 47 stories tall and feature 135 luxury residences with private elevator access, private terraces, and panoramic Miami and Atlantic Ocean views. The building’s interiors are clad with materials like lacquered wood and stainless steel, nods to the iconic Italian Riva yacht, while its silhouette tapers near the base to suggest a ship’s prow breaking through waves. Residents will have access to a suite of resort-style amenities, including multiple pools, a fully equipped spa, and a private theater.

Blog: Discover Brickell’s History

Have you ever wondered how Brickell got its name? Or imagined what the area looked like a hundred years ago? Let’s travel back in time to the founding of this downtown Miami district — long before Una Residences was here — and see how it evolved over the years to become one of the most coveted spots in the city.

Brickell Is Born

William and Mary Brickell would barely recognize the modern-day Miami they helped found. When the homesteading family arrived here back in 1871 — to claim the land they’d purchased that stretched from today’s Brickell south to Coconut Grove — it was dense with foliage. It was also close to land that is still occupied by the Miccosukee Tribe and the Seminole Tribe — Native Americans with whom the Brickells traded. But it wasn’t long before the Brickells were making their mark with a building project that would change the area forever.

Millionaire’s Row

The Brickells were hardly alien to upmarket housing. When William had worked as an aide to President Abraham Lincoln, he’d lived for a while with Mary in the White House. After the couple bargained to have a new railroad run all the way to Miami — making the area infinitely more valuable —the Brickells began building luxury mansions with grand, colonial architecture and palm-studded gardens sweeping down to the waterfront. Celebrities of the day, such as Louis Comfort Tiffany, made this “Millionaire’s Row” their home, and the area was firmly on the map.

Brickell Burgeons

Not many of Brickell’s early-20th century mansions survive. From the 1970s, they were gradually replaced with new towers and apartment buildings. And a commercial boom in the early ‘80s led to the construction of many of the waterfront office towers we know today. A second building boom — this one focused on condos and apartments — arrived in the 2010s, cementing Brickell’s reputation as a diverse and highly desirable district. Today, it is also one of the largest financial districts in the United States.

Modern Miami

One of the latest condominiums to grace the Brickell waterfront is Una Residences — a graceful, curvaceous building that melts into the Miami skyline, yet is instantly recognizable. Like those mansions of a century ago, comfort and style is at the forefront. Una residents can luxuriate in vast living quarters with striking bayfront views, take a dip in multiple private pools, and sip cocktails in armchairs in the Owners’ Lounge. And when you get the chance, remember to thank the pair who made Brickell a reality: the Brickell Mausoleum at Mary Brickell Park is just a short drive away.

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Una Residences: Bringing Wellness Into Your Life

In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s important to maintain a healthy body and mind. The team at Una Residences uses a range of wellness techniques to stay centered, and in this post, we’ll pass along some helpful fitness tips to future residents of these Brickell condos. So, whether you’re eager to plumb the depths of the human mind or are just looking for a healthy meal you can make at home, we’ve got you covered.

Yale University psychology professor Laurie Santos is leading a wellness revolution by bringing the scientific tools of her trade to bear. Future residents of the Miami waterfront homes at Una Residences can sign up for her class The Science of Well-Being on the online learning portal Coursera. Using psychological research, Santos has combined the academic and the practical to create a series of lessons that help students break harmful thought patterns and incorporate wellness activities into their lives, all with the goal of living a happier life. But don’t take our word for it: Nearly 3 million students have signed up for this class through Coursera, making Santos something of a happiness guru.

Future residents of these Miami Brickell condos who love listening to podcasts should check out the New York Times’ list of “7 Podcasts for a Healthier Mind and Body,” which recommends everything from a program on motivational running to a deeply researched examination of our healthcare system. Tune in to the “Mental Illness Happy Hour,” hosted by comic Paul Gilmartin, for a wry examination of the personal traumas experienced by various comedians. Or, try “The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous” to hear nutritionist Monica Reinagel’s thoughts on subjects ranging from nondairy milk alternatives to the health impacts of various diets.

When complete, the homes at Una Residences will feature spacious kitchens decked out in luxurious finishes and equipped with state-of-the-art appliances. Soon-to-be residents already fantasizing about their future kitchens should head to’s list of “81 Healthy Dinners You’ll Actually Look Forward to Eating” and try their hand at some of the dishes there. New takes on Miami seafood classics like blackened tilapia and honey garlic glazed salmon are sure to be hits, while healthy spins on gluten-free pasta and lasagna are sure to keep amateur chefs busy (and full).

Living in Miami brings its own form of wellness, thanks to refreshing sea breezes, year-round sunshine, and miles of pristine coastline. Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: A Luxurious Beach Day at Una Residences

What’s the best part of living in the Brickell condos at Una Residences? Is it the ultraluxe design, the superior amenities, or the jaw-dropping homes that blend indoor and outdoor living flawlessly? While life in these singular homes along the waterfront offers lots of perks, perhaps the most significant advantage is the chance to make any and every day a beach day.

And residents of these downtown Miami condos have the added pleasure of exclusive access to one of the city’s most sought-after beach clubs, the Grand Bay Club — just a 15-minute drive from Una Residences. You and your family and friends will be transported to a sandy paradise where an elegant setting meets graceful Floridian hospitality, giving you an experience available only to a select few.

It all starts the moment you hand your keys over to the valet and make your way into the Grand Bay Club. It’s a sanctuary where luxurious Miami living is elevated to an art form, thanks to the sophisticated design and meticulous attention to five-star service. Direct beach access means you could be slathering on the Anthelios sunscreen and firing up your Kindle out on the sand in just minutes. Use the complimentary towel, chair, and umbrella service to make your beach day even more convenient and comfortable. Or, take your outing to the next level by renting an oceanfront cabana. These exceptional retreats offer showers, restrooms, and even housekeeping services.

If you’ve had enough of the beach, or simply prefer soaking in less salty waters, make your way to Grand Bay Club’s sundeck and pool, where you can sunbathe or take a dip in the Jacuzzi. The pool is heated year-round and, yes, the towel, chair, and umbrella service is available in the pool area, too.

Chat with friends and family over a relaxed poolside nibble or drink. And if you want a more substantial meal, look no further than the Clubhouse Restaurant, where mouthwatering cuisine is served in a chic atmosphere.

Feel like burning off the calories from that delicious meal? With your membership to the Grand Bay Club, you have access to the state-of-the-art health and fitness center, where you can get in some pre- or post-swim cardio and strength training. Afterward, you can relax your muscles in the steam room or sauna.

For the perfect finish to your day at the beach, wind down at the bar lounge or tiki bar at Grand Bay Club. There’s nothing like watching the sun set over Biscayne Bay and knowing that when you live in the singular Brickell Miami condos at Una Residences, you can experience this spectacular sight anytime you wish — whether from your private terrace or in the idyllic surroundings of the Grand Bay Club. Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Bahamas Islands to Dock in This Summer

Craving the mood and flavor of the Caribbean this summer? The Bahamas’ Bimini Islands lie just 50 miles off the Miami coast — making this resort paradise a quick and easy sail. The Bahamas is also taking all the necessary precautions to ensure visitors have a safe stay. With sunglasses and sunscreen at the ready, it’s time to set a course for the perfect summer getaway.

Exploring the Islands by Day

There’s plenty to do on the westernmost strip of the islands. Grab a tasty lunch from the Stuart Conch Salad Stand, and relax on the beach with an Ernest Hemingway novel. (The writer had close ties to Bimini and its thriving fishing culture.) Take a boat ride to East Bimini to visit the mystical “Healing Hole” hidden away in the mangroves of Bonefish Creek. Those who swim in its waters swear by their healing properties. While here, you’ll see a bust of Martin Luther King Jr., who visited the island in 1964 and 1968. You’ll find another bust of King — who is greatly revered here — at the Bimini Craft Center in Alice Town. Another must-visit during the day is the jaw-dropping Dolphin House Museum. It’s a live-in work of art, with the walls covered in shells, coins, tiles, and bottles — although we’re not convinced it’s the right look for your Brickell condo.

Take the Short Hop to Gun Cay Island

Jump on a boat headed due south from Bimini, and in no time you’ll reach Gun Cay Island. Breathe in the fresh sea air at Honeymoon Harbor, and be sure to get some snaps of the azure waters, freckled with violet coral reef shadows. The waters around Gun Cay are as wonderful for swimming as they are for looking. Take a dip, or go snorkeling with the rays. There are also options for kayaking, diving, and fishing around Gun Cay — you can easily spend a day here exploring the coastline. Look out for the pretty Cat Cay lighthouse while on this jaunt from Bimini.

Evenings on Bimini

As the sun sets on Bimini, the islands become even more magical. Watch the fishing boats bobbing with the waves while you sip a Bimini Special cocktail. Best described by Hemingway in his novel “Islands in the Stream,” it’s a “tall cold drink made of gin, lime juice, green coconut water, and chipped ice with just enough Angostura bitters to give it a rusty, rose color.” Next, call in at a waterfront restaurant, such as My Three Daughters or Bimini Big John’s, who have an unerringly superb selection of seafood dishes on offer. As for places to lay your head at night — Bimini has ample options. Go for the familiar luxuries of the island’s Hilton hotel, or stay somewhere with a more local vibe, such as Weech’s Bimini Dock & Apartments.

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Las Opciones Para Invertir en Primera o Segunda Casa en el Sur de la Florida, Cada Dia Mas Diversas

With sunny days, breezy nights, and a low tax burden, South Florida has become the next hot spot for North and South Americans looking to move to a new home or buy a second one. In a roundup of the best properties going up in South Florida, Argentinian magazine Bienes Raíces highlighted Una Residences, the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos from OKO Group. Designed by Luis Revuelta along with skyscraper visionaries Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, Una Residences will cut an impressive ship-like silhouette along the shore of Biscayne Bay while housing 47 floors of luxury condos with sleek interiors and impressive views of the Bay and Downtown Miami.

Blog: The Una Residences Guide to Making Summer Treats at Home

This summer, south Floridians are staying closer to home, enjoying the unbeatable breezes while making their own tasty treats. Residents of the forthcoming Brickell condos at Una Residences will find themselves fully equipped to make all sorts of cool desserts in their state-of-the-art kitchens. Keep reading for the Una Residences Guide to creating tasty and healthy summer desserts (courtesy of “Forks Over Knives”) at home!

The classic ice pop is an easy and quick place to start, and, thankfully, these delicious desserts can be made using natural and healthy ingredients. One of our favorite concoctions is the Orange-Plum-Rosemary Ice Pop, which combines the taste of fresh fruit with a hint of herb to create a unique and all-natural ice alternative. Even better, these pops burst with color and texture, making them a hit on Instagram.

Not everything on our list is fruit-based. People with a real sweet tooth should try their hand at making this Peanut Butter-Chocolate Marble Pudding. Sweetened with date paste instead of traditional sugar, this pudding puts everyone’s favorite flavor combination front and center while keeping calories and sugar to a minimum. It’s a bit like eating a cold Reese’s Cup on a hot summer day, and there’s no better place to enjoy it than a private balcony overlooking placid Biscayne Bay (like the ones that will soon be at Una Residences). Chefs who appreciate this pudding should also try their hands at Nice Cream, a sugar- and dairy-free ice cream substitute that allows home cooks to create their own fruit-based icy treats.

The most unusual item on our list is also the most versatile. The cool Cantaloupe-Cucumber Soup is a sweet dessert dish that can double as a midday treat or an amuse-bouche between larger dishes. Be warned: making this simple dish only takes 10 minutes of prep but might kick off a lifelong interest in the world of molecular gastronomy.

The kitchens at the forthcoming homes at Una Residences will be the perfect laboratories for adventurous chefs. These custom kitchens are being designed by Italian design company ITALKRAFT and will feature a suite of top-of-the-line appliances set into bespoke cabinetry, all dialed in for aesthetic perfection as well as ease of use. Elegant kitchen islands present ample counter space in the form of vast slabs of marble, while open-plan design and floor-to-ceiling windows preserve the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that makes living in South Florida such a dream.

Una Residences is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Working Out at Home

Staying active is essential for maintaining optimal health — both physical and mental. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave the comfort of home to get the benefits of exercise. Residents of the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences can get in a serious workout with the added luxury of spectacular bayfront views from private 10-foot-deep terraces and spacious living rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. To bring this home fitness experience to perfection, online classes are now available from some of Miami’s top fitness boutiques, including Ahana Yoga, Orange Theory Fitness, and Society Fitness.

Ahana Yoga

Ahana Yoga is one of Miami’s most beloved yoga studios, with a loyal clientele and talented instructors versed in a range of yoga styles. The studio is offering a convenient online portal, Now | Ahana Yoga, which offers access to an extensive, continuously updated collection of yoga classes. Roll out your mat and look out over Biscayne Bay while learning the basics of yoga in a series of introductory videos. Or, deepen your existing practice in a range of styles — including ashtanga, Ahana Flow, and many more.

Orange Theory Fitness

The boutique studio Orange Theory Fitness is probably best known for the transformative results of its exercise routines. Their signature workout integrates heart rate monitors to track performance during a series of fast-paced cardio and strength training exercises. A collection of online workout videos is now available as part of the Orange Theory at Home website. A new workout is available each day, targeting upper and lower body, core, or full body to provide focused workouts with plenty of variety.

Society Fitness

The self-declared mission of Society Fitness is “developing strong, sexy bodies, sound minds, and youthful spirits” with classes that combine strength training, boot camp, plyometrics, and high-intensity interval training. This boutique facility, located along the Miami River, is now offering multiple options for home workouts. Connect to Society Fitness via Zoom for their Full Body workout classes as well as their “Detox” series, which promises to rid the body of toxins through a regimen of sweaty and satisfying workouts. Their schedule of upcoming Zoom offerings is available online and through their dedicated app. You can also get unlimited access to their library of virtual classes with a membership to the Society On-Demand site, which is updated every week with recordings of live-streamed workouts.

However you choose to work up a sweat, you can cool off and catch a well-deserved breath with sweeping waterfront views and the calming and elegant finishes of the Miami Brickell condos at Una Residences — home base for your next, and most convenient, workout. Una Residences is currently offering ​virtual and in-person appointments​, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Finding Mindfulness: The Una Residences Guide to Meditation at Home

As more Americans embrace the work-from-home lifestyle, many are seeing their residences in a new light. Turning a spare bedroom into an office is easy. But finding ways to maintain a healthy work/life balance without leaving your Brickell condo is much more difficult. That’s why the Una Residences team has put together this guide to meditating at home. All it takes is a tranquil space and your laptop, tablet, or phone.

The ancient practice of meditation is easy to learn, but it can take a lifetime to master. Though it is believed that people have been meditating for about 7,000 years, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the practice got any serious attention from the medical community, which quickly determined that the combination of calm sitting and rhythmic breathing was beneficial for both body and mind. On a grand scale, the goal of meditation is to cultivate mindfulness, the state of moving through the world fully conscious of one’s surroundings, but benefits such as a lower heart rate and better sleep can be achieved with simple daily practice.

The first thing the home yogi must do is find a quiet space. At the forthcoming Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences, the perfect meditation perches will be available to residents in the form of private balconies overlooking Biscayne Bay, but any quiet, calm place will do. Next, neophytes will need some kind of guide. The Calm app features guided meditation sessions as well as a host of other resources related to relaxation and sleep. Calm also gives users access to a collection of instructional videos and lectures hosted by leading mindfulness experts that will help guide them on their journey of self-discovery.

Another excellent choice is Brightmind, an app designed to develop the key mindfulness skills of concentration, clarity, and equanimity. A series of free instruction sessions teaches the basics of meditation. And Brightmind subscribers can practice a variety of meditation techniques with renowned teachers from around the world, representing hundreds of years of accumulated mindfulness practice.

Whether it’s a journey toward inner peace or just a few minutes away from your desk for some calming breathing exercises, home meditation practice can be a daily oasis where residents can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. So, download one of these meditation apps, and then head to the Una Residences website and schedule a virtual appointment or private tour​ to secure your idyllic waterfront meditation retreat today.

Design Impact

As OKO Group’s Una Residences enters the construction phase, buyers who want to work with the design team to craft their perfect residence are already buying multiple adjacent homes, taking advantage of a narrow window of opportunity while the soon-to-be-iconic waterfront tower is still in its earliest phases. Designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, known for their superlative skyscrapers around the world, Una Residences was inspired by the classic wooden watercraft of yesteryear, combining a tapering silhouette (reminiscent of a ship’s prow) with open-plan Brickell condos that open onto panoramic views of Biscayne Bay.

Una Residences Sales Gallery Is Now Open

As the summer sun warms Miami’s sandy beaches, business is returning to previous routines. Case in point: Agents are opening the Una Residences sales gallery in Brickell, giving them greater access to the tools they need to guide prospective buyers through virtual tours and remote appointments. With the building currently in the early phases of construction, the sales team is using the gallery to reinforce their digital strategy and ensure that clients have as much information about this unique building as possible.

When complete, Una Residences will feature 135 waterfront condos as well as a suite of luxury amenities, all housed in a soon-to-be-iconic building designed by the renowned firm of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. The building itself will strike a distinctive figure on the shores of Biscayne Bay, complete with a silhouette that dramatically curves up and out like the prow of a ship. Inside, this watercraft aesthetic will continue in the use of polished woods and metals inspired by the Riva line of yachts.

The floor-to-ceiling windows found throughout Una Residences will facilitate Miami’s famous indoor/outdoor lifestyle, keeping residents in touch with the natural world even when they are ensconced in the comfort of their own homes. Large sliding doors leading to private balconies will enhance this connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, inviting Miami’s famous breezes and sunshine into cozy interior spaces without sacrificing the sense of intimacy.

Una Residences will take full advantage of its prime waterfront location by including a private marina, where residents can store their own watercraft — just a few feet from their front door. Elsewhere on the property, residents will enjoy a variety of pools and landscaped outdoor spaces as well as expansive indoor recreation and wellness amenities, including a fitness center with floor-to-ceiling views of the bay, a dedicated indoor playroom, and a private spa.

Until Una Residences stands tall, the best way to get a feeling for this spectacular building is to have one of our sales representatives take you through its virtual halls. Prospective residents should reach out to the sales team and schedule a virtual tour of these forthcoming luxury Brickell condos, as well as an information session where the professional sales staff can answer any questions they may have.

Blog: Investing in Miami’s Future

More than just the summer sun is shining on the Miami real estate market. Famous for its pristine beaches and sublime climate, the South Florida city has become a cultural and financial hub over the last decade, with transportation and cruise traffic driving massive investment in local infrastructure. With these factors coming together at a time of relative uncertainty elsewhere, residential real estate in Miami has become a great investment opportunity above and beyond the simple pleasures of living in this booming tropical city.

By building value in multiple areas at once, Miami has quickly become the second most important city in North America in terms of economic and cultural capital; measured worldwide, it ranks as the sixth most important. The Magic City’s favorable tax code certainly contributes, with low sales, personal, and corporate tax rates attracting everyone from tech startups along Florida’s newly christened “Silicon Beach” to international banks around the city’s financial hub in the Brickell neighborhood. And the density of world-class dining and housing around the city center helps attract people to the area — and encourages them to stay.

Beyond economic growth, Miami’s embrace of the fine arts has turned it into an international destination for the world’s cultured elite. While local institutions like Maurice A. Ferré Park (formerly Museum Park) and the New World Symphony concert hall keep residents entertained throughout the year, the annual international art festival Art Basel really put Miami on the aesthetic map; last year, 4,000 artists from 32 countries showed their work at the festival, and 80,000 art lovers attended.

All of these factors have helped the city attract elevated developments like Una Residences. The OKO Group-developed building broke ground earlier this year on the shores of Biscayne Bay in the city’s Brickell neighborhood. The luxury Brickell condos represent a rare investment opportunity thanks to a narrow construction pipeline for luxury residential projects at the moment. Fronted by a private marina, Una Residences will stand 47 stories tall and feature 135 Miami waterfront condos designed by internationally renowned architectural firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, who are known for their strikingly artistic facades. The building’s soon-to-be-iconic silhouette was inspired by the prow of a classic watercraft, tapering as it sinks toward the ground to create an eye-catching outline on the waterfront.

Una Residences is the crown jewel of OKO Group’s portfolio of forthcoming residential and commercial buildings in Miami, which represents just a small portion of the investment pouring into the city. So, reach out to our sales team today to schedule a virtual appointment​ and secure your piece of the Magic City’s future.

First major condo project of the year breaks ground in Miami

Una Residences has broken ground, making it the first major condo project to start construction so far this year. This collection of Brickell condos for sale sits on an exceptionally rare slice of bayfront property that sets the stage for the nautically inspired building, which will come with a private marina and interiors clad in wood tones familiar to lovers of the iconic Riva yacht. When complete in 2023, Una Residences will stand tall over surrounding buildings and provide residents with unbeatable Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami views. Developer OKO Group tapped internationally renowned architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill to bring the property to life, with Fortune International Group handling sales.

Blog: Dance the Night Away at Una Residences

The comfortable, expansive Brickell condos at Una Residences are the ideal studio space for online dance classes. Whether you’re dancing for exercise, for fun, or both, there is an incredible variety of choices available, ranging in styles from street to classical. For an upbeat, innovative experience, be sure to check out WollenDance. New York City Ballet principal dancer Tiler Peck’s Instagram page regularly livestreams ballet classes, while Steezy offers detailed video lessons to get you stepping. With these easily accessible classes and the open airiness of the Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences, there’s ample reason and motivation to get started.

WollenDance will make you love dance as much as they do. Their community presents more than 30 live online dance/fitness classes each week, taught by inspiring instructors and streamed from studios throughout the county. Those looking for even more flexibility and variety can explore their always-expanding library of over 400 prerecorded classes. Simply head to their website, select a membership plan, and start dancing. As a testament to how user-friendly WollenDance is, they’ve even posted a short tutorial on how to cast an iOS or Android device to a smart TV to enlarge the experience and envelop audiences with a truly immersive experience. Latin fusion, hip hop, burlesque, and so much more await. Get online and get dancing today.

While the stage lights have all temporarily gone dark, many performers are still finding new and innovative ways to bring their art to the world and help audiences everywhere learn a thing or two along the way. Tiler Peck, New York City Ballet principal dancer, teaches daily ballet classes on Instagram Live from her family’s home in California. What started as an advanced dance class on Zoom for the high school where Peck’s mom teaches quickly morphed into something much bigger when Peck invited her Instagram following to join her on Live. Shortly after, #turnoutwithtiler ballet classes were born. Join her Monday through Saturday at 1 p.m. EST on Instagram Live @tilerpeck as she steps up to the barre.

Eventually, dance clubs will reopen. Until then, brush up on your moves — or finally learn how to perform them — with Steezy. Choose from urban dance, popping, house, dancehall, hip hop, and many others, and then use their custom video controls to perfect each step. These controls allow users to switch their viewing angle, view specific sections of a routine, speed up or slow down a section, loop sections, and even watch themselves, creating more efficient practice sessions and improving the learning process. Enjoy unlimited access to more than 600 different classes (with new ones being added each week) and do so with either a monthly or yearly membership.

Dancing is good for the mind, body, and spirit, and online offerings bring opportunities to learn right into the home. The Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences are the perfect space to let loose and dance like no one is watching.

Una Residences is currently offering ​virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Blog: Latin America, by Way of Miami

Miami has long been a melting pot where people from around the world come together to exchange food and art while basking in the warm sun and enjoying the cool breezes blowing off Biscayne Bay. About a quarter of immigrants to the Miami area come from Latin American countries, including Cuba and Colombia, with a growing contingent hailing from Brazil. The team behind the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos at Una Residences has put together a list of digital tools that will help future residents brush up on their Portuguese and Spanish, familiarize themselves with some historic landmarks, and keep abreast of Latin American news and culture, all with an eye toward making future visits to the Southern Hemisphere that much richer.

One of the easiest ways to tap into Latin American culture is by snagging a subscription to Forbes Brasil, the finance magazine’s Brazilian edition. From breaking news to market analysis to columns covering a range of cultural and sports topics, Forbes Brasil brings a high level of reporting to every story, ensuring that readers are informed about the whats and the whys. Those who prefer a digital copy of the magazine should head to their app store of choice and download the Forbes Brasil app, which delivers all of the magazine’s content right to their smartphone or tablet.

Future Una Residences dwellers with a penchant for apps will love Memrise, the subscription language-learning service that connects native speakers with learners around the world. Memrise services range from simple daily vocabulary exercises to full-blown live classes, all of which are designed according to their linguistic philosophy, or, as they put it, “Memrise’s courses have one thing that textbooks don’t: real-life language.” After all, there’s no better way to learn a new language than by conversing with a native speaker!

While traveling to Latin America to put their Spanish or Portuguese to the test may have to wait a little while, future Una residents can take virtual tours of Latin American landmarks without leaving the comfort of their living room, thanks to sites like the ones included in this list from Wanderlust. With a tap of the finger, eager virtual travelers can stand atop Corcovado Mountain at the feet of Christ the Redeemer and look out at the streets of Rio de Janeiro spread out at their digital feet, stroll around the breathtaking Inca citadel nestled in the clouds at Machu Picchu, and visit the rainforest canopies of Panama for a glimpse of a rare tropical bird, all without leaving their Miami home.

With the world at a temporary standstill, now is the perfect time to broaden horizons and make “remote” connections with people and locations around the world. It’s also the time to commit to the multicultural splendor and vibrant community of Miami by starting a new life at Una Residences, so schedule a ​virtual presentation and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

With Demolition Complete, Una Residences Begins to Take Shape on the Shores of Biscayne Bay

Construction is officially underway at Una Residences, the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos from OKO Group and Cain International, with Fortune International Group handling marketing and sales. Demolition of the existing structure was finished on April 25, and construction on the new structure began immediately. World-renowned architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill are designing the building, which is perched on a rare stretch of Brickell Waterfront property in the private neighborhood with easy access to nearby Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Brickell, and Downtown Miami. When complete, the tower will rise 47 stories and feature unobstructed views of the Bay and the city while only being a 15 minute drive from the airport.

“Una Residences is the last opportunity to buy a waterfront property with sweeping views over Biscayne Bay,” said Vladislav Doronin, Chairman and CEO of OKO Group. “Una represents a truly sophisticated combination of location and design in quiet, residential Brickell Waterfront.”

These 135 luxury homes will range in size from two- to five-bedrooms, with a pair of penthouses occupying the top floors. Each home features a spacious layout that combines indoor and outdoor space to take full advantage of the building’s waterfront location. Una features a suite of amenities that extend this dedication to the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. From the private marina where residents can keep their favorite watercraft to multiple pools and the expansive private spa, Una Residences is designed to provide everything that one needs to live the Miami life to the fullest. Thanks to a partnership with Una, residents will also be able to enjoy off-site amenities at the nearby Grand Bay Club via exclusive membership access, allowing them onto the best stretch of beach in all of Key Biscayne.

“Una was created with the concept of meaningful living in mind,” said Edgardo Defortuna, President and CEO of Fortune International Group. “We are excited to move forward with this one-of-a-kind project.”

Blog: Una Residences: Virtual Art and Museum Experiences

Miami’s pantheon of Latin American art galleries and museums may be shut right now, but you can visit others from the comfort of your living room in the Brickell waterfront condos. Take this opportunity to explore fascinating cultural institutions further afield, and discover gems that you might wish to see, up close and in person, the next time a vacation is on the cards.

Museo Frida Kahlo, Mexico City

The “Blue House” in the Coyoacán neighborhood of Mexico City is also known as Frida Kahlo’s “private universe.” It was in this relatively humble abode that the artist was born, died, and created some of her bold and passionate works. As you “walk” through Kahlo’s vibrant home, you can browse family photos, admire a collection of Kahlo’s Tehuana dresses, and visit the studio where she worked — still assembled, complete with easel and brushes. Kahlo’s last-ever painting, “Viva la Vida,” can be appreciated in high-resolution splendor; the brilliant red flesh of the cut watermelons in the piece reflects the artist’s passion for life. Also on display are works by Kahlo’s husband, Diego Rivera, including the rolling hills of his 1911 piece “Landscape,” and his surreal still life “The Alarm Clock.” As with all of these virtual visits, there is the added bonus of having the whole place to yourself!

Museo Del Prado, Madrid

Escape to Madrid without leaving your downtown condo, courtesy of Museo Del Prado’s online treasure trove. Get intimately familiar with masterpieces such the enchanting “Jacob’s Dream” by Jusepe de Ribera; Diego Velázquez’s striking oil painting of the crucifix-clutching nun, Jerónima de la Fuente; and Francisco Goya’s cartoon tapestry, “Dogs on a Leash.” Not only can you admire artworks in incredible detail thanks to a move and zoom option, there are added multimedia features, such as behind-the-scenes restoration footage of some of the museum’s prize possessions. You also have the opportunity to remotely explore the museum’s temporary exhibition, “The Other Treasure”: The Dauphin’s Cases, courtesy of annotated high-resolution photographs and video.

Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexico City

Stroll through beautiful, and often surprising, fragments of ancient Latin American history, with the Museo Nacional de Antropología’s virtual tour. The grand Mexica hall, the location of a spectacular collection of Aztec art, is fully explorable — and inundated with fascinating artifacts. As you make your way around, look for the skillfully carved, centuries-old Coatlicue de Cozcatlán (a skull-faced celestial deity); serpent-shaped gods; Mesoamerican gold jewelry, which miraculously escaped the mass-melting undertaken by Spanish conquerors; and a prized polished obsidian monkey. You might end up getting so lost in this collection, you’ll forget you’re in Miami! Una Residences is currently offering ​virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Deals Forecast

When OKO Group chose Miami’s Brickell neighborhood for the forthcoming collection of luxury Miami waterfront condos dubbed “Una Residences,” they set their sights on international clientele with a penchant for spending their winters in the Florida sunshine. Now, with the COVID-19 outbreak throwing markets into temporary confusion, marketing chief Edgardo Defortuna told South Florida Business Journal that he sees this very plan as the thing that will keep property values high. “The appreciation is going to happen,” said Defortuna, who is the CEO of Fortune International Group. “If travel restrictions are lifted, having a second home in the U.S. will be a very important asset.”

Blog: Offices with a View: Working from Home at Una Residences

In recent months, house hunters have been looking at prospective homes with a new thought in mind: “Could I work here?” Since working from home has recently become a reality for many of us, luxury buildings like Una Residences have gained a surprising new amenity without changing a single design element. These Brickell condos, which are being designed to meet all the needs of their future residents, feature everything necessary to work productively and stylishly without leaving home. So, grab your laptop and check out all the great ways that Una Residences will make working from home easy and enjoyable!

The spacious homes at Una Residences perfectly blend high-end materials with the famous Miami sunshine to create interiors that are comfortable and airy — ideal for keeping the mind clear during a day’s work. Walls of floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the clear waters of Biscayne Bay flood these homes with natural light, reducing the need for artificial light during the day and providing breathtaking vistas that are as inspiring as they are beautiful. Residents who like a little fresh air to keep them alert will love setting up on one of their home’s private balconies, which feature glass railings to maximize the bay view beyond.

For residents who prefer to step outside of their homes occasionally to keep a healthy work/life balance, the suite of amenities at Una Residences features a variety of spaces that make for great temporary offices. The amenities deck on the third floor houses multiple swimming pools and plentiful poolside seating — great for those who like to work in the sun. When residents need a break from the outdoors, they can head indoors to the Owners’ Lounge, which is outfitted with a variety of high-end seating options. Don’t forget about the private movie theater and dining area that can be reserved for private presentations, demonstrations, and screenings.

Then, at the end of the day, residents can close their laptop, sign out of email, and head to one of Una’s private treatment rooms for a massage or pilates class before heading to the marina to take their boat for a sunset cruise. Una Residences creates a holistic living experience unlike any other in the Miami area, so don’t wait! Una Residences is currently offering ​virtual appointments​, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Biscayne Bay today!

Taking an Extra Semester at Una Residences

The extra-wide terraces extending out from every one of the Brickell condos at Una Residences do more than just guarantee private outdoor space to every resident. Like the spacious resort-caliber amenities that define life at Una Residences, the terraces are places for residents to spend hours simply luxuriating. They provide an opportunity to feel a cooling breeze on one’s face while observing the blue waters of Biscayne Bay and the strip of sandy beach that lies before it — all without leaving home. In short, the terraces are a place where residents can feel totally secure and relaxed. The lifestyle at Una invites recreation and rejuvenation, and represents a philosophy that extends beyond simple physical pleasure.

In the age of the internet, residents are encouraged to take advantage of these quiet, reflective spaces to explore topics that they may have given short shrift their first time through school. And that’s where Class Central comes in. This online resource aggregates massive open online courses from top universities in one place, making enrolling in a history class at Harvard or taking a Princeton architecture course as easy as clicking a mouse. Most of the classes are self-paced and require two to five hours of work each week, making them small investments in time and even smaller investments in money — the vast majority of the courses are free of charge. (Most of the classes have the option of paying a fee to gain credits.)

The intellectual rewards are vast. Are you a Civil War buff? Even casual students of this momentous period of American history will want to check out Ivy League classes like Columbia history professor Eric Foner’s “The Civil War and Reconstruction – 1865-1890: The Unfinished Revolution.” The class familiarizes participants with one of the most vital yet understudied eras of our nation’s past and asks important questions about civilian authority, economic freedom, and the politics of race. Residents with an interest in medical knowledge will love Connie Scanga’s University of Pennsylvania course “Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us,” one of Class Central’s all-time most popular classes. In this course, students learn what our bodies are trying to communicate when our heart rate spikes or our temperature drops.

Whether they’re learning about Ancient Greek philosophy or brushing up on their French, residents at Una will have plenty of quiet and comfortable places to settle in with a laptop or a stack of flashcards. From the daybeds beside the outdoor lap-pool to the elegant private residents lounge, Una Residences is replete with amenities designed to facilitate comfort.

For the time being, Una Residences is offering virtual appointments, so reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your Brickell journey today!

South Florida’s residential sales shift to virtual reality as business slows

As the economic disruption from COVID-19 settles in, The Real Deal is reporting that developers in South Florida aren’t letting the uncertainty slow down business. For example, the team behind Una Residences in Brickell has set up a full online shopping experience for prospective homeowners, complete with virtual tours of the sales gallery, amenities, and floor plans. This way, customers from as far away as Europe are making real estate purchases without compromising anyone’s safety in this vulnerable time. When complete, these Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill-designed Brickell condos will cut an imposing silhouette on the shore of Biscayne Bay, complete with sleek interiors, panoramic waterfront views, and a private marina just outside the door.

Trust Your Gut When it Comes to Real Estate, Says Property Developer and Chairman of Aman Resorts

Vladislav Doronin sat down with Mansion Global to talk Miami real estate and the future of his companies, OKO Group and Aman. Two of his forthcoming Miami projects, Una Residences and Missoni Baia, occupy rare waterfront lots in the city. Along with their striking architecture, their locations make these Brickell homes great investments as well as fantastic places to live. “The market will always have its fluctuations,” said Doronin, “but long-term the lack of new inventory that can be built along the water will create lots of additional value for these homes.” With design by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill and an unbeatable waterfront location that will include a private marina, Una Residences will become the finest condos in the hip Brickell neighborhood when they are complete in 2022.

Check Out Una Residences and 5 Luxury Penthouses in Miami

Una Residences got top billing in a recent piece about luxury homes in Miami. The 47-story waterfront building will cut an imposing silhouette at the very end of Brickell, channeling the sleek lines of the Riva yacht that inspired both its shape and the teak, walnut, and natural stone finishes found within. Developed by mogul Vladislav Doronin and designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, Una Residences will be home to 135 Brickell condos, a private marina with slips for rent, and a suite of amenities inspired by Aman, the current (resort and hotel) jewel in Doronin’s real estate crown.

Blog: The Best Walking Trails near Your New Home

Given all the benefits and pleasures of taking a brisk walk, a list of the best beach-walking trails near the Brickell condos of Una Residences is a must. Enjoy an early morning stroll to see wildlife, a midday hike for exercise, or an evening walk to watch the majestic sunsets only Miami can offer. Explore the waterfront on foot in some of the area’s most breathtaking green spaces — all near to the Una Residences downtown Miami condos.

With its expansive view of Biscayne Bay and Key Biscayne, ​Alice C. Wainwright Park​ provides a modestly secluded location for outdoor enjoyment and exploration. Take in all 17 acres of its unique terrain, including an exposed limestone outcrop of the Miami Rock Ridge. Incredibly picturesque and a little wild, Alice C. Wainwright Park provides a glimpse into the natural world of Miami’s past. Spend an afternoon traipsing through this unique environment, and be sure to make some time for a picnic on the beautiful greens you’ll find near the pavilion areas.

Most of Miami knows ​Bayfront Park​ for the Bayfront Park Amphitheater and Tina Hills Pavilion. Together, these two venues have attracted big names for concerts and other events, and offer state-of-the art sound and lighting, VIP boxes, and much more. However, the park’s 32 acres also provide a scenic vista of Biscayne Bay that knows few rivals. Throughout the year, Bayfront Park also offers a number of free festivals and holiday events, such as tree lightings and the Fourth of July celebrations. Enjoy spirited celebration and then take a sunset walk along the park’s waterfront.

For a more adventurous outing, cross the water to Dinner Key Picnic Islands Park. This area was created in 1920 when the bay was dredged to allow for better access by seaplanes. A primitive island that’s easily accessible only by watercraft, Dinner Key Picnic Islands Park provides a wonderful shoreline to explore in relative privacy. Pick your favorite form of watercraft, and remember that getting to the island is simply part of the fun.

The beauty of Biscayne Bay is right at the doorstep of the Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences. Walk, hike, or run the shoreline of some of Miami’s most beautiful parks. Along the way, learn about Miami’s past, revel in the excitement of an event, or just enjoy the serenity of the natural wonders that surround. Why wait? Book a ​virtual tour​ today.

Happy trails!

Blog: An International Food Lover’s Guide

Living on Miami’s waterfront comes with a rich selection of seafood restaurants as standard. But there are plenty of other world-class options to choose from, including some of the juiciest steaks and chicken in the area, and some of the freshest vegetarian and vegan cuisine, too. In fact, you can explore the globe with your taste buds — sampling dishes from the Mediterranean to South America — at a range of restaurants close to the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences.

La Petite Maison​ | 1300 Brickell Bay Drive

Belle Époque and the French Riviera set the scene for this high-end French restaurant. There’s a lovely covered terrace, which could almost be in Cannes, while the restaurant’s interior stars a reproduction of a 19th century bronze sculpture by Antonin Mercié, called “Gloria Victis.” The proof, of course, is in the pudding (as well as the starters and main courses). La Petite Maison pulls these off with aplomb, from the pissaladière, a savory onion tart with anchovies; through to the ratatouille with feta; and tarte fine, an apple tart with vanilla ice cream. Bon appétit!

PM Fish & Steakhouse​ | 1453 South Miami Avenue

This South American eatery offers an exceptional selection of seafood dishes, but there are many more strings to its culinary bow. Come for lunch to enjoy the homemade ham and cheese empanadas or the prime skirt steak with grilled vegetables. The handmade pastas are excellent, too, as is the beef bouillon and onion soup. Finish things off with the alfajor, a puff pastry dessert layered with caramel, studded with pecans, and topped off with powdered sugar.

Fi'lia​ | 1300 South Miami Avenue #100

The Caesar salad is a calling card of this homey Brickell Italian restaurant — think crisp gem lettuce festooned with anchovies and homemade garlic croutons, topped liberally with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and served from a roaming cart. That might sound overly decadent, but Fi'lia is all about simple, well-made traditional food. Other standouts include a gooey chicken parm, and wood-grilled chicken with a side of crispy rosemary potatoes. From your opening Venetian Spritz to your parting olive oil cake with basil and almond cream, Fi'lia is the kind of place you’ll be telling your friends and family all about.

Explore the area’s top-flight international restaurants and discover your new favorite dish. And make a point of recreating it in the kitchen of your downtown Miami condo at Una Residences, so book your​ ​private viewing​ today!

Lots of Luxury Homes, But Few Affordable Ones

With a silhouette that resembles the prow of a ship breaking through the blue waters of Biscayne Bay, Una Residences is already making waves across the Miami luxury residential scene. Developed by OKO Group and designed by world-renowned architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, Una is bringing a collection of nautically inspired homes to the Brickell neighborhood, along with a private marina and a suite of luxury amenities to rival any resort. AS + GG Architecture took inspiration from the iconic wooden Riva yacht when designing the interior, cladding these Brickell, Miami, condos in polished wood, gleaming metal, and sumptuous leather to create the sensation of living inside one of the world’s most famous (and stylish) watercrafts.

Blog: Surf and Turf in the Miami Sun

When complete, UNA Residences will cut a decidedly maritime silhouette on the shores of Biscayne Bay, its prow-shaped facade inviting residents into a polished wood and chrome interior inspired by the iconic wooden yachts of yore. Residents will even have the option of storing their personal watercraft right outside their front door in the building’s private marina. But, while developer OKO Group and architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill have created the perfect expression of Miami’s water-loving lifestyle, UNA residents will love the host of nearby land-based activities, as well.

Located less than seven miles from UNA, the Granada Golf Course at Coral Gables is a world-class nine-hole course that combines local flavor with a private club atmosphere that makes it a truly special place to tee off. Opened in 1923, Granada is Florida’s oldest nine-hole course still in operation. And at the end of this challenging par-36 course is Burger Bob’s, the fabled “10th hole” greasy spoon diner where golfers can refuel while reliving their accomplishments (or mulligans).

Residents who prefer a bit of indoor recreation will love nearby Splitsville, where everyone from pros to amateurs can enjoy an evening of bowling, along with signature cocktails, classic bar bites, and an outdoor patio for the part of the night when guests swap their bowling kicks for dancing shoes. Reserve a lane ahead of time to ensure a private party experience, and don’t hesitate to try some of Splitsville’s tasty food, including a large sushi menu alongside classics like chicken wings and pizza.

For days when sports aren’t on the agenda, residents of the Brickell condos at UNA are just a short trip away from the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. This opulent villa once belonged to industrialist James Deering, who built himself a European estate in miniature, complete with Italian Renaissance gardens and a host of historically inspired outbuildings. (If you look closely, you’ll see some filming locations from Marvel’s “Iron Man 3”!) The Vizcaya is now open to the public and features daily tours of the villa as well as a calendar of events, including everything from festive celebrations to environmental education sessions — all of which take place in the spectacular Italian setting.

From surf to turf, residents of UNA will have the best of both worlds at their feet. So, head over to the UNA Residences website and reserve your Miami waterfront condo today!

20 Minutes With: Chairman and CEO Vladislav Doronin

Penta caught up with developer and hotelier Vladislav Doronin to talk about the future of Miami. “Miami has transformed into a global hub in the last few years,” said Doronin, later adding that “the city and the beach both offer great quality of life with the warm weather and a healthy outdoor lifestyle.” Doronin, who is a Miami resident, is developing a number of properties in the city, including Una Residences, a collection of Brickell condos for sale, with design by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill. Una residents will enjoy Biscayne Bay views, spacious interiors clad in sleek wood and polished metal, and a private marina where they can store their watercraft right outside their front door.

Real Estate 2020!,

Modern Luxury Miami highlighted Una Residences as one of the most exciting buildings going up around Miami and included the impressive renderings to prove it. With a design by Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill that was inspired by the iconic Riva yacht, an unbeatable Biscayne Bay-side location complete with a private marina, and spectacular residences finished with teak, walnut, and natural stone, this collection of Brickell waterfront condos is poised to elevate Miami living to new heights. The 47-story tower will channel the serene atmosphere found at developer Vladislav Doronin’s Aman, thanks to a suite of luxury amenities designed to bring the resort lifestyle home.

Amenity Highlight: Health and Wellness at Una Residences

With the start of the new year, resolve to make health and wellness an everyday part of your routine. The amenities at Una Residences provide an opportunity to do so with ease. You have access to a refined fitness center, an outdoor lap pool, and studios for both yoga and personal training. These downtown Miami condos bring you a convenient way to exercise and focus your energies on what matters most: your health and wellness.

Fitness begins with a regular workout regimen, and the Brickell condos at Una Residences provide the perfect place to sculpt the perfect you. State-of-the-art equipment fills the fitness center at Una Residences — no more waiting for someone to finish using a machine at a crowded public gym. Spin or row your way through an enjoyable session of cardio, or use free weights to increase your strength or tone specific muscle groups. Best of all, the design of the fitness center creates a feeling of expansiveness, and wall-to-wall windows open the room to the bright, airy environment beyond. This is a welcoming space in which to break a sweat.

The personal training areas provide a different way to fulfill or even augment your fitness needs. Practice Pilates or your favorite aerobic routines here. Before or after your workout, stretch out and realign mind and body in the yoga studio. However you choose to approach your training, these spaces are available exclusively to residents and provide yet another avenue to achieving your fitness goals.

One of the benefits of Miami living is proximity to the water, but there isn’t always time to hit the beach for a swim. Thankfully, Una Residences has a full-size lap pool. Swimming has been shown to be the complete, all-body workout, offering both cardio and strength benefits. What’s more, it’s great fun and offers a refreshing way to work out, even on the hottest of summer days.

But fitness isn’t just about high-impact workout routines. You have to consider recovery and relaxation, as well.

For pre- and post-workout muscle and skin health, consider the steam room or sauna. Saunas have been shown to aid in recovery after intense physical activity, help improve cardiovascular performance, and flush toxins from the body. They can also be a wonderfully soothing way to relieve stress. And if you don’t like dry heat, then try steam, which can improve circulation, loosen up stiff joints, and even relieve those stuffy sinuses.

For rejuvenation of your spirit, retreat to the third-floor terrace for a bit of R & R. The heart of social activity at Una Residences, the terrace faces Biscayne Bay and is surrounded by trees and lush foliage. There, you’ll also find the bayfront pool, a family pool, and a children’s play area. Splash and play or seclude yourself in the shade of the palms; sunbathe or just gaze out at the bay beyond. As evening rolls in, make dinner at the grilling area, or enjoy a drink at one of the outdoor bars. However you best enjoy “chilling,” this is the place to do it.

Find more time for health and wellness this year by taking full advantage of the array of amenities at Una Residences. Work out, relax with a book, or strike your best mountain pose. The choice is yours. And it’s all right here at Una Residences, so book your private viewing today!

Blog: Family Festivities at Una Residences

One of the major perks of life at Una Residences is that you can invite your friends and family around for a fun and relaxing day whenever the mood strikes. With a state-of-the-art fitness center, five (that’s right, five) pools, and a dedicated indoor playroom for children, the luxury amenities at Una offer numerous options that everyone can enjoy.

Set in a prime waterfront location on Biscayne Bay, the Miami Brickell condos of Una Residences are designed with an aquatic sensibility in mind. Opening to spectacular views of the bay and beyond, Una is an invitation to get in touch with the water that so dramatically defines the area. The building’s outdoor amenities level encompasses the entire third-floor terrace, and because it’s landscaped with plenty of shade trees and foliage that overlook the water, it’s nearly indistinguishable from the natural environs beyond. You’ll find the bayfront pool, a lap pool, a family pool, a children’s play area, and more. Relax in a cabana, prepare a steak dinner at one of the outdoor grilling stations, or grab a drink at the outdoor bar. Better yet, refresh yourself with a cooling dip in one of the pools. When the sun sets, find your way back here to gaze up at the stars. This is the essence of life at Una.

Those with boats or other types of watercraft can dock their vessels at Una’s private marina. Launch directly from your own backyard and explore Biscayne Bay or the Atlantic Ocean. Plan for a relaxing day with your whole gang out on the water, or set sail for an early-morning fishing excursion. The convenience of this landing cannot be overstated.

Health and wellness routines are made more enjoyable when practiced with a companion. Una’s fitness center offers the latest in gym and training equipment — set in a light and airy space. Wall-to-wall windows open the center to the bay, while studios provide dedicated rooms for yoga and personal training to those who want to “step-it-up” a notch.

Of course, with family and close friends, it’s sometimes best just to get together and chill. Find a spot in one of the many outdoor lounge areas and relax in the shade of designer Enzo Enea’s masterful landscaping. Or gather a cadre of film lovers and screen a new flick at the movie theater. With luxurious seating and state-of-the-art sound and projection, this space will quickly become every resident’s go-to when it’s time to watch their favorite flicks. Complete your screening party in Una’s catering kitchen, where either you or your favorite chef can use the best in new appliances to whip up something special for your guests.

Finally, if your group is looking for a night out — while still feeling very much at home — don’t forget that Una residents are granted exclusive access to a premium offsite amenity at Grand Bay Club. Located in nearby Key Biscayne, this beachfront oasis and private club offers excellent dining options, its own slate of luxury amenities, and beach services. With poolside waitstaff, a children’s playground, and party planning services, Grand Bay Club offers another way for you to gather your closest kin and kindred spirits for an unforgettable day or evening.

No matter how you like to spend your leisure time, you’ll find some of the best amenities of any of the downtown Miami condos at Una Residences. Take a swim or a stroll, throw an informal dinner party under the stars, or just get together for a drink and a chat with those you love the most. Una makes the perfect setting for great times with family and friends. Make it your own and book a private viewing today!

Interim Sales Gallery Now Open

As the Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill-designed Una Residences tower climbs skyward, a new interim sales gallery for the luxury Brickell condos has opened in the hip Edgewater neighborhood. While the formal sales gallery is being outfitted, prospective buyers will be treated to exclusive presentations at the well-appointed interim location at the sister property, Missoni Baia Sales Gallery.

When complete, Una Residences will cut a distinguished silhouette on the shores of Biscayne Bay, with a tapering base that resembles the prow of a ship cutting through the surf. Not content with merely resembling a fine watercraft, Una Residences will also be home to a private marina that provides slips for residents’ yachts. Contact the Una Residences team to schedule your private presentation today!

Our Interim Sales Gallery is located at 717 N.E. 27 St Miami, FL 33137

Winter Predictions, Winter 2019-20

Vladislav Doronin is all-in on Miami heading into 2020, with a pair of exciting developments underway along Biscayne Bay. The second project, Una Residences, is located in the hip Brickell neighborhood and features a striking design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, inspired by the sweeping lines and rich materials of the Riva yacht. This collection of luxury Miami waterfront condos will include spacious homes, a vast suite of high-end amenities, and a private marina with slips for rent. Best of all, residents will be just minutes from some of the world’s hottest art and fashion destinations, making life in Miami about more than just fun in the sun.

The 2019 Architect 50, Architect

Una Residences designer Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture made Architect’s list of the top 50 for 2019, marking another feather in the world-renowned company’s cap. AG + GG has made a name for itself with projects across the Middle East and Asia, and their latest project in Miami is taking their dedication to contextual design to new heights. The waterfront Brickell condos at Una will feature a nautical aesthetic inspired by the Riva yacht, a timeless watercraft that exudes maritime luxury and style. From the expansive residences to the host of high-end amenities and the private marina, every part of Una has been designed to evoke this classic watercraft, creating a unique living experience on the shores of Biscayne Bay.

Amazing Amenities

Brickell Magazine ran a spread featuring the luxury amenities found at various developments around the Miami area, and OKO Group’s Una Residences was highlighted for the diverse assortment of swimming pools that will be available to residents. This collection of Brickell condos for sale was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and features a sleek aquatic aesthetic, spectacular Biscayne Bay views, and a suite of resort-caliber amenities centered around pools, including the tranquil waterside Bayfront Pool, the exercise-friendly Lap Pool, an outdoor Whirlpool for maximum relaxation, and both a Family Pool and Splash Pool for residents of all ages.

Check out Brickell’s Newest Luxury Condo Inspired by an Iconic Italian Yacht

Time Out Miami gave readers an advance look at Una Residences, the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos from OKO Group, Aman, and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects. When complete, Una Residences will stand above the surrounding Biscayne Bay waterfront buildings, providing residents with panoramic views and direct water access that includes a private marina. Architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, known for creating innovative skyscrapers around the world, took inspiration from the iconic Riva yacht when designing Una Residences; the results are a stunning facade that tapers like the prow of a ship and a material palette that is replete with polished wood and burnished steel.

OKO Group, Creator of Missoni Baia and Una Residences in Miami, Open New Office in Mexico

As a nod to increased Mexican interest in OKO Group properties like Una Residences, the developer has opened a new office in Mexico City’s trendy Polanco neighborhood. Guests in attendance at the office opening on October 1 included renowned interior designer Gordon Gill and Marc Cerone, one half of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects, the firm that drew up the striking designs for Una Residences. Fresh off international success with the famous Jeddah Tower, AS+GG took inspiration from the iconic Riva yacht when designing the new collection of waterfront Brickell condos at Una Residences, which features a prow-like silhouette, warm interiors clad in polished wood and steel, and unbeatable views of Biscayne Bay.

OKO Group Announces Inauguration of Offices in Mexico City

OKO Group has announced the opening of a new office in Mexico City’s chic Polanco neighborhood as construction of the company’s twin Miami projects moves ahead. The office opening will be attended by Gordon Gill, Founding Partner, and Marc Cerone, Director of Interior Architecture, of AS+GG the renowned firm behind the Una Residences, OKO Group’s forthcoming collection of Brickell Miami condos. Mexican buyers have expressed enthusiasm for Una and Missoni Baia, the other Miami property that OKO Group is currently developing, making the new Mexico City office a smart investment as well as a stylish addition to the Polanco area. When complete, the Una Residences in Brickell Waterfront will feature an aesthetic inspired by the iconic Riva yacht, while the homes at Missoni Baia will incorporate the Italian fashion house’s signature bars of color.

The Austrian football stadium with a forest on the pitch – in pictures

Internationally acclaimed landscape architect Enzo Enea’s latest installation in Austria brings a 30-year-old drawing to life by placing a stand of trees atop a football pitch, creating a vernal oasis inside a soccer stadium. As reported by The Guardian, the piece, FOR FOREST - The Unending Attraction of Nature, is a collaboration between Enea and artist Klaus Littmann that will run until October 27. Enea’s work has recently made it to a pair of Miami developments from OKO Group, including UNA Residences, the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos for sale on the shore of Biscayne Bay, which will feature a landscaped bay walk from Enea that abuts the building’s private marina.

Miami aims to live ‘all the way’ with new architectural jewels that you will want to be your home

First there was Missoni Baia, and now OKO Group’s Vladislav Doronin is developing a second groundbreaking collection of Miami waterfront condos in the Brickell neighborhood. Dubbed Una Residences, this forthcoming tower is being designed by architect Luis Revuelta along with Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, who took inspiration from the lines and materials used in the iconic Riva yacht when envisioning the residential and common areas. The 47-story tower will feature a tapering silhouette reminiscent of a ship’s prow cutting through the surf, and residents will have panoramic Biscayne Bay views as well as access to their own private marina, complete with slips for rent.

Foundation Permit Applied for to Begin Work at Una Residences Tower in Brickell

The Next Miami is reporting that Civic Construction has applied for a permit to begin construction on the foundation at Una Residences, marking an important milestone for this collection of luxury Brickell condos. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, Una Residences will stand 613 feet tall and feature a soaring silhouette that bows like the prow of a yacht as it cuts through the surrounding skyline. Inside, the waterfront condos will be decked out in sumptuous leather, hardwood, and steel, all inspired by the lines and tones of the iconic Riva yacht. Perhaps best of all, residents will have the option of storing their own watercraft in a slip at Una’s private marina.

Miami’s Most Spectacular Coastal Properties

When complete, the flowing silhouette of the Una Residences will stand out on Miami’s coast, cutting through the skyline like the prow of the yachts that inspired its shape. Developed by OKO Group and designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the Una Residences’ forthcoming collection of Brickell condos was crafted with yachtsmen in mind. The tower, which curves as it rises to its total height of 47 stories, is structured to address climate and environmental concerns, giving residents peace of mind as well as panoramic Miami views. Spacious terraces will float above Biscayne Bay like ships’ decks, and residents can rent a slip in Una’s private marina to store their personal watercraft.

Una, the tower destined to become the most exclusive residence in Miami

Rising from the shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami’s hip Brickell neighborhood, the Una Residences development is poised to redefine the city’s skyline and set a new bar for luxurious, environmentally conscious Florida living. Developed by OKO Group and featuring a yacht-inspired design by international architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, Una Residences will have a tapering outline that grows wider near its roof, a striking silhouette that grants an ocean view to each of the 138 Brickell condos within. Life at these Miami waterfront condos will be defined by a suite of luxury residential amenities, including a private marina, a fully equipped gym and spa with areas for private training, and two bars with spectacular bayside views.

Una Residences, the luxury of living in Miami

Architectural Digest reports that developers OKO Group and Cain International are bringing a new level of luxury living to the already-opulent city of Miami via the Una Residences. This collection of Brickell condos from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture will take the shape of a wavy tower on the shores of Biscayne Bay; inside, private elevators will transport residents to spacious homes, complete with aquatically inspired interiors clad in wood, porcelain, and marble. In addition to a suite of bespoke amenities, including Jacuzzis, swimming pools, a beauty salon, and a private marina with slips for rent, the building will feature beautiful organic landscaping by renowned designer Enzo Enea.

National Geographic says this Miami neighborhood is one of the friendliest in the country. Seriously

National Geographic crunched the numbers, and it turns out that Brickell, the gleaming Miami waterfront business and shopping district, is one of the country’s friendliest neighborhoods. According to the magazine, Brickell is “full of places to delve into, people to meet, and enough bonhomie to make you want to return again and again.” Fortunately, it isn’t only a great place to visit; Una Residences, the new collection of Brickell condos rising on the shore of Biscayne Bay, makes a strong argument for calling the neighborhood home. From the private marina to the spacious luxury condos with spectacular bayside views, Una Residences is poised to keep Brickell at top of mind for Floridians and visitors alike.

This is how many new condos are left to sell in Miami

The Real Deal reports that condo sales in Miami are going strong, as shown by interest in forthcoming projects like Una Residences. This collection of 135 luxury Brickell condos isn’t expected to break ground until later this year, but the waterfront homes are already 45 percent sold. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and featuring landscaping by the renowned Enzo Enea, Una is poised to bring a new level of luxury waterfront living to Brickell. The building’s design was inspired by the iconic Riva Yacht; its interiors are clad in polished wood and steel and supple leather, and its facade flows like the prow of a ship breaking the waters of Biscayne Bay.

The Miami Luxury Real Estate & Design Open House

Modern Luxury Manhattan was on the ground at Fortune International Group’s Miami Luxury Real Estate & Design Open House, where guests enjoyed a pair of in-depth discussions about the booming Miami real estate scene. The first session focused on the tax benefits of moving one’s domicile to the Sunshine State, while the second featured a conversation about the ways that Miami’s unique lifestyle translates into interior design. Una Residences, OKO Group’s forthcoming collection of Brickell condos, was a frequent example during these discussions; the collection of waterfront homes, which is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, will feature expansive outdoor spaces, including a private marina, that give residents every opportunity to enjoy Miami’s famous sunshine and sea air.

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The Zen Life

Modern Luxury Miami knows that relaxation is a key part of the Biscayne Bay lifestyle, and no one knows relaxation like Vladislav Doronin, founder of OKO Group and CEO of renowned international hotel and spa chain Aman. At Una Residences, the forthcoming collection of Brickell condos for sale from OKO Group, residents will have access to a resort-caliber private luxury spa as part of the building’s comprehensive suite of lifestyle amenities, which also includes a private marina. The building is also located within walking distance of many parks, meaning that residents are never far from their own quiet slice of outdoor space.ᐧ

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Colombian architects and real estate add works in the world

Colombian real estate professionals are making waves around the world, particularly in Miami, where Sanclemente Group is working with Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group to build a pair of unbelievable luxury condo towers on the shores of Biscayne Bay. The second project, Una Residences, is a waterfront collection of Brickell condos with an aquatic design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill. Residents will love the interiors, which are inspired by the iconic Riva yacht and are clad in polished wood, steel, and leather. Meanwhile, the building’s suite of luxury amenities includes a private marina.

52 Months of Million-Dollar Condo Inventory Crowds Market

According to reporting by Miami Today, as the Miami condo market booms, Una Residences is setting itself apart from other luxury Brickell condos by tailoring its offerings to the needs of Brickell residents. These Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill-designed Brickell condos are located away from the main development areas in a waterfront pocket all their own, giving residents breathing room as well as quick access to a number of private schools. Thanks to their waterfront location, these homes also boast a private marina with slips for rent, saving residents time and travel when they want to take their watercraft out for an afternoon on Biscayne Bay.

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Miami condos are luring luxe buyers with private boat slips

Nothing says Miami waterfront living like walking from your luxury Brickell condo to your own boat waiting in a private slip. Luckily, Una Residences has you covered, with a collection of Miami Brickell condos for sale that have been designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture with interiors inspired by the lines and materials of the iconic Riva Yacht. In addition to the private marina complete with rentable slips, residents will have access to a suite of luxury amenities with the same unbeatable Biscayne Bay views as their homes. The 47-story Una Residences is being developed by OKO Group and is expected to be complete in 2021.

Sunshine Estates

Nothing says Miami like taking the boat out for an afternoon on the waters of beautiful Biscayne Bay, and lucky residents at the forthcoming Una Residences will have easy access to their watercraft, thanks to the building’s private marina. This collection of 135 Brickell waterfront condos from OKO Group and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture features a flowing facade and sleek interior inspired by the lines and materials of the iconic Riva yacht, giving residents the full luxury aquatic experience from the moment they wake up (to panoramic Biscayne Bay vistas) to their nightcap on their private terrace.

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Miami Real Estate on the Rise

Excellence Magazine recently ran a feature on the wave of high-end residential projects washing over Miami in concert with recent investment in the city’s infrastructure, and the pair of projects from Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group were the clear highlights. The second of these projects to be completed, Una Residences, is being designed by internationally renowned architect Adrian Smith and will feature landscaping by Enzo Enea. When complete, this collection of two- to five-bedroom Brickell condos will look out over the building’s private marina and onto the waters of Biscayne Bay as well as Downtown Miami. The building will also enjoy proximity to nearby neighborhoods Key Biscayne and Coconut Grove.

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Blog: See for Yourself

When shopping for a new luxury Miami condominium residence, Miami’s modern buyers weigh a range of factors, including the vibe of the neighborhood, architectural element, and, of course, the amenities suite. But perhaps one of the most vital features is often overlooked, quite literally, despite the essential role it plays in day-to-day experience: the view. And while virtually all high-rises offer an elevated vantage point, in order to elevate your lifestyle, your home’s view should inspire, invigorate, and amaze you, no matter the hour or season.

For breathtaking views, Una Residences has no peer. Its Brickell Waterfront condos feature panoramic vistas of city, sea, and sky – all from the same window. While Una Residences is in proximity to the Miami skyline, it remains distinct from it. This set-apart quality brings a two-fold benefit to residents. The most obvious asset of standing alone is that there are no nearby high-rises to obstruct your appreciation of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline, resulting in the ability to look, literally, as far as the eye can see. But perhaps the more significant gain for residents is subtler: a sense of privacy. Being simultaneously close to and somewhat apart from the glittering skyline is a unique position, one that brings a much-needed sense of solitude to urban living. It’s a big-picture detail that can’t be easily replicated.

And then, there are the little things. Una Residences’ Brickell condos are designed with a careful eye to the particulars. The sparkling sea is always beautiful, but it’s the interplay between the sea views and the design that truly brings it all to life. Floor-to-ceiling windows integrate the world outside with modern, refined interior design in unexpected ways. For example, the teak wood cabinetry, inspired by the refined yet rustic details of a yacht’s cabin, brings a sense of warmth and snugness to the interior that complements the expanses of glass, ocean, and light. The result is an alluring juxtaposition, a homey vantage point from which to enjoy both the urban cityscape and natural scenery in all their glory and wildness.

And, speaking of the natural world, we’d be remiss if we forgot the transformative power of Miami’s sunrises and sunsets. It’s no secret that Miami’s skies are full of drama and beauty, especially as the sun crosses the horizon. Miles of turquoise sea glow red and tangerine in the fading light of day, and storms passing in the distance flash on the horizon. Owning a unique sightline of this part of the world is more than a pleasant perk. It becomes a fundamental component of daily life; an ever-changing, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that continually shifts the atmosphere of your rooms, sparking small epiphanies and pleasures. It becomes, after all, the background for the most personal of moments, the memories made in your home.

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Top Designs in Miami

A spread from Colombian design magazine Interio highlighted the residential work that OKO Group is doing in Miami, specifically the pair of luxury Biscayne Bay condo towers that the international developer is currently building. The second of these towers is the Una Residences, a collection of Brickell condos housed in a curved, 47-story waterfront tower. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Una takes its aesthetic inspiration from the sleek and sophisticated Riva yacht, with polished wood, supple leather, and gleaming steel cladding the building’s interior. Outside, residents will be able to rent slips in the building’s private marina, perfect for storing their bay-going watercraft of choice.

Goodbye Little Haiti’s longtime Catholic high school. Hello elite private academy

Miami’s waterfront neighborhoods have undergone massive redevelopment in recent years, from the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences to the creation of an elite new private school in Little Haiti. Avenues: The World School will soon stand on the former site of Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame High School, a Catholic school that closed its doors in 2017. Avenues, which accepts students ages 2 through 18, plans to open its doors in 2021, with the entirety of its campus completed the following year.

Wealthy CEOs and hedge-fund managers are flocking to Miami for the tax breaks, and it’s creating massive waiting lists at the area’s elite private schools

An influx of new residents to Miami means a scramble for parents to secure their child a spot at one of the city’s elite private schools, like Ransom Everglades School and Miami Country Day School. Fortunately, a new institution, Avenues: The World School, will open its doors in Little Haiti in 2021, welcoming students from local developments like the nearby Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences.

Brokers, developers dive into the Miami yacht show hype to fish for buyers

Last weekend, watercraft enthusiasts from around the country flocked to Miami for more than just the newest line of yachts. OKO Group made an appearance at the Miami Yacht Show with a display for UNA Residences, the latest collection of Brickell condos perfect for Floridian boat-lovers. World-renowned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture took inspiration from the Riva yacht when designing the UNA Residences, using the iconic brand’s streamlined form and materials throughout the space. Residents at UNA will also have access to a private marina, where they can rent slips to store their own yachts.

BLOG: Una Trifecta

A neighborhood gets its flavor from what it contains and what it gives you access to, opening a map of possibilities. Una’s unmatched location on the Brickell Waterfront offers the supreme combination of all the best of Miami—and then some. Living in these Miami waterfront condos situates you uniquely not only right on the water in one of the most desirable spots to live in Florida but in close proximity to every desirable dimension of Miami living, right at the intersection of Coral Gables to the West, Downtown Miami to the East, and Key Biscayne to the South. It’s an access point to nature and culture unrivaled in American living, and Una’s Brickell condos make this seamless lifestyle of luxury and discovery all yours.

Just a short drive across the Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne provides Una residents a chance to have a tropical island getaway any day of the week. Here, you’ll find the natural soul of South Florida, with turquoise beaches, boating opportunities, and upscale hotels and restaurants. In Crandon Park, you can play golf at Crandon Golf Club, hobnob with pelicans and peacocks, or catch a tennis match at the Crandon Tennis Center. At the southern tip of the island, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park offers pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, and the striking Cape Florida Lighthouse.

Another idyllic Miami destination is Coral Gables, noted for its outstanding Spanish-style architecture, shopping, dining, and art scenes, as well as its perfect, tropical, urban bucolic vibe. When you live at Una, you won’t ever have to miss a show at the Lowe Art Museum, including the current blockbuster, Hands and Earth: Six Perspectives on Contemporary Japanese Ceramics. You can also return again and again to see permanent works by greats like El Greco, Goya, Gainsborough, Picasso, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, and Louise Nevelson, as well as jewels of Greco-Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque art. End the day at Bulla Gastrobar, whose Spanish menu is the perfect complement to the local architecture, and which Zagat calls a “gem.”

Then, of course, to the East is all the action of Downtown Miami, where you can come to see headliners of all kinds, like the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena, where you can also catch Janet Jackson and Shakira live in concert this August. At the Perez Art Museum, Picasso’s Femme a la montre is now on view through October, adding yet another attraction to a museum on the waterfront whose building by Herzog & de Meuron is a work of art in and of itself.

With so much to do in every direction, you always have the option to fill your days with tropical beaches, sophisticated shopping and dining, and big city draws, but the best part of Una’s location is having all this and the perfect micro-neighborhood to linger in just outside your door. Alice Wainright Park, the Beaux Arts Gallery, and dinner at Edge Steak and Bar are literally steps from Una Residences, and, of course, spectacular views of the ocean will surround you in your home, making Una Residences a private oasis in the midst of some of the best public destinations in Miami.

Out-of-State Buyers Flock to Miami

While Miami has long been a draw for international buyers seeking luxury condos, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the latest group of condo buyers is coming from closer to home. Americans from states affected by a recent change in federal tax law are flocking to Florida to take advantage of the state’s low tax burden, making Brickell condos like those at the UNA Residences attractive to New Yorkers for more reasons than just the fantastic weather. These exquisite condos near Downtown Miami offer beachfront luxury, complete with handcrafted interiors and access to a private marina, as a stunning complement to the Sunshine State’s higher tax deductions and lack of personal income tax.

Five-Star Touch

No one knows luxury and style like Vladislav Doronin, the Russian-turned-Miamian owner of the Aman hotel group and developer of a pair of exciting luxury residential projects in the Miami area. The latest project to come from his OKO Group is the Una Residences, a collection of luxury Brickell condos with design by the world-renowned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. When complete, this stunning collection of homes will feature materials and design elements inspired by the iconic Riva yacht, and residents will enjoy spacious living spaces, breathtaking Miami waterfront views, and access to the building’s private marina, where they can rent a slip for their own yacht.

BLOG: Critics’ Choice

Avid enthusiasts of Miami luxury real estate have likely heard of Una Residences: the Brickell waterfront condos that are set to redefine the skyline. Designed by the acclaimed firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), the undulating structure looks like a reflection of the water it borders. It swoops and glides between the clouds.

Upon completion, Una will rise 47 stories above the shoreline and feature some of the most impressive amenities available anywhere. They include a bayfront pool, a family pool, a kids’ splash area, a Jacuzzi, a movie theater, a fitness center, a spa, a catering kitchen, a party room, a children’s playroom, a private marina, and exclusive access to a private beachfront club. Aside from its long list of high-end comforts, there’s a level of sophistication and refinement at work here that has helped the building become a critical darling already.

Ocean Home Magazine called Una one of the most exciting oceanfront developments of the season. Miami Opinion said the views will be breathtaking and praised its cohesive design, stating that residents will feel like their home is part of the beach itself. InMoBiliare also lauded the building’s seamless integration with its surroundings, as well as its sophistication and elegance. Miami is no stranger to ambitious luxury residential projects, but Una has managed to set itself apart.

Many critics have commented on the building’s aesthetic, and how its nautical, Riva yacht-inspired look is contemporary and yet timeless. PROFILE Miami praised the natural quality and the meticulous attention to detail, noting a special fondness for the glass balcony railings. Una has been described as “sleek,” “wave-like,” “lush,” “crisp,” “warm,” and “futuristic.” There was clearly a lot of thought put into every inch of this property.

Looking at the porte cochère feels like looking at a Patek Philippe timepiece. The way the lines bend and turn, separating and then coming together in flourishes, is symphonic. There is a purity to the design that is not often achieved. Una is a graceful building that truly earns the “luxury” distinction; it’s immediately evident that there were no corners cut here, and Miami real estate mavens have surely taken notice.

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Vladislav Doronin on his worldwide portfolio of one-of-a-kind resorts

Developer-turned-hotelier Vladislav Doronin tells GQ that when he left Russia in 1985 with $250 in his pocket, all he wanted to do was travel the world. Now, decades later, Doronin is not only a member of an elite group of globetrotters who frequent Aman’s luxury hotels around the world, he’s their CEO and owner. His goal when he bought Aman four years ago was to bring the luxury brand, which is known for having hotels in exotic locations, into the cities where Doronin’s residential real estate business has flourished. One such project, Una Residences in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, is a perfect example of the kind of luxury Doronin envisions for all of his properties. These Brickell condos, which feature breathtaking views and rare waterfront access, were designed by the renowned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

Miami Woos New York Homebuyers Fleeing Over Tax Law

As the tide of international buyers that had defined the luxury housing market in Miami begins to dry up, Bloomberg is reporting that house-hunters from closer to home are beginning to see the advantages of living in the Sunshine State. Florida’s new low-tax laws are drawing Americans from higher-tax states, making homes like the luxury Brickell condos at Una extra-enticing for high-networth and high-earning individuals. Beyond just a big tax break, the Una Residences offer sumptuous and spacious interiors by world-renowned architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill as well as a suite of luxury amenities including a private marina with slips for purchase.

11 Predictions For South Florida CRE In 2019

BisNow recently engaged some South Florida experts in a discussion about the future of development in the booming area. One of the local business leaders, Vladislav Doronin, talked about the two new luxury residential projects on Biscayne Bay that his company, OKO Group, is developing. The second of these projects, Una Residences, is scheduled to break ground in 2019. The project is being designed by acclaimed Gordon Gill + Adrian Smith Architecture, who took inspiration from the iconic Riva yacht to create a modern building that appears to flow like a luxury watercraft. Residents of these Brickell condos will even have access to a private marina where they can rent slips for their own yachts.

Charity and Social Datebook Launch at Una Residences Brickell

OKO Group’s Una Residences was home to this year’s Miami magazine Charity Social Datebook launch party, where five of the community’s esteemed altruists were joined by other philanthropically inclined guests for an evening of Bodvar rose wine and hors d’oeuvres from Shiraz Catering. The Brickell high-rise that was home to the event is just one of OKO Group’s forthcoming collections of Edgewater condos. The other project, Missoni Baia, is a 57-story tower on the shores of Biscayne Bay, which is being designed in partnership with the Italian fashion house and will feature Missoni-inspired motifs and items from the Missoni Home Collection in its public spaces.

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Wow Factor

The Una Residences team threw a party to celebrate the new collection of Miami waterfront condos, and Brickell Magazine was there to document the whole evening. Top brokers and other guests toasted to the building’s elegant design scheme of leather, wood, and steel, which was inspired by the sleek beauty of the Riva yacht. One of the night’s centerpieces was the scale model of the modern tower, which rises 47 stories and tapers at the bottom to create a futuristic silhouette overlooking lower Biscayne Bay. The building was designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, who made their names working on some of the world’s tallest and most impressive towers.

Q & A

In a wide-ranging Q & A, Aman Group CEO Vladislav Doronin talked about the philosophy that has made the luxury hotel chain a worldwide phenomenon. While intimate customer service and attention to detail are crucial, Doronin stresses that a hotel’s location is what is most important, pointing out that Aman’s development process is slower than some of its competitors because the hotels are often located in protected parks or UNESCO Heritage Sites that provide guests with access to unique locales and experiences. Doronin’s dedication to the perfect location expresses itself in his residential projects as well. For example, the Brickell condos at Una Residences, which are currently under construction in Miami, are the first new waterfront homes in the neighborhood in decades.

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What It’s Like To Go On Holiday When You Already Own A Five-Star Hotel Chain

Real estate developer and hotelier Vladislav Doronin has high standards for the hotels he stays in while traveling the globe to run his empire. In a recent conversation with the South China Morning Post, Doronin revealed his personal requirements for a perfect hotel experience, from being greeted at the curb to how the furniture is arranged in his room. These high standards are evident in Doronin’s own Aman Resorts and his residential projects like the Una Residences collection of Brickell Miami condos. Una is an oceanfront development with design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and exclusive access to a private marina.

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The Hotelier Vladislav Doronin

When Traveller Magazine asked Aman Group CEO and developer Vladislav Doronin about his favorite hotels, the globetrotting executive was hard-pressed to narrow his list down to five. The result is a selection of some of the world’s finest destination hotels in both exotic and quotidian locations. Of all of the hotels, though, The Setai in Miami holds a special place in Doronin’s heart because it was where he stayed when he first moved to the city. Doronin now has deep ties to Miami, thanks to the Una Residences, a forthcoming collection of Brickell waterfront condos with design by the renowned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

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UNA: These Little Havana residents want out —so they’re selling their condos for $5.2 million

As a wave of new residential development crashes over Miami, existing residents of neighborhoods like Little Havana have begun to take advantage of Florida laws that help them leverage their equity to get the best deal for their land. For example, when OKO Group wanted to purchase the land for Una Residences, the developer bought out an 11-story condo building for a whopping $48 million. Una is not the only collection of Edgewater condos that OKO Group is bringing to Biscayne Bay. The developer is also working with Italian design house Missoni on the forthcoming Missoni Baia, a 57-story tower featuring a collection of beautiful condos and a suite of resort-caliber amenities, including an elevated tennis court and expansive private spa.

Blog: Miami’s Modern High-Rise Evolution

The 21st century has seen a shift in the paradigm for Miami’s luxury real estate market. Rather than vying for homes in traditional high-rises, buyers on the hunt for Miami waterfront condos are opting for new developments. The reason for this can be summed up in one word: lifestyle. Today’s buyers are after something specific, a lifestyle marked by a focus on personal wellbeing and privacy. And this, it seems, is a demand older high-rises often don’t have the ability to meet. Fortunately, the Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences are ahead of the curve when it comes to satisfying the desires of modern buyers.

By nature, most high-rises offer views. However, a stunning view in and of itself is not enough to elevate one’s daily experience. True luxury is achieved when views are coupled with thoughtful, precise design: a dynamic on clear display at Una Residences.

Here, sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows encase every living area, offering unbroken, vaulting views of Biscayne Bay. Where walls would have been, one looks instead upon the sky and water and the ever-shifting, beguiling light. The layout is open-concept, with rooms flowing effortlessly from one to another. As a result, the space imparts an impression of ease and a sense that the sky and sparkling sea are an integral part of your home. Generous ten-foot-deep terraces are set off the great rooms and bedrooms, meaning residents can transition seamlessly from their home to the natural world.

For a high-rise to truly serve modern residents, modern amenities are a prerequisite. In this area, Una Residences certainly excels. To start, there’s the third-floor terrace, where residents will find multiple pools, cabanas, grills, and outside bars, all carefully designed with balance in mind. Parents can take advantage of the family pool and play area; foodies can show off their skills on the grill; and residents needing to unwind after a long day at work can drift lazily across the Bayfront Pool, watching the last light of the day gleam on the water.

This sort of relaxation gives an added layer of satisfaction after a fulfilling workout at Una Residences, where residents can avoid the pitfall of skipping out on the gym because it involves an onerous journey. There will be no more lugging your gym bag across the city in search of the perfect studio—because the fitness center at Una Residences has state-of-the-art equipment, yoga studios, and private rooms for personal trainers, but beyond that, it has views. Those signature floor-to-ceiling windows enshrine the area, creating a light, airy space that feels almost too beautiful to be a gym. Running on a treadmill has never felt so serene, and your yoga practice is sure to benefit from an added dose of tranquility.

Residents at Una Residences are also afforded a membership to the Grand Bay Club in Key Biscayne. With heated pools, beachfront access, grand ballrooms, and high-end food and drink, your membership in this elite club ensures that you always have the perfect destination for grabbing a poolside drink with friends, meeting an important client, gathering your family for a special occasion, or just enjoying a little solo leisure time.

To learn more about the all-encompassing Una Residences experience, join our priority list or contact our sales gallery to stay up to date.

Brickell Beauty

The 135 Brickell waterfront condos at Una Residences will soon welcome their first residents. With its unique and sculptural shape inspired by famed yacht maker Riva and its spacious terraces offering peerless water views, the 47-story luxury tower, designed by Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture and developed by OKO Group, is the perfect complement to Biscayne Bay. “Una’s yacht-inspired design transcends to its interiors, where the design is warm with beautiful detailing and incorporates natural materials like leather, wood, and stone in warm colors that contrast with the cool tones of chrome and stainless steel,” explains Jim Cohen, SVP of Development Sales at Fortune International Group, the exclusive brokerage firm for Una Residences.

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Soaring Skyline

The Miami waterfront condos at the 47-story Una Residences are transforming the Brickell skyline with their stunning futuristic design. Developed by OKO Group and designed by Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture, the centrally located tower offers unobstructed water views and a wealth of amenities. In addition to its 135 luxury residences, ranging in size from two to five bedrooms, the building offers residents many extras, including a private marina, a state-of-the-art fitness center, five pools, and a spa with water views.

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Una on the Bay

The Brickell condos for sale at Una Residences are a modern waterfront wonder, offering residents peerless views of Biscayne Bay. Inspired by world-renowned yacht maker Riva, the building’s curvaceous, futuristic exterior, designed by Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture, looms large over its waterfront location—no surprise, considering that the architects also designed Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower, which will soon be the world’s tallest building. When Una opens its doors to residents, they will enjoy homes ranging from 1,000 to 4,786 square feet, in addition to private elevator entry, spacious terraces, and dock space at the building’s private marina.

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Soaring Skyline

Developer Vladislav Doronin is bringing the 70s back to Brickell with his new skyscraper, UNA, and its collection of Miami waterfront condos. Though the area has been quiet for decades, Key Biscayne Magazine reminds us that the first residential high-rises in Miami were built in Brickell in the 1970s. Doronin, and his firm, OKO Group, are reinvigorating the neighborhood with UNA, the Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill-designed tower that is bringing luxury condos and resort-caliber amenities to the shores of Biscayne Bay. According to Doronin, UNA will “go a long way to enhancing Brickell Avenue’s growing reputation as the “Park Avenue of the South.”

Brickell Beauty

The UNA Residences are coming to Brickell, and Key Biscayne Magazine showed off the beautiful new condos with a feature highlighting their design and location. These Brickell waterfront condos are being designed by the internationally renowned architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, who took the iconic look and texture of the wooden Riva yacht and brought it inside to create a collection of leather-, wood-, and metal-clad homes that feel as if they are cutting through the air above Biscayne Bay. This sleek 47-story tower sits on a waterfront location with a private marina and excellent transportation access, meaning that shopping destinations like Mary Brickell Village and cultural spots like the Adrienne Arsht Center are just minutes away.

There’s a Surplus of Luxury Condos in Miami, but Three More Developers Are Building Anyway

Developers from around the world are flocking to Miami to build the next generation of luxury homes in that famous international city. OKO Group, the development company headed by Russian resort magnate Vladislav Doronin, is building two towers in the city, including a collection of Brickell waterfront condos called the “Una Residences.” With architecture by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and landscaping by Enzo Enea, these sleek, modern homes are designed to emphasize Biscayne Bay views with floor-to-ceiling windows and extra-wide private terraces. Residents can get even closer to the water at the building’s private marina, where slips are available for rent.

On the scene: East End Capital, Swire and OKO Group host events

With two projects underway in Miami, the folks behind OKO Group are immersing themselves in the local culture, including sponsoring an exhibition celebrating the 35th anniversary of the iconic Surrounded Islands installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. This classic piece helped put Miami design on the map, and OKO Group is continuing that legacy of excellence with Una Residences, a new collection of Brickell condos designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Inspired by the flowing lines and rich materials of the renowned Riva yacht, Una will rise 47 stories above the shore and will be home to 135 residences ranging in size from two to five bedrooms.

Massing Proportions

Architect Gordon Gill spoke with Cultured Magazine about the process of taking his design for Una Residences from three lines on a piece of paper to a fully realized 47-story tower on the shores of Biscayne Bay. Gill and his partner Adrian Smith were inspired by classical contrapposto sculptures, where most of the figure’s weight rests on one foot; the result is an asymmetrical tower that maximizes views in the Brickell condos on every floor while presenting an elegant, relaxed silhouette along the waterfront. The interior design channels the iconic Riva Yacht, with polished wood, rich leather, and exposed metal giving the building’s spaces a refined and powerful aspect.

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Blog: Something for Everyone

There was a time when living in the suburbs in places like Coral Gables seemed like the best compromise between city life and a more peaceful existence, but with the new Brickell Waterfront condos at Una Residences, such a compromise has been rendered obsolete. With their perfect location and unparalleled amenities, Una Residences’ Miami condominiums offer a lifestyle that doesn’t merely match all the ease and privacy of the suburbs; it surpasses them—with a reinvention of city living that takes having it all to the next level.

The first thing that places Una in a league of its own is its connection to the water. The building is designed to invoke the sleek lines of a Riva yacht, and that feeling of constant connection to sun-illuminated waves is not just a physical reality but a state of mind. Biscayne Bay’s natural beauty is always in sight, courtesy of views that must be seen to be believed.

Una’s amenities suite includes five pools, so your after-work ritual can be a refreshing swim, exactly how you like it. Float in the quiet of the bayfront pool surrounded by thoughtfully planted trees and flowers, where you can exercise and commune with nature right at home. Thanks to a designated family pool and a kids’ splash pool, your daily decompression can include the whole family.

For a total relaxation experience, spend some time in the whirlpool. If you are looking for a real workout, hit the fitness room, where you can use the machines or do Pilates or yoga in one of the spaces set aside expressly for that purpose. Water views will be your backdrop, no matter what endorphin-releasing activity you choose.

With the freedom to roam in a host of nearby green spaces like Alice C. Wainwright Park, Allen Morris Brickell Park, and Bayfront Park, children of all ages will develop that taste for exploration and ease on the water that ocean dwellers have, honing their boating, windsurfing, and swimming skills and also letting the vast blue space feed their imaginations.

With unobstructed views over the shimmering water of the bay and a few minutes’ drive from Key Biscayne, residents can enjoy the intersection where nature meets pristine tropical beaches. Here, you will also find an extension of Una’s amenities at the Grand Bay Club, to which Una residents will have exclusive access.

Another perk of living in Brickell Waterfront (for kids and adults alike) is the unparalleled access to culture. Miami has quickly become an international art destination; Art Basel and a growing number of galleries and museums in the public eye have become a part of the Miami landscape. You can spend Saturday gallery hopping and Sunday in a private cabana by the sea, all within a few minutes of Una Residences, where access to the vibrancy of the city is combined with the ease of a luxury vacation for every member of the family, every day of the week.

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Curve Appeal

When OKO Group approached Gordon Gill about designing its newest collection of Brickell condos, the architect saw a unique opportunity. The resulting design from AS + GG Architecture is a sleek waterfront tower with flowing lines and rich materials inspired by the iconic Riva yacht. The building will stand contrapposto, with one side slouching while the other stands tall, creating a sense of wavelike motion across the facade. Inside, the sinuous design continues into the public spaces and ample homes, which feature floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Downtown Miami and beautiful Biscayne Bay. Residents at Una will also have access to the building’s private marina, complete with slips for their own watercraft.

From the Med to Miami: the seven-figure waterfront homes with space for a superyacht

While most private yacht owners store their watercraft on the Mediterranean Sea, Una Residences in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood is making a strong claim for stateside slips. The luxury Miami high-rise is home to a private marina, where homeowners can have a slip of their own mere feet from where they lay their head. Its new Brickell condos feature architecture by AS + GG Architecture, which took inspiration from the classic lines and materials of the iconic Riva yacht when envisioning the building. The result is a collection of homes built out of polished wood and stainless steel and highlighted with supple leather and stone detailing.

Real Estate (Una)

Luxury Magazine lauded Una Residences in its recent luxury real estate roundup. The forthcoming collection of new Brickell condos from Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group will rise 47 stories above the Brickell Waterfront neighborhood and feature 135 Miami waterfront condos, complete with private terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows that show off the breathtaking Biscayne Bay views. Designed by the renowned international firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Una was inspired by the iconic Riva yacht. The result is a flowing structure finished in rich wood and leather, which looks out on a private marina perfect for residents’ own watercraft.

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Keen Eyes

Between the dazzling Miami sun and the azure waters of Biscayne Bay, a new paradigm is emerging at Una Residences. Its luxury Brickell condos are unsurpassed in their design and craftsmanship, with amenities and a location that afford its residents unlimited possibilities for luxurious living. With breathtaking views of the Bay and access to all that the vibrant Brickell neighborhood has to offer, it’s not hard to see why anyone wouldn’t love to call Una home. But it took a keen eye to envision this joining of progressive architecture and natural beauty.

When two world-renowned developers, Vladislav Doronin and Jonathan Goldstein, visited the future site of Una, they were inspired. Here was a parcel of land perfectly positioned on the Brickell Waterfront, primed for the luxurious landscaping of Enzo Enea, and ideal for an Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture-designed tower that takes its inspiration from the elegant yachts that dot Biscayne Bay. The pair of developers will ultimately be credited with seeing what other Miami developers could not; Una is the first new building to be constructed on the Brickell Waterfront in over a decade.

Such vision is what Doronin and Goldstein are both known for, evidenced by their projects around the globe. Mr. Doronin made his mark in his home country of Russia, developing the evocative OKO Tower – the second tallest tower in Europe, The Capital City complex in Moscow City, and more recently, Missoni Baia in Edgewater. His ability to see the potential in existing structures and underutilized land parcels has earned praise from peers and press alike; Forbes says that Doronin is the “businessman who changed Moscow for the better.” Now, with over 70 successful projects in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. and 75 million square feet of real estate in his portfolio—including work with Zaha Hadid, Hani Rashid, and Massimo Iosa Ghini—the CEO of OKO Group has set his sights on bringing his sense of refined luxury to the Miami waterfront condos at Una Residences.

London-born Jonathan Goldstein shines equally bright in the real estate industry, as his investments have garnered worldwide acclaim. As the CEO of Cain International, a global real estate investment company that was founded in 2014, Goldstein is shepherding a diverse portfolio of projects, including London’s Islington Square, Canary Wharf, and Here East Technology Centre and Miami’s own Missoni Baia. Since he took the helm, Cain has enjoyed consistent recognition for its innovative approach to financing premier developments, and last year, Goldstein received the Property Awards’ Entrepreneur of the Year.

Understanding the skill and experience both men possess, it’s no surprise that the real estate world was aflutter when Una was revealed. Together, Goldstein and Doronin are poised create a modern Miami landmark that engages seamlessly with the Brickell Waterfront’s prime natural setting. Watch our latest film to learn more about how Una came to be.

UNA, Ocean Home, June/July 2018

Una Residences, Vladislav Doronin and OKO Group’s newest collection of Brickell luxury condos, was featured in the latest issue of Ocean Home as one of this season’s most exciting oceanfront developments. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the same team behind the majestic Jeddah Tower and the Burj Khalifa, Una will rise 47 stories from the banks of Biscayne Bay and feature luxury homes inspired by the graceful lines of Riva yachts. Residents will enjoy sweeping views of the Bay and Downtown Miami from their spacious condos and private terraces, which are deep-set to provide ample outdoor space as well as shelter from the Miami sun.

Blog: The Idyllic Brickell Waterfront

When the world-renowned architects at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill first approached the design of Una Residences, the objective was clear as the sky above Biscayne Bay itself: to create a sculptural, refined form that would encapsulate the Brickell Waterfront identity and lifestyle, in both appearance and experience.

It is no secret that Brickell is quickly becoming the epicenter of Miami. Still, the Brickell Waterfront enclave offers peace and privacy in spades, even as Miami’s art scene, best restaurants, and nightlife are just minutes away. Direct access to the waterfront, as well as parks and walking paths, imbue Una’s surroundings with a sense of tranquility. As such, life at Una eschews compromise, at once an oasis and a gateway.

Synthesizing the Brickell Waterfront’s prime setting with cutting-edge luxury real estate design, Una’s shape is effortlessly in-tune with its locale. Interiors flow effortlessly, thanks to sliding doors that connect open-plan living spaces and private quarters. Clean and crisp architecture is complimented by warm, natural finishes, including teak and walnut cabinetry, at once modern and timeless.

Uniquely situated directly on the bay, and with windows granting breathtaking views of sky and sea, Una’s silhouette will reference the lines and textures of classic yacht design, fusing the concept of “home” with waterfront living in an entirely new way. Its stunning glass façade will be encircled by private terraces, affording residents every advantage of living at the intersection of sea and city, with natural beauty and organic elegance. Once complete, Una will stand as a beacon of Brickell Waterfront, which has become one of Miami’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Una Residences represents the very best of contemporary cosmopolitan living, where unobstructed Biscayne Bay views meet vibrant streets, cultural institutions, and urban convenience. As a resident of these luxury Brickell condos, the calming beauty of the sea and the glitter of the city are just outside your doorstep, each ready when you are. To experience the ultimate Brickell Waterfront lifestyle, contact our sales team today to schedule your exclusive tour of Una Residences.

One Liners

Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group is on a roll in Miami. The development group recently announced Una, its second residential waterfront property on beautiful Biscayne Bay and its first on the highly desirable Brickell Waterfront. The 47-story tower is being designed by the renowned Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects and will house a collection of luxurious Brickell condos. When designing Una, which will feature a private marina among its many amenities, AS + GG took inspiration from the flowing lines and rich palette of the Riva yacht. The resulting design features a sleek facade with wave-like shapes and lush interiors characterized by materials like polished steel, dark wood, and rich leather.

That Brickell View

OKO Group chairman Vladislav Doronin has lived in and loved Miami since the 1990s and has recently begun to combine business with pleasure in the form of a pair of Biscayne Bay development projects. The most recent project is Una Residences, a collection of Brickell Waterfront condos on a rare stretch along Brickell Avenue, where low-lying buildings will allow for spectacular views from the high-rise development when it is complete. Una Residences is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, which has conceived of a flowing facade inspired by luxury watercraft. Conveniently, Una residents with a love for water will not only have breathtaking waterfront views but access to the building’s private marina, complete with slips for private ships.

Towering luxury tower between Key Biscayne and Coconut Grove

Una, the newest Miami residential project from OKO Group, represents the combined efforts of some of the world’s most lauded designers and builders. Developer Vladislav Doronin has assembled an international team to construct this new collection of Brickell Waterfront condos: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture are designing the building, which is inspired by the form and materials of luxury yachts; landscape architect Enzo Enea is building a private bayside garden for residents to enjoy; and the building’s amenities will include a spa by Aman, the hotel brand known for its relaxing, private treatment rooms. Una residences also include 180-degree terraces with Biscayne Bay views and access to the building’s private marina.

Plotting the future of Miami’s skyline

Sales have launched for OKO Group’s newest collection of luxury Brickell Waterfront condos. The project, named Una, will take the form of a 47-story, 135-residence high-rise designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, who took inspiration from watercraft when they conceived of the building’s flowing facade. Residents will enjoy breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay through floor-to-ceiling windows and have easy access to the water, thanks to Una’s private marina, complete with boat slips. Each residence will be serviced by a private elevator and feature a chef’s kitchen with high-end appliances, as well as a master suite with separate “his and hers” bathrooms and closets.

OKO Group Celebrates Launch Of Una Residences In Style With Fireworks Show In Brickell

Developer OKO Group recently hosted an evening of fireworks and fun to celebrate the announcement of Una Residences, its latest luxury residential project in Miami. The event was attended by local realtors and press and featured a Latin jazz ensemble, fireworks, a beautiful Biscayne Bay sunset, and a toast to the forthcoming collection of Brickell waterfront condos. Una Residences will be home to 135 condos ranging in size from two to five bedrooms, all of which feature high ceilings, private terraces, private elevator entry, and breathtaking Biscayne Bay views. Residents will have access to the building’s suite of amenities, which will include three pools and a private marina.

UNA Residences, A Super Luxury Tower In Miami

When Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group purchased an unassuming 11-story building south of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, it was beginning a process that will end in 2020 with the completion of the Una Residences. This 47-story ultraluxury tower will be home to 135 Miami waterfront condos in an area known for its lower-lying buildings. When complete, owners of Una Residences will be able to enjoy breathtaking Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay views from their 180-degree private terraces and through their floor-to-ceiling windows. The building is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, who created an organic, flowing aesthetic that will make residents feel as if their homes open right onto the beach.

Creating Condo Demand From Short Supply Of Waterfront Property

With waterfront space along Miami’s stretch of Biscayne Bay in limited supply, developers are buying old buildings in order to tear them down and build on the property. One such developer, OKO Group, has chosen to house the sales gallery for their newest project in just such a building as they prepare to replace the existing structure with Una. This new, stylish high-rise will stand 47 stories tall and feature design by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. All 135 Brickell condos at Una will provide unbeatable Biscayne Bay views via floor-to-ceiling windows, and residents will have access to a generous array of amenities, including a private marina with boat slips and a lush garden designed by Enzo Enea.

OKO Group Celebrates Launch of UNA Residences

Vladislav Doronin and his real estate company, OKO Group, recently celebrated the launch of their second Miami residential high-rise, this time going up south of Brickell. OKO Group officers hosted some of Miami’s movers and shakers for a sunset toast in the building’s honor, along with a fireworks show and musical performance by a Latin jazz ensemble. The 47-story luxury tower is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and will be known as the “Una Residences.” These Brickell condos will feature a flowing organic aesthetic and high-end living spaces, from which residents will enjoy breathtaking Miami skyline and Biscayne Bay views.

UNA Tower: elegance and sophistication in Miami

With flowing lines, luxurious amenities, and a south of Brickell location that sets them apart from other high-rises, the forthcoming Una Residences from Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group are poised to be the most exciting Miami waterfront condos around when they are complete in late 2020. The 135 residences will be housed in a 47-story tower designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, which drew up an organic facade and spacious interiors that transition seamlessly to the beautiful Biscayne Bay environs. Residents will also enjoy the building’s amenities, which include an Aman-designed spa and private marina.

47-story Una condo tower will rise on Brickell Waterfront

Vladislav Doronin’s love for Miami is palpable: when the international businessman isn’t spending his free time jetting around Biscayne Bay, he’s working to build gorgeous luxury housing along Miami’s pristine waterfront. Doronin’s newest project with OKO Group is Una, a forthcoming collection of 135 luxury Brickell condos in a glassy, futuristic tower from Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the firm behind the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia. When complete in 2020, Una will rise 47 stories and feature homes ranging in size from two to five bedrooms, as well as a suite of residential amenities that includes multiple pools, a state-of-the-art spa, and a private marina.

OKO Reveals Plans For Una, A Luxury Brickell Condo Tower

A beautiful new tower will soon be rising on Miami’s Biscayne Bay. The building, called “Una,” is being developed by Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group and will be home to 135 luxury Brickell waterfront condos when completed in 2020. The 47-story tower is being designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, which has created a flowing design that tapers as it nears the ground, creating a futuristic aesthetic. Each home will provide residents with panoramic views of Biscayne Bay through floor-to-ceiling windows and from a private terrace. Residents will also have access to a suite of amenities that includes multiple pools, a full-service spa, and a private marina.

Vlad Doronin’s OKO Group Launches New Condo Project in Brickell

Developer OKO Group just announced a new collection of Brickell Waterfront condos to be built on the neighborhood’s southern edge. The project, titled “Una,” will rise 47 stories and be home to 135 luxury residences from international firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, which has designed a flowing, glassy facade for the building that was inspired by luxury watercraft. The residences will range in size from two to five bedrooms, in addition to two penthouses with private pools; residents will have access to amenities ranging from a state-of-the-art spa to a private marina. Sales are being handled by Fortune Development and are expected to begin this month.

Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group Announces New Waterfront Tower, Una, Set to Soar Near Crossroads of Key Biscayne and Coconut Grove in Brickell

Renowned developer Vladislav Doronin has assembled an international team of designers to craft Una, OKO Group’s newly announced collection of luxury Miami waterfront condos. Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is handling the building’s design, which will feature flowing lines and natural materials inspired by Riva yachts. The tower will stand 47 stories tall and be home to 135 luxury residences, each with bay views, flow-through layouts, floor-to-ceiling windows, Gaggenau appliances in the kitchen, and touches like glass balcony railings. Una will be located in the south of the Brickell neighborhood near the crossroads of Coconut Grove’s Main Highway and Brickell Avenue, which will give residents convenient access to transportation and Biscayne Bay.

Real estate developers ran out of waterfront property. Now they might want to buy yours

With limited land ready for new development, Vladislav Doronin and OKO Group had to get creative when looking for the location for their new collection of Miami waterfront condos. The solution, it turned out, was to buy an existing building, which ended up being a win-win: Doronin got the perfect place for Una, a 47-story luxury high-rise set for completion in 2020, and the site’s old inhabitants made a tidy profit. Now, with the help of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, OKO Group is working to build Una, which will feature 135 luxury residences and an amenities suite which includes numerous pools and a private spa.

Miami Area Gets Newest Crop of Condos

Developer Vladislav Doronin spent more than a year looking for the perfect location for his next residential project in Miami. It had to be in a great pedestrian neighborhood, have a waterfront location, and offer easy access to the city’s financial district as well as high-end restaurants and yacht clubs. Doronin finally found his site in Brickell and is pleased to announce Una, the new collection of Brickell Waterfront condos from OKO Group and Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. The building will rise 47 stories high and feature a facade inspired by luxury watercraft, many of which will certainly be housed in the development’s private marina.